Devil's Psycho

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What happens when his devil brings out her psycho? Blae Peretti is the unit secretary at her job and she's feeling over worked and under paid. She's shy and bury all her emotions so that she can be nice to people. Then she bumps into Thayer Burks, literally. He changes her whole world and she can't get her emotions under wraps. He's evils and does all sorts of bad things to her. Do she reform or adapt and go psycho?

Erotica / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Hey Blae, how’s it going? can you make me a copy of this?”

Hell no!!

“Hey Blae, can you scan this report in?”

Go fuck yourself !!

These are all the things I wish I could say, but I won’t! Even though they all totally deserve it. I am the unit secretary here at Trusted Financial, so it’s kind of my job, but these assholes take it too far. They take my quietness and shyness for weakness. Oh! Don’t get me wrong I have a sharp tongue, but it’s only in my mind. That’s where I cuss their asses out, in my mind. It gets me through the day. In reality, I only say, ” Sure! will that be all?“.

I look at my phone while standing at the copier to see if Gary called or texted back - nothing.

I sigh, Gary broke up with me six months ago. He only said, ” I had too much going on.” I don’t know what he means by that, but it has left me so confused and with no closure because he won’t talk to me.

I’m partly confused because I’m the most boring person I know. I occasionally go out with family members. I go to dinner at my parents’ house and go to my book club meetings weekly. I’m stumped, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting an answer.

I finish making copies and getting ready to head back to my desk to scan the reports in, but I am knocked on my ass by a broad chest I just ran into. While on the ground, I looked up into the irritated face of Thayer Burks. He helps me up and walks off. Oh crap!! I just ran into Thayer Burks and he’s going to fire me I know it. He runs this company. He gets so much say in what goes on with the company, he could probably own it. He’s the CFO, he handles the company’s money, and he’s very good at it. Nobody around here questions him, and he does what he wants.

“I’m s..s... sorry Mr. Burks sir,” I stutter out.

He stops and at the word ‘sir’ tenses up. He turns around and stares me down, and in turn - I stare him down. He’s tall. Six feet 4 inches maybe, he has long brown hair with blonde streaks that he keeps in a man bun. He has light gray eyes; almost silver they are so bright. I quickly drop my eyes once I realize what I was doing.

He turns to walk out after mumbling an “it’s fine” over his shoulder and leaving. I walk back to my desk to finish my work, wondering why he was down here. He works on the top floor with the other big wheels. I sigh and get back to work.

Thayer POV

Who was that? - I wonder. I rarely go down to the lower floors, but my copy machine was messing up today. So, I lost patience and found another one. My PA is on emergency maternity leave, fucking people. Now I’m out here searching for shit. I’ll have to use the unit secretary, and I hate that.

Now my documents are going to be late and not done how I want them. Bitch! All my life, I knew something was different about me. When I became a teenager, I got better at hiding it. Other than my severe anger issues and temper, I love causing pain to others. I’ve murdered my fair share of people in my dungeon.

I take a lot of deep breaths at work. Even have a couple of stress balls that I have rendered useless. It took a lot of self-control not to pick that employee up by her throat after she bumped into me. The last person that bumped into me was in a coma for a few weeks.

Now back to the girl, she looked so much like a small quivering cute little animal and the way she said ‘sir’ made an image come to mind of her tied up and begging and blood running from her wounds. She’s cute too, she’s a light caramel color, around 5′7 and a head full of ringlets that cover her whole face almost. She’s thick, but not too much, just a good handful of everything and my hands are big.

I must admit I usually don’t give a woman much thought other than carnal desires and inflicting pain. I wonder how I can get my cute little quivering employee in chains. How do I go about it? I usually don’t mess with office workers because they talk too damn much, but this one has my dick aching and ready to do work. A plan started to form in my mind. I just have to go through some proper and a couple of improper channels.

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