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Chapter 10

Annora POV

I look around then get to work.

I guess the living room is a good place to start. First I walk through the bottom half of the house to see where everything is. I located his utility closet. I grabbed the vacuum and mop bucket and mop, then walked into the laundry room and grabbed two empty baskets. I walk back into the living room and start grabbing his clothes off the couch and floor. I pick up his security shirt and see he works for a company called Beck security. He also has a tuxedo so I’m guessing he secure for the elite and has to dress up. I put all his clothes in the empty basket and wipe down his furniture then vacuum.

Next I go to the kitchen. Shit is everywhere. Pots and pans are in the sink. I loaded his dish washer and wiped the counters down and then took out some meat. He has a room downstairs that he uses as an office so I’ll leave that one be. I moved to the bathroom and cleaned it then started a load of laundry. I finally sat down and rested my poor beaten body. Without meaning to, I dozed off.

When I wake up it’s nighttime. Coulder still hasn’t made it yet so I start dinner. I cook some beans, rice and gravy, fried chicken and cornbread.

As I’m taking the cornbread out I hear Coulder come through the garage door.

“Hey dinner is ready. ”

He grunts and walks past me to the stairs. Minutes later he came back down with sweatpants and a t-shirt on. He made his way towards the table and sat.

“You want me to be your servant too,” I ask.

He grunts then gets up and moves all the food to the table and starts fixing his plate. I’m surprised when he handed me the plate he was fixing, then fixed one for himself.

He attacks the food with relish, especially the chicken.

“Hey, so I was thinking about something. I really need to go into town. I need some clothes and a new laptop. I’m a web designer. My business will suffer unless I get a laptop.”

He only grunt and started back eating.

“Can you please talk to me like a human being without making all these damn animal noises.”

“What do you want me to say? You seem determined to go.”

“Will you take me,” I ask.

“Yeah, ” was the only reply.

I ask, “do you not like me. ”

He replied, “I don’t know you.”

“Well you could get to know me if you do more than grunt when we talk. ”

“There’s no need, you won’t be staying long.”

“Fine by me,” I replied with an attitude.

He finished eating and took his plate to the sink. He washes it then sits it in the dish rack and walks off. When he makes it upstairs I hear the shower turn on.

I make my way to the spare room upstairs. I love this house. It’s small and homey. It means he’s not rich and I like that.

Why won’t he talk to me? “Men,” I huff. One wants to fuck me to death and the other one don’t like me enough to talk to me.

I like Coulder though. He’s simple and ordinary like me and most importantly he’s not in the mafia.

I get in bed and fall asleep.

The next morning when I awake I dress in the same clothes because it’s all I have for now.

When I make it down to the kitchen Coulder is there cooking what looks like oatmeal.

“Morning,” I say.

He only grunts.

I roll my eyes. “Can I have some oatmeal?”

His only answer was to put some in a bowl and sit it in front of me.


A grunt is his reply.

I’m bout sick of his ass.

After we’re done eating I rinse out our bowls. Then we get in his truck and head to the mall.

“I love your truck.” He has a pretty navy blue Silverado that’s lifted. It has a step ladder that retracts and extends as you get in and out of the truck.

He only grunts and stares forward like he’s deep in thought.

I say, “you know you don’t have to be so rude all the fucking time. We’re two adults, we should be able to have a fucking conversation.”

He only grunts. I just give the hell up. I won’t say nothing else to his mean ass, but I rather have mean then deadly anyday.

When we make it to the mall he reaches behind his seat and pulls out a hoodie and holds it towards me.

“Here put this on,” he says.

I should grunt and ignore his ass. I only nod. I know this is a dumb ass idea. Marius isn’t the type to leave stones unturned. But I need a laptop and clothes. My business is broke enough. I have to at least finish these last three accounts. That money will hold me over until I can get new accounts.

