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This book is for when I'm having a hard time updating my stories because ideas aren't flowing. Anybody can request for me to write a oneshot of their choice. What can you request : -A real couple. -just a plot. -cute moments. - Sexy moments. -emotional moments. How do you place in requests ? You can place in requests by messaging me the details. You can comment it but sometimes I don't get notifications and it might take me a while to look it over and complete your request. Requests are always open.

Erotica / Romance
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"Show me off"

Request : by @niyah200
Characters : Chancellor & jj ; intersex jj
Age : Chancellor -16. jj -14
Date started : 7/2/17 @ 10:40 pm
Date posted : 7/3/17 @ 12 : 30 pm

"Hey jj wait up" I turned around trying to figure out who yelling my name like they crazy. And of course who else could it be than chancellor. I rolled my eyes and turned back around, I don't know why he acting like I'm not mad at him at the moment.

"jj I said fucking wait up" this boy must have lost his damn mind. I continued walking till I made it to my locker. The hallway began to get a crowded with students transferring to their next class. I felt Chance anger radiating from him as he stood next to me.

I ignored him and proceeded to take books out my locker. "Baby" he coughed then looked around "I mean jj what you doing".

I looked at him with the meanest glare I could muster up, This why we having problems now. He acts like I'm a regular fucking buddy when he with his friends though he always wraps his arms around me, always lightly touching me, talks to me like I'm a little baby. Okay everybody in our little group talks to me like I'm a little baby because I'm younger than all of them but he takes it to another level.

Everybody can see that we have something going on but he denies it whenever anybody brings it up. And it's not a simple 'nahh I don't swing that way' it's him disrespecting me and my preference. I heard the first bell ring as I closed my locker and shoved my books into my bag. Other students began to clear the hallway, i side stepped chance and started making my way to my class, sadly it's on the top floor.

I got into the staircase with Chance hot on my trail. He got ahold of my hands and yanked me to the back stairway.

"jj come on talk to me" I want this nigga to beg. Is that too bad ?

I folded my arms in front of my chest then stared at him with the best bored expression I can pull off but deep down my feelings are hurt, deep down I'm hurting. It's painful when the person you gave your all to, the person you trusted enough to take your virginity treats you like dirt in front of others.

"What chancellor" though I didn't trust my voice because I knew it sounded drained and though I tried so hard for him to not see how hurt I am. The moment I said his name my voice cracked.

"Fuck, jj I ain't mean to say what I did you're not disgusting, you're my baby and I love you with my all" he attempted to kiss me but I moved my face making him kiss my cheek. I shook my head fighting the tears that I knew wanted to come out.

"You know what, we going to my house come on" he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs and out the building, to his car. The ride to his place was quite with the exception of my sniffling. His hand was caressing my thigh, and the occasional squeeze. Once we got infront his house he parked his car and got out I got out as well leaving my book bag in there. His moms car was in the driveway as well but right before we was about to go in, the door opened and his mom looked like she was about to head out.

"Fuck is you doing here Chance, why ain't you at school" she questioned and he pulled me towards his chest right then and there the water works began and lemme make it clear. I ain't no bitch but my feelings were hurt. "What you do to him chancellor".

Now his mother knows about us. She saw us kissing one time and he was forced to let her know what was going on. "My poor jj, look. Chance I'm going out by the time I come back you better explain to me why you have him crying".

"Yea Maa".

He picked me up bridal style then took me up the stairs. He got into his bedroom placed me down on his bed then made his way to go lock his door.

He began placing light kissing all over my face whispering sorry until he got to my lips. I shuddered then hiccuped due to my heavy crying. He kissed me and I don't know why but this is better than our first kiss. There's so much passion and emotion in the kiss that my whole body got weak.

He traveled down to my neck leaving light kissed then he sucked on my clothes nipple. I whimpered reaching out so I could grab him. He picked up my shirt then started sucking on one nipple then fondling with the other.


"Sorry baby" he whispered again before pulling down my pants along with my boy shorts. He went straight to licking my clit and maintaining eye contact with me. He kissed it then went back to licking me.

I kept whimpering and running my hands trough his short dreads. "Ugh fuck chance" he was sucking on my bud hard I felt both pain and pleasure and I don't know how to explain it but I loved it. His tongue lapped over my rose repeatedly I let go of his dreads to spread my legs wider for him. I felt a finger probing me as he was still sucking on my bud. "Oh baby" I moaned as quietly as possible.

His finger kept going in and out and I couldn't wait any longer "chance can you" I pleaded a little embarrassed to say the words but he understood. He pulled his finger out then hovered over me. He pecked my lips then whispered "I love you baby, I'm so sorry".

He stroked his dick looking at me before he slowly started to push in. "You know you're my world". He thrusted sharply making me slide up the bed, I held on to his bed sheets then nodded. "Say it, lemme hear you".

"I'm-im" his thrusts speed up as I attempted to say it. I was chocking up and the only thing I could let out was a cry of his name.

"Say it baby" his hips rotated inside of me. His hands gripped my waist. His thrusts became brutal as if he was trying to prove a point to me. I slid up on the bed with each thrust and I thought for a fact that if it wasn't for his grip on my waist I could have flown of the bed.

"Ahh I'm-I'm your world" he hummed continuing at his pace.

"I love you jj, I really fucking do"

"Nghh oh my god" my hands shot up to his chest, I didnt know what to do with my hands. We've never made love like this before my nails were scratching marks on his chest. He lowered his head then started sucking love bites on my neck. I'm sure by the time we were don't it would look almost scary.

His pace started slowing down and I felt something wet in the crook of my neck. Chance was crying, I wrapped my arms around his shoulder attempting to comfort him with my weak arms and my shaking legs. "I love you too Chance" I whispered.

I felt my release in the pit of my stomach and I didn't want to let him know that I wanted to come but he already knew. He wiped his face then whispered "you can cum" and as if on command I started creaming on his dick with a loud scream of his name. After 3 more snaps of his hips he pulled out then started jerking off on my stomach. I was panting hard and shaking lightly, I wasn't much help to him.

Soon enough he was emptying on my tummy, his body jerked slightly after he was done he licked up his own cum. I giggled at how gross he was sometimes. "I'm sorry my love".

"It's okay Chance" I smiled weakly at him. My eyes were dropping, I was about to knock out on him.

"No it's not, everybody needs to know that I'm with you alright" .

He got up off the bed to grab his phone and I couldn't help the smile that creeped up on my lips. He laid down on the bed and I crawled onto him placing my head under his chin. I saw him open up Snapchat then started recording us.

"Look at the camera baby" he grinned and I lazily glanced up at the camera "show them your neck" I slapped his chest telling him to leave me alone so I could sleep making him bust out laughing he kissed my forehead then brought the camera down to his bare chest to show the scratches I left on him. The video ended and he showed it to me. We looked kind of cute actually and the left side of my neck was scattered in hickeys.

He posted the video then turned his phone off placing it under his pillow.

"Now they all know", I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face .
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