Nicolas, book 2 of Ryder

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We finally arrived in London. Aurora was doing her best to ignore me. She stayed close to her father knowing I wouldn’t try anything with her. I was confused by her actions and felt like she was regretting it. I thought I would regret it too, but it only made me want her more. If she keeps ignoring me. Her father won’t be able to protect her ass.

We all got checked into our hotel. We had all checked in under fake names. The hotel wasn’t widely known and I wanted to keep a low profile. Even though we all stepped out of a limo. Dressed well and looking suspicious. I just shook my head. Aurora came up alongside me and put her arm in mine. “My father thinks we look better as a married couple.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes so behave yourself.”

“That means we are sharing a room,” I said and smiled at her. Aurora just shook her head because she knew it was true. We got all checked in and Aurora and I checked in as Mr. and Ms. Jones. “Tell me Aurora, why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.” She was quiet. I walked into the bedroom and she was sitting on the bed. “Why?” She looked up at me.

“We shouldn’t have done that.”

“So you do regret it?”

“Regret?” She took a deep breath. “Nicolas your...”

“Don’t say I’m like a brother to you.” She smiled some.

“I wasn’t, but I’m not just one of your fuck them and leave them, women. It won’t happen again.” I think I’ll make that decision. I said to myself. The fucked up thing about all of this was the fact that I didn’t look at her like that.

“Yeah,” I said and left the room. I was pissed off, but only at myself.

“Nicolas.” She called out but I only left the room. Ethan found me sitting at the bar.

“It’s late man. Shouldn’t you be with your wife?”

“Funny,” I said and took a drink.

“What’s going on?” He asked me as he ordered a beer.

“I slept with Aurora.” Ethan almost spit his beer out.

“Okay and? Was she bad in bed?” I laughed a little.

“No, in fact, she’s the best I have ever had.”

“Really, hell she must be a fucking goddess.”

“Great choice of words,” I said ordering another drink.

“What’s the problem?”

“She regrets it.” Ethen’s mouth opened. “She thinks I don’t like her or something.”

“Do you?” I slammed my drink.

“Yes.” Ethan smiled.

“Then show her how you feel. Let her know you do like her.” I just sighed. “If you care about her Nicolas don’t let her get away. Aurora is a good woman. She is your match. We all see it.” I looked at him.

“I don’t have a match. I’m not good enough for her.” Ethan shook his head.

“That’s where you are wrong.” I downed my beer and left the bar. I needed to find my sister and get my family back on track. Maybe with Anna home my father will pull his head out of his ass and come home. I walked into the dark and quiet room. It was well after midnight and we were still on different time zones. Aurora must be asleep. I peeked at her and she was sleeping in the bed. I walked out to the couch and laid down. I just laid there and lit a smoke. I couldn’t sleep. I had so much going on in my mind. My sister and aurora filled my thoughts. I hoped to find Anna and I hoped to have Aurora, but I needed to be better for her. I wanted to be a better man. She made me feel alive and I just wanted her to know that. She is very special to me. I just wasn’t sure if I could show her that or not.

Then I heard her. She quietly stepped towards me and took a seat on the ground. “Nicolas please don’t be upset with me.”

“I’m not upset with you princess. I’m upset with myself.”

“Because you don’t like me like that?” I snicker to myself.

“Just the opposite.”

“You like me?” Her sweet voice said almost with a squeak. I smiled again.

“I’m not good enough for you. I shouldn’t have let things get out of control. You are too good of a woman to be with a man like me.” Her hand reached out and touched mine.

“You will always be good enough. You are just lost right now, but things are going to look up, we’re going to find Anna and bring her home. I just can’t fall for you, Nick. I don’t want to get hurt.”

“I wouldn’t hurt you, princess. Not on purpose at least.” I sat up and moved closer to her.

“I think we should just try and focus on Anna.”

“Is that what you really want?” She looked up at me.

“What do you want Nick?” By far the hardest thing for me to answer. I knew I have feelings for her, but what did I really want? “Nick?” I reached out and grabbed her face and brought her lips to mine. She climbed onto the couch and straddled me. Our chests were pushed together. Her legs wrapped around me.

“I want you,” I whispered in her ear. She started to unbutton my shirt. I planted kisses all over her chest and neck.

“Why is this how we end up?” She said while removing my shirt.

“Because my body wants yours and yours wants mine.”

Auroras POV,

Nick had it all wrong. The first time we had sex. I felt so guilty about it. I didn’t regret it, well I did a little only because it only made me want him more. The rumors were true and he was a beast in the bedroom, but that’s all he has ever been. Nick has never been in a real relationship. I just don’t want to be used. Especially by Nick. He has always mattered to me. I don’t want to end up hating him, and I especially don’t want him to hate me.

Only here I am once again. Sitting on top of him. My body craving his. I want his touch. I want his hands all over my body. He takes me by the back of my neck and pulls me closer to him. “Do you like me Aurora? Or do you just like fucking me?” What the hell? I said to myself. “Tell me the truth?” He hissed out while licking my neck to my ear.

“I like you, Nick. I always have.” He lifted us both off the couch and I wrapped my legs around him. He took us into the bedroom and this time, I didn’t have to be quiet about it. He pulled my shorts off and buried his head between my legs. I moaned out and pulled on his hair.

“You taste so good. I can’t get enough of you.” He hissed. His mouth was like a Machine and he was so skillfully good at it. All I wanted was to feel him deep inside of me. We were like animals together. He started to kiss up my body towards my face. His finger moved inside of me and he kept me on the edge. His thumb flicking at my clit. I pressed my hips up towards him and he just growled into my ear. “I fucking love touching you.” His words only turning me on even more. If that was possible.

I was able somehow, to flip him over. I crawled on top of him and pushed myself down on him. He was bare with no condom on and at that moment I just didn’t seem to care as I reached back and grabbed his ankles. My body moved with his in perfect Motion. I moaned out his name over and over as his fingers gripped into my flesh. Sweat was coming down my body and everything felt alive. His fingers continued to play with my clit and I jumped off the cliff several times. Nick moved me off of him and he grabbed a condom. He flipped me over and rammed himself back inside of me. His one hand held my hair and his other gripped my neck.

He hollered out and his body fell onto mine. We laid next to each other. Then Nick reached out for me and he pulled me into his arms. “No regrets.” I heard him say.

“No regrets,” I said and he kissed my forehead. I woke up early the next morning. Nick was still asleep only he was in my arms. I knew we needed to get up. Today we were going to try and find Anna. I had been praying that the pictures were her. I missed her so much and I knew Nick needed her to return home safe and sound. I knew he was already going to be a little messed up because of the loss of his mother, but Nick believed he had lost his whole family. With his mom dead and his father leaving him and Anna missing. His world has been a mess. Hopefully, if we find Anna can you bring her home the next world won’t be such a tornado. I can only hope that Anna is still the same girl we knew. Only God himself knows what she has been through.

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