“Ok so listen. I don’t have any cash. I probably can get Ryan to bill my company for the laptop, but I will need you to buy me some clothes and I will reimburse you. I can cash app you the money.”

He grunts and says, “I don’t have a cash app.”

“Ok, well I can transfer the money into your account. ”

He grunt then got out.

We make it to the clothes store and I grab a couple of items. When we make it to the electronic store I spot Ryan and wave him over. Coulder walks off and says he’s going to look at DVD’s. I roll my eyes at his caveman ways. Don’t nobody watch DVDs anymore.

Ryan walks over and says, ” hey Ann what’s up. ”

“Nothing much just letting it hang low and to the side.” We both snicker at the corny joke.

“Ryan I need a new laptop. Can you bill it to my company’s account.”

“Damn Ann. You need another one. You just replaced the last one six months ago after you attacked that dog with the one before that one.”

“Now Ryan, that ain’t funny. That was a vicious ass dog. He better be lucky I only hit him with my laptop instead of putting my foot up his mean ass. Then they have the nerve to call me a dog hater. I love dogs, I just hate hers.”

He laughed, “ok pick out one and get at me when you’re done.”

“Sure thing Ryan.” I started walking around the store looking for a laptop. I see a bunch of phones on display. I wonder if they work. I pick one up. It was attached to a wire so I had to bend down. I dial my office number and it starts ringing. Oh thank god.

“Okatiba web design Charity speaking.”

“Charity it’s me.”

“Ann what the hell. ”

“Charity shut up and listen. I need you to email me all the info you have on these last three accounts. And if anyone asks where I am say you haven’t seen it heard from me. ”

It gets quiet.


She comes back on the phone and with a monotone voice she says, ” well hun these fish are drowning, let me go get some new ones. ” I hear a scuffle then the line goes dead.

I curse. Those motherfuckers at my job. I hang up and quickly pick out a laptop and signal for Ryan.

Ryan checks me out then I look for Coulder, but I don’t see him. I’m suddenly snatched up dragged from the store. When we make it outside I elbow Marius goons in the side and run down the plaza sidewalk. I cut down an alley only to see a dumpster and a dead end. He comes behind me.

“Come on bitch. Don’t make me use force. I don’t like you anyway. You got all our bitches deported, but I’m sure you’ll make a nice substitution until more comes.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you pervert. ”

Then a second goon joins the first one and he pulls out a gun. He says, “I will shoot you in the leg if you keep protesting.”

I was contemplating screaming until I saw Coulder come up behind them and push their heads together. They both went down and the second one dropped the gun. The first one recovered faster and got up. Coulder roundhouse kicked him and throat chop the second that was getting up. Then hit them both in the temple. They went down again.

“Lets go,” he growled.

I jumped over them and ran to catch up with Coulder.

“WoW!!. Holy crap. What was that? How did you do that.”

“Quiet, ” he growled.

He says, ” put your hood back up and hold your head down and don’t say anything else. ”

I do as he says. We made it to his truck and he hit the key fob for the lock. We get in and take off.

He says, “see this is why I didn’t want to get caught up in your shit. You better hope this doesn’t come back and bite me in the ass. I’ll turn you over myself.”

Damn. He sure has a lot to say now.

“Coulder, it won’t come to that, I’ll leave before that happens. I don’t want to put you in danger. I’m sorry. Just let me finish these three accounts and then I’ll have enough to start over

somewhere else. ”

“If you think that then you’re delusional.”

“Excuse me.”

He says, “anybody that’s going through all this to get to you won’t let you go.”

I grunt. He has a point. Damn. What do I do? I can’t go back to Marius if he refuses to treat me right. I haven’t even known him long and I already have bruises. If I go back to him and he manages not to kill me then what, I live a life of misery and abuse.

I got a weird feeling from Marius, especially while we were fucking.

I say, “just give me time.”

We circle the block a couple of times to make sure we’re not being followed. When we made it back to his house he went straight to his room and slammed the door.

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