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Chapter 13

Annora Pov

I sniff and wipe my tears from my eyes. “Just let me go, Gideon. He doesn’t even care about me.”

“That’s not the fucking point Ann. This is about honoring the contract and keeping your fucking word. You signed the fucking contract. Now put on your big girl panties and deal.”

I say, ” I was forced into that.”

He shrugged and it reminded me of his damn brother.

He asked, ” will you make us omelets in the morning?”

“Fuck no Gideon, damn you.”

I wipe more tears and sniff.

“I’m sorry. Yes I’ll make some stupid omelets.”

He nods and stares out the window. Gideon is delusional. When his brother gets his hands on me there won’t be a next morning for me to cook omelets.

He’s going to fuck me up. I still have an image in my mind of him running behind me naked and dick swinging with a chainsaw in his hands. He had so much murder in his eyes that night. That’s what pushed me to get away from him and jump off that cliff.

He’s a maniac.

I’m so lost in thought about what to do. Then I think about Coulder. What would he think happened to me? I hope he doesn’t think I just up and left. But maybe that’s what he needs to think. There was no future for him and I and we both knew that. I do miss him though. It feels like a part of me is missing.

The car stopped and I’m still deep in thought. I look out the window to see that we have made it to the house.

Marius is standing on the steps looking emotionless, but I know better, he’s fuming on the inside.

Suddenly the door is opened by Gideon and he reaches in and grabs me and pulls me out.

We make our way up the steps and I snatch my arm from his grip and glare at him. He looks at Marius and starts speaking in Romanian.

Marius then turned to me. “Hello wife, I’m glad you found your way back home.” After he said this he slapped the shit out me. I fell down and then got back up and faced him.

I wipe the blood from my mouth. “It’s nice to be back husband,” I say and punch him in the face.

He recovered quickly and grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into the house. I fight and scream while kicking him. He dragged me past the kitchen and through a door then down some stairs.

He releases me and I see that we’re in a basement. He walks towards me and I take a step back. He reaches for me and I snatch away.

“Get away from me Marius.”

“You think I’m going to let your black ass make a fool of me. The only thing you had to do was take some dick and you couldn’t even do that.”

“Black?. Fuck you Romanian prick.”

He suddenly swung his fist and punched me in the temple, dazing me. I staggered back. He uses this time to tie me up. He rope both my hands together and hang it up on a hook in the wall.

I’m suspended in the air. I look over at him. ” Fuck you Marius. The first chance I get I’m blowing this popsicle stand.”

He picks up a big ass knife and I become silent. My damn mouth always gets me into trouble.

Tears come to my eyes. This is it. I’m going to fucking die before I even lived. I wanted to travel and do shit with my life, but my parents held me back, in more ways than one.

I’m crying out now, but I won’t beg him for my life. Maybe it’s better this way. It’s not like I’ve done anything meaningful in this world. Who will miss me? No damn body.

He comes toward me with the knife in his hand. I close my eyes. He grabbed my clothes and cut them. At the ripping sound I peak one of my eyes open. He’s cutting my clothes off. Once naked he walked from my sight. Abruptly I’m hit with a blast of cold water.

I scream from the pressure. The spray hurt like hell. I look over to see him with a water hose in his hand.

He sprayed my whole body down. I shiver from the cold water. He then stops and grabs a whip from the table and starts whipping me.

I scream, “Marius please stop!.”

He stopped, but only for a little while. He blasted me again with the water, even harder this time and started back whipping me.

I can’t take the pain anymore. I pass out. When I wake up I’m laying on the floor. I try to move and wince. I look around and curse. This sonofabitch lock me in a fucking cage.

I’m in so much pain. I gave up moving and collapsed back on the cage floor and passed out again.

When I came to Marius is here. His back is to me and he’s rearranging things on the table. I try to move and take a deep breath through the pain.

He hears me and turns around. He reached on the table and pulled out something.

He asked, “why did you buy these.” He’s holding up a bag with my contraceptive pills and the plan B pill.

I curse.

“The pills help regulate my periods.”

“And the plan B pill.”

I remain silent.

“So you we’re out fucking. Do you remember the contract you signed in blood.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“Who was he? Is that how you manage to stay hidden for a month and a half.”

“It was no one.”

“Then why the fuck do you have a plan B pill.”

I remain silent. I can’t think of a single damn lie, my brain is so jumbled.

“You will tell me who he is. Then I will kill him.Then I will kill you.”

“It’s no one.”

He suddenly rushed to the cage and grabbed me out.

I wince in pain and scream out. My body hurt so bad. He slammed me on the table and strap me down.

Once I’m restrained he says, ” who is he. Is he the one that beat up my men.”

I avoid his eyes. ” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Mnmm,” he says and walks off for a minute then comes back with a bucket of water and a towel. He suddenly threw the towel over my face and poured water over it. He’s waterboarding me. I try to scream and sputter but I can’t. I only take in water and I can’t breathe.

“Nooo!” is the only thing I can get out.

This man is a lunatic. ” Marius,” I yell but it only comes out jumble.

He stopped and snatched the towel from my face. “Are you ready to talk.” I take a deep breath. “Marius please.” I didn’t get anything else out before he put the towel back on my face and started again.

I try to wiggle from the restraints but I can’t move.

The lack of air finally takes me out.

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