Darling I'm a Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream (BMAM) (Intersex)

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Darling I'm a Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream (BMAM) (Intersex) Summary: Dark red eyes were trained solely on me. He looked at my disheveled body, a smirk tugging on the corners of his lips as he slowly brought his hand to his lips. All I could do was stare helplessly as he licked my cum from his fingers like a kitten hungry for cream. Once he was finished, he licked his lips before meeting my gaze and speaking; "Soon my sweet." * * * * * * I knew those eyes anywhere; they haunted me in my dreams, trained on me as they set my body ablaze with pleasure. He was real.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Kortez POV

My body ached in the best of ways.

My lungs felt as if they were on fire, screaming for the oxygen they so desperately needed. I was moaning more than I ever had in my whole life.my throat was so raw my vocal chords throbbed for a relief I couldn’t let them have.

My skin was slick with sweat, damping the obsidian silk sheets sticking to my body.

Saliva dripped from my mouth as he fucked into me. I couldn’t even form a coherent thought; not a single damn one.

All I knew in that moment was that it felt like Heaven in Hell wrapped in a bow, better than anything he’d ever felt before. I arched my back deeply, hungry- no starving to have him as deep inside me as possible. I was wetter than I had been all my life, the sound of my pussy squelching everytime he revved back and fucked me up the never-ending mattress.

He seemed inhumanly strong too, able to easily move me around even though I was practically dead weight. My body ached in the best of ways, his hand print practically embedded on my skin. I wanted it. Wanted his marks on my body as a reminder of how good it was.

How good he always was.

His fingers dug into my hips, and I could feel the crescent moon shaped nail marks on my skin. I hissed at the sting, yet I leaned into the abush; the pain and pleasure coming hand in hand.

I let out an embarrassing wanton groan that was the least bit attractive and more desparate than anything. I didn’t care, burying my face into the sheets as he worked my body with expertise.

I could feel myself nearing the edge and I fought back sobs as tremors built under my skin. He didn’t stop; he never did. If anything, he was fucking me with even more vigor.

Just as I felt myself about to explode from inside, I had opened my eyes, cursing as I was suddenly blinded by the morning sun light.

On reflex, I looked around my bedroom, looking for any sign of life aside from my own only to find my bed empty. I was alone, as usual.

I threw back my cotton white sheets, glancing down at the sticky mess I had made on my bedspread. I sighed knowing I’d have to put them in the wash again.

“Just another dream.”

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