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Chapter 12

Annora POV

The next morning I wake up and Coulder is gone. I go back to my room so I can dress and comb my hair. After that I check my emails. I see I have a massage from Chase. He wants to meet. I haven’t been calling or contacting anyone. I only correspond through email. He wants to meet tomorrow around noon at our lunch spot. His company already deposited the money into my account. I wasn’t paying attention to my pending transactions. My contract money has hit my account and it’s substantial. I really can give that back to them. Marius and his whole family can kiss my ass. I emailed Chase that I would meet with him. What if something’s wrong with my web design. I know it’s risky but maybe Marius has given up and left me alone. It’s been over a month. He could have frozen my account if he wanted. I don’t understand.

I get up and clean then take out some meat for dinner. I know I just woke up but I fell asleep watching tv.

When I wake up I see it’s around 1pm. I hear a noise in the kitchen and jump up in alarm. Nobody is supposed to be here. I make my way toward the kitchen slowly, only to see Coulder there making a damn sandwich.

“Jesus Coulder, you scared the shit out of me.”

He grunt, ” you thought I was your husband. ”

“Coulder don’t call him my husband. You know my situation is hardly a marriage.”

He walked past me into the living room and sat on the couch.

I say, ” what are you doing here? ”

“I live here.”

“Don’t be a smart ass. Since when are you home in the middle of the day.”

He asks, “you want a bite of this sandwich.”

“No thank you.”

He put the last bite in his mouth then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

I screech and laugh. ” Coulder, what are you doing? ”

He laid me on the bed inside his room and kissed me while taking off my clothes.

Then he caresses my face softly with a small smile on his face.

“Coulder, what is it.”

“Nothing,” he says then goes down and attacks my pussy with relish.

At first he only did small circles around my clit that stole my breath. Then he pulled my clit into his mouth. He constantly pulled and pulled on it. I arch off the bed and cried for Jesus. He’s bringing so much sensation to my clit that even the bed sheet feels good against my body. “Oh Coulder, my god,” I said and pulled his hair.

“Coulder. I want you so bad. ”

He stopped and climbed over me. He has pussy juice all over his face and lips. He leaned down and kissed my neck and at the same time shove his dick in my pussy.

I moan and shout so loud. I go deaf with pleasure and lose all my senses except feeling. Coulder dick is caressing my inside so thoroughly.

Oh shit, his dick! My eyes shot open. “Coulder put on a condom.”

I’m already on the run. I can’t bring a baby into this mess. I left my pills at Marius. He’s so lost to pleasure that he doesn’t hear me. I place both hands on his chest and push. “Coulder, stop it.!!”

He only takes my hands and places them above my head. He growled and fuck me faster. “Coulder, get up Damn it.!”

He still ignores me then leans down and takes a nipple in his mouth and bite it. The pleasure goes straight to my pussy. I cum and cum and cum. I squeezed my eyes tight and screamed. He seconds behind me with a loud roar. He suddenly pulls out and comes on my stomach.

I let out a relieved breath.

He says. ” What are you worried about? I’m clean. My company frequently runs tests on our blood. ”

“No, that’s not it. I just don’t want to bring a baby in this fucked situation.”

I definitely need to stop by the drug store tomorrow especially if we’re going to fuck on the regular. Mistakes happen I thought to myself.

I’m lost in thought when I feel a warm rag wiping me down.

He gets back in bed and reaches inside his drawer and grabs a condom.

Oh shit. What have I started?

He sat up on his knees and rolled the condom on.

I say, ” can’t I sleep now. ”

“Do you want to.”

“Yes,” I say. Well, it was a yes until he started rubbing his dick against my clit. Then slide it through my lips hitting my clit.

“Well maybe one more time,” I breath out and lift my hips.

He doesn’t shove his dick in though. He continued to slide it back and forth over my clit. He then takes his dick and pops it against my clit. My whole pussy jump. I raise my hips again seeking. The top of his dick slips in. After that he shoves it in then pounds me. Then he slows down and starts rolling his hips then pumps slowly while his mouth is at my neck. He reached under me and grabbed my ass while still pumping and grinding his hips. I moan. He slowly fucks my pussy until we both cum.

Afterwards he collapsed next to me breathing heavy.

For some reason I think about Marius. He said if I slept with someone else he would kill me. But he doesn’t have to know. If I can’t take a plane from here then I will drive to the far reaches of the earth. I’ll start over somewhere else. I will buy a burner phone tomorrow and contact Charity and my parents.

I’m deep in thought when I feel a penis probing.

“Coulder. I’m tired.” Which is really weird because I love to fuck . I’ve been horny for months. I should be making up for lost time.

He pulled me to him and lay me on my side facing away from him. He raised my leg and pushed his dick in slowly. With his other hand he squeezed and caressed my small breast. He worships my body. We fucked all day and slept all night.

The next morning when I wake up Coulder is gone, which is not surprising. I go to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. I decided to take a nice long bath. When I’m done I get dressed and comb my hair into a high ponytail after slicking up my edges.

I go downstairs and cook me something to eat and take out some meat for dinner later. In the middle of eating my omelet I start to feel nauseous. I run to the garbage and throw up. Must have been some bad eggs.

Ew. I go to the downstairs bathroom and rinse my mouth out with mouthwash and water.

It’s almost time for me to meet Chase so I call a cab. I leave early because I need to make a stop for a burner phone and pills.

I leave out the door so I can meet the cab away from Coulder house. Just a precaution, I also took money from his wallet. I hope he won’t be too angry. When I reach the stop sign the cab is pulling up. I get in and we’re off. I reach the drug store and buy everything I need. I even bought a plan B pill. Just in case.

While going to meet Chase I call Charity.

She says angrily, “what the hell is going on. Guys camped out in the parking lot and others keep calling here.”

“Charity I will tell you everything later, but to sum it up my parents married me off to the mob and now I’m on the run. You need to be looking for another job because I’m not paying the office rent. I have to leave and start over. I’m sorry.”

“What!!, so you’re going to give up all your hard work. Ann, you’re a fighter, fucking fight, ” she said and hang up.

I drop my head on the seat and cry. That’s just it. I’m tired of fighting and being strong. I’ve never felt or known love. Not the unselfish, unconditional kind. Charity is wrong. I can’t fight the fucking Romanian mafia. The cab pulled up to the restaurant. I grab my shopping bags and get out and make my way inside.

When I walk in I see that Chase is already there.

“Hello Ann.”

“Hey Chase wassup. Your email sounded important. Is everything okay with the design? ”

“Um well, listen Annora, they threaten Kim and my family. I had to do it. ”

“Chase, what are you saying.” I look into his green eyes. He looks nervous and scared. Then I see Gideon and 4 guards coming towards me.

I turn to Chase. “You set me up. Do you have any fucking idea what they will do to me. My blood is on your hands you little pussy,” I say and pick up a glass and toss it in his face. I hope that glass cut his fucking face up.

Then, I’m grabbed by Gideon and walked out of the restaurant. ” Get the fuck off me Gideon.”

“Annora don’t make a scene. Get in the fucking car or we can shut the whole block down. Because if people can identify us to the police they won’t live to say anything.”

“Ok, geez.” Unlike Chase pussy ass, I don’t want these people blood on my hands.

“Where is he Gideon.”

“Home. Now get in.”

I get inside the car with tears in my eyes. I’m dead. I’m fucking dead.

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