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BODY BODY BODY (Yuri Ayato x fem reader) fin

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Yes this is the one from wattpad that I'm also publishing over here ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️ cheating ex boyfriends are meant to be forgotten quickly, that's where out bubblegum haired boy comes in.

Stupid simp
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Pt 1. Ice cream snuggles



Background: you were over at Yuri's house, you had just gotten dumped and you had called Yuri to pick you up, he offered to take you to his house. You'd been over there many times, slept over even. You had your own small apartment but since Yuri had a reallyyy good job he had a decent sized house. You had the guest room to yourself whenever you were over, he had you keep clothes in the closet and he had your favorite snacks in his pantry. (You were the only girl at MoriMori academy, you had to dress like a guy though otherwise you wouldn't be allowed. The only people who know are the club members and Kashima. Its also winter break so thats why you aren't at school. Ur ex didn't know you went to Mori Mori.)

You dropped your bag by the front door, you walked into the living and collapsed on the couch and curled up crying while Yuri closed the door and went to the fridge.

"Snacky snacky snacckkyyyyy" you heard the freezer door opens and close, and the same with the silverware drawer and the blanket closet (he had a lot of fuzzy blankets)

"Aaahhh ba ba ba ba ba baaaaa WOWWWWWWWW" you heard him say, it made you smile just a little. He set something down on the coffee table in front of you. "Come come come come hereeeeeee" he put his forearms in your armpits and pulled you up so that your back was against his stomach and you were laying in his lap. He put a big thick fuzzy blanket over the both of you and wiggled his toes. It was cute watching the blanket move back and forth.

He reached over to the table and picked up what you saw was ice cream. He took the lid off and took the spoon. He scooped some in the spoon and put it against your lips. "Opeeeennnnnn up, openopenopennnnn!!" You opened your mouth and he put the spoon gently inside, you ate the ice cream off the spoon. It was your favorite flavor. *insert your favorite flavor*. He then took a bite himself. "Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? You can't cry if you have ice cream in your mouutthhhhhhhhh." It was true, the ice cream was preventing your sobs.
"He was a stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid idiot. Okay?"

You nodded. "He didn't deserve such a pretttyyyyyyyyy girl." You smiled.
"AHA, smiiiiilleee." You giggled and he kissed your neck. You immediately blushed. "Oh- I sorrryyyyyy" he pouted. "Dont be maddddd, please??"

"N-no its okay, I don't mind." You didn't, it had felt so good, his sweet lips had been so warm and gentle. He fed you another bite of ice cream. He turned on the TV before taking another bite for himself. He kept up the pattern of feeding you a bite and taking one for himself and before you knew it you had laid your head back on his shoulder and fallen asleep.

*two hours later*

You were woken up by gentle kisses on the head. You remembered where you were. You sat up very quickly.
"I-im sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep on you, i- my feelings just made me so tired and you were so warm and-" Yuri cut you off by putting a finger to your lips.

"Dont be sorryyy, I like holding youu, I know you don't feel gooooodddd, anything to makkkke you feel better. Pluuuuus it was sort of cute, hahaaaaaaaaaaa" He smiled so wide. You blushed incredibly hard.

💭I can't belive hes okay with me sleeping on him...💭


"Noooo shssh, now now now go take a shower and we will make dinnnerrrrrrr"

"Are you sure?"

"Yessss go go go go showerrrr."
You nodded and got up.

You walked upstairs to your bathroom and turned on some music, you could hear Yuri making some random noises about what was on tv. You began to undress, you folded your clothes and set them on the bathroom counter. You hummed along to the music and looked in the mirror, your face was all puffy and splotchy, and covered in makeup from crying. You swiped your hair out of your face and tried to wipe The mascara away. It wouldn't go anywhere, it just smeared. You sighed.

You turned the water on and stepped in. You washed your hair. On his shower rack he had a whole shelf dedicated to sex toys. All waterproof of course, with a cleaner right next to them. (He had bought them just for you). You realized you were thinking of him using them on himself...against his cock. You'd seen him at club before. Spasticlly moaning and flexing his toes. You liked to drop by every once and a while. To participate.

You pulled out a vibrator and turned it on. He only bought the best so it was incredibly strong. You placed it between your legs. You put your back against the wall so you didn't fall. It was so powerful. Your eyes rolled back in your head. Moans slipped out between breathes.
Wait what were you doing? Your boyfriend just broke up with you. Shouldn't you be sad? I mean we were a little...you thought for a minute, no it was okay, he was a cheater and he had left you while the other girl was there. You could think about Yuri. And so you did.

You'd seen his huge cock before. You'd seen it in action, twitching and pulsing...you wanted it, needed it. You ran the toy under the water and spread your legs, it slid inside of you incredibly easy. Thinking about Yuri had gotten you soaked. You slid it inside you as far as you could take it. You let it run inside you, you slid down the wall because your legs couldn't keep you up anymore. The way it felt inside you was too much. Your legs started to shake.

"YURI oh fuck~" you had to slap a hand over your mouth so you didn't scream. You pumped it in and out of yourself. The feeling was incredible. You started to see stars. All you could think was was Yuri, the way his lips would feel pressed against yours. His tongue fighting yours for dominance.

You couldn't hold it anymore.
"F-FUCK y-YYURRRIIII!!!~~" you moaned. Releasing onto the toy. Thank goodness your hand had been over your mouth or you would have been in serious trouble.

You rode out your high, feeling every jolt of pleasure. You took the toy out of yourself and put it back on the shelf. You let the warm water wash over your body. It reminded you of what it felt like to be in Yuri's arms. So safe...protected...

you shook yourself back to reality and got out of the shower. You wrapped the towel around you and went into your room.


A/N: AAAHHHH okay, I couldn't stop laughing while writing this. I've sort of fallen in love with Yuri, I like to think he CAN speak and form words and sentences with grammer but he doesn't just cuz? Idk might make a super fluffy scene like the first part🥺, that was so fun to write, not like I uhhhh want him to snuggle me and feed me ice cream heh😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Anyway stay tuned for the next parttttttttttttt
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