All Shades Of Chocolate

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Various romantic, angsty and sexual situations between black women of all shapes, shades and sizes.

Erotica / Romance
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Tech Support

Cecile waited patiently outside her apartment door, letting her roommate finish up her "session" with one of her many suitors. Coming back home from the Gym, all Cecile wanted was to take a long, hot, relaxing shower but seeing Tamika getting plowed on their soft carpet floor let her know it'd be a while before she got to that shower.

Scrolling through her phone, she waited the usual minutes it'd take for Tamika to be finished up, Usually 5-10. Of course, she found it weird to know that but being friends with Tamika you had to be aware of the time frame.

The door opened after a bit and Cecile gave a wave to the beautiful brown man, who walked out tipping his camo hat at her in res-ponse.

"Are you done getting your fill of semen for the day?" She asked walking in. Tamika had by then slid a dress over her head and began to clean the carpet.

"Maybe, Maybe not. I may go see David later on tonight depends on how tired I am." She said with a giggle causing Cecile to roll her eyes.

"Make sure you don't catch something, bunny rabbit. Always humping something." She replied pouring out the contents of her coffee cup and washing her cup.

"Oh no, no, no honey. I am not a rabbit, I fuck but I don't reproduce." Tamika said with a wag of her finger.

"You have no shame." Cecile shook her head, going to the back of the apartment towards the bathroom, preparing to take a shower. She came back to the front of the apartment to grab her bag and to finish conversing with her roommate.

"I have no reason to have any, CeCe!" Tamika gave a smug smile, finishing up her cleaning.

"Yeah, yeah whatever hoe. What are we having for dinner?" She asked?

"Up to you. I think I could pick something up on my way back." Tamika said checking the time on her phone.

"Where are you going now?" Cecile asked quirking her eyebrow up in confusion.

"Uh, David? Remember?" Tamika said with her shoulders shrugged.

"You really can't get enough," Cecile said with a shake of her head, her hair falling in her face a bit.

"No, I can not. Especially with David fine ass, good lord." Tamika held her heart dramatically.

"Go and get your dick. Get Zaxby's on your way back." Cecile said heading back to the bathroom, to get that well-needed shower, She heard the sound of keys jingling and the door shutting, signaling she was alone. Letting the water wash down her body, Cecile let the stress of the day and the dirt wash down the drain as she thought to herself.

'Goodness, all Tamika does is fuck. Doesn't she get tired of getting dug in?'

I have to admit, I am jealous of her and her numerous fuck buddies because it's been awhile since I've had anything like that. Even though most of the people, she messes with aren't my type......"

Suddenly there was a knock at the door startling Cecile out of her thoughts. Covering a towel around her dripping wet body, Cecile stepped out of the shower and speed walked to the door.

"Yes?" She asked seeing a short young dark chocolate woman, in a uniform with tech support across the front.

"Hi- Oh is this a bad time?" The woman began to blush seeing, Cecile dripping body.

"Um, no. What do you need, Ms.Xaria?" Cecile asked reading the young lady's nametag.

"I'm here to fix a Tamika's computer, but I can come back-" Cecile waved her hand gesturing for her to come in.

"Your fine, Xaria, Come on in." Cecile couldn't help but notice the various glances Xaria kept giving her and a smirk curled on her lips.

"Um, Mika's computer is right here." Cecile bent over to grab the laptop from up under the counter. Xaria's eyes widened seeing her glistening folds and she bit her lips at the sight.

"T-that's good. Let me just give it an l-look." She said stuttering, her mind racing at what she just saw, her own body heating up.

"You know you're really pretty." Cecile complimented, her towel barely wrapping around her curves.

"Thanks, I don't usually get that a lot." She responded shyly while taking apart the computer.

"Really? I find that hard to believe considering how beautiful you are." Cecile said in disbelief, giving the petite girl another once over, admiring her features.

"Thank you, again. You are too sweet." Xaria's face heated up from the attention.

"What are your thoughts on lesbians? You know girl-on-girl stuff." Cecile asked going in for the kill, pressing her body up on the girl making her gasp.

"I- Oh my gosh!" Xaria moaned when Cecile began to palm her breast. She let Cecile bend her over the table, her hand slithering into Xaria's jeans. She began to rub the girl's clit with ferocity loving the sounds Xaria made.

"You got wet pretty fast," Cecile observed while pushing up Xaria's polo, patting the counter for her to hop on. Xaria took her shirt off and got on the counter biting her lip sensually when Cecile got between her legs, her jeans had been thrown on the floor and her panties were slid to the side.

Cecile pressed her tongue on to Xaria's outer lips, sucking the sweet juices that were flowing from her pussy. Xaria's sigh of pleasure signaled she was doing something right, as she continued to flatten her tongue on Xaria's clit.

Cecile continued to tenderly lick Xaria, her mouth becoming soaked and damp from all of Xaria's cum. Pushing Cecile's head further between her legs, Xaria gasped when her tongue slipped into her hole, her eyes widening from the quick contact.

"Goodness!" Xaria whimpered, tangling her fingers in Cecile's hair.

"I'm going assume you've never been eaten out before? That's cute." Cecile paused with a smirk looking up at Xaria, who nodded her head responding no. Xaria let out a loud yell as Cecile's tongue slipped back inside of her speeding up as Cecile's fingers worked to matching her tongue.

"Fuck!" Xaria cursed small tears coming out from her mouth as she felt her stomach clench and her orgasm wash over. Cecile caught the juices coming down from Xaria's legs, a mess on her face as she came over her own fingers.

"You taste so good." Cecile licked lips, savoring the taste of her pussy. Xaria planted a kiss on her mouth, Cecile deepened it bringing Xaria closer to her.

Tamika opened the door her eyes widening at the scene in front of her, turning right back around on her feet.


"You really had to fuck her?" Tamika asked from the couch taking out the food.

"Hey, you have your fun. I have mine." Cecile said now fully dressed.

"But my computer though!" Tamika thumbed back towards her taken apart computer.

"Buy a new one," Cecile smirked eating her sandwich in satisfaction.

(Written in February 2018)
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