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This book is for when I'm having a hard time updating my stories because ideas aren't flowing. Anybody can request for me to write a oneshot of their choice. What can you request : -A real couple. -just a plot. -cute moments. - Sexy moments. -emotional moments. How do you place in requests ? You can place in requests by messaging me the details. You can comment it but sometimes I don't get notifications and it might take me a while to look it over and complete your request. Requests are always open.

Erotica / Romance
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"Is this what you wanted"

Request : by @chrisxaugustxbae
Characters : Harry styles and August Alsina
Plot : Harry wants to come out to the public about his and August relationship, but August wasn't hearing non of it.
Date started : 7/3/17 @ 1:00 pm
Date posted : 7/3/17 @ 6:00 pm

"Now before this interview ends I want to ask you a clarifying question" judging by the interviewers tone I could tell this question was going to be intrusive . "We all know sweet creature and two ghosts are close to your heart, many people including me wants to know if it's about your former band mate Louis Tomlinson".

And there it was I rolled my eyes because I knew a question concerning Louis had to come up, Thank god this was a phone interview. August pulled me onto his lap . I sat back into his hold then hummed "I'm... I think that everybody has a way of interpreting music and I wouldn't want to tell somebody what they should hear while listening to my music but I can confirm that they aren't about Louis".

His grip on my hips tightened as he heard Louis name. "Alright thank you Harry this would be the end of our interview, all of us here at the sun wish you luck on your solo carrier".

"Thank you, goodbye".

"They still asking you 'bout that punk ass nigga" I turned around on his lap to face him. I loved it when August talked. It might sound creepy but his accent always makes me weak in my knees though it already been almost 2 years since we became an item.

I can tell he's a bit irritated that I'm still getting asked about Louis which is understandable because once upon a time he and I were together. The only reason that our relationship ended was because he didn't want to come out. I was always ready to come out and in some way I feel like I already came out to my fans but he refused to let it be known that I had his heart.

Couple of months after our relationship ended I met August at a friends bar. This was during his little hiatus, we became friends and eventually during one drunk night I confessed to him that I was in fact gay and that I'm in love with him. He got angry with me and cut ties until a year later we met again and he told me he missed me and that he wants to be with me. I was skeptical at first but eventually gave in.

I sighed before kissing his jawline "well what do you expect". I took a deep breath "Auggie don't you think it's time that we came out?" .

Narrator P.o.v

The atmosphere quickly got awkward after the British native asked the question that's been scratching at the back of his mind for months now. The Louisianan's body stiffened not knowing how to answer the question.

"Baby we talked about this" .

Harry got off August's lap and sat next to him on the couch. "August you promised me that you wouldn't be like Louis, you promised me".

"And I'm not like him".

"You're exactly like him. Too involved in your career to let me know that you're serious about our relationship. That I'm not just something for fun". Harry ran his fingers through his long curls looking down. "August I want you to prove to me that you really want this" .

"Ion need to tell everybody and their mother that I'm giving you back shots to prove that i want to be with you. Why is it important for people to know that we're together?" August was highly irritated, he doesn't understand the purpose of announcing to everybody who he's in a relationship with. It's not important to anybody but him who he's laid up with at night. Harry knows he values his privacy.

"It is important August, I want people to know that you're mine and I'm yours. I don't want to be anybody's secret and I told you this getting into our relationship and you assured me that once we become serious you'll let your management and your family know and it's been two fucking years August give me a break" the more feminine of the two men yelled as he got up to exit out their living room....Well August's living room.

August sighed rolling his eyes as he got up to chase after his lover. Harry was gathering up the little pieces of clothes he had at august's house. August leaned on the door staring at Harry. His mind was racing trying to think of things to say to calm the shorter male.

"Whatcha think you doing" August asked.

"I'm leaving August, clearly".

"Come on Harry it ain't that serious" August rolled his eyes.

"It is that serious August, if you don't want us to be known then what's the point in continuing this relationship if I know it won't graduate to us getting married or even having kids of our own" .

August could see the pain on his lovers face and could feel the hurt through his lovers words. He slowly began to understand how his lover felt and why it's so important to him, Harry wanted to start a family with him.

August opened his arms "come here" he wanted to comfort the Brit but harry wasn't having it. He picked up his clothes in a ball then walked pass august ignoring his open arms.

August reacted quickly grabbing onto the back of Harry's shirt pulling him towards his chest. Harry dropped his clothes as his back collided with August's chest. August turned harry around so he was facing him then kissed him passionately.

"Trust that I want to have a family with you. But you just started your solo career and if we do come out, not everybody gon understand that we love each other. You might loose your fans and I know for a fact that I'll loose mine" harry let out a defeated sigh as he tried to pull away from the taller male. "But" August continued " I'll let my family know about us".

A smile slowly crept on Harry's as he heard August say that "really?" He shyly asked looking up at August.

"Yea really" August leaned down to peck Harry's lips. When they pulled away, August licked his lips then looked at harry. "So you wanna have my babies".

Harry mimicked August before playfully smacking his chest making August laugh. "Let go of me. I have to clean up this mess you made" harry said pointing to the mess of clothes scattered on the floor.
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