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Chapter 14

Annora POV

When I come to, I’m back in the cage. How long has he been tutoring me. I’ve blacked out so many times that I’ve lost count. The cuts from the whip is scabbing over but one particular one is looking infected. It has dirt and pus in it.

“Marius,” I scream. “Please!!.” I’ve been down here with no human contact. I’m tired. I don’t want to fight anymore. I don’t want to be strong.

When the door opens, I hear him coming down the stairs, I sit up.

“Marius please.”

“Are you ready to talk.” He asks this while sitting a car battery on the table.

“Marius please. I’m in severe pain and one of my cuts is infected. I need a doctor.”

“You ain’t getting shit,” he yelled.

“Please, I’ll do anything.”

“You want to tell me about the guy who jumped my men and why you bought a morning after pill.”

“That guy was only helping me. I didn’t tell you at first because I didn’t want you to hunt him down and kill him. I got the plan B pill because when we had sex we didn’t use protection and I didn’t take my pill on our wedding day or the day before that. The lady at the drug store said I could still take it. Please help me. I have a fever.”

He walked toward the cage and said, ” I believe you are lying.”

“Marius please.”

“Will you be a dutiful wife from now on.”

“Yes,” I said on a sob.

He opened the cage door and pulled me out. He looked down in my face and wiped my tears. He lay my head on his chest. I go willingly and continue to cry. I wrap my arm around him. I know it’s dumb and stupid but I want to be wanted by somebody, anybody.

“Come. The doctor is here.”

I release him and walk toward the stairs on shaky legs. He grabbed my arms, stopping me.

“I took it easy on you this time. Don’t ever fuck with me with this shit again.”

I nod. I wanted to say more but I don’t. If this was him taking it easy on me then I don’t want to see him go hard.

“I won’t run again. You scared me that night. My first instinct was to run. I didn’t know what else to do.”

He wrapped a sheet around me and carried me up the stairs.

I wince and cry out with every step until we reach his room.

“I’ll go get the doctor.”

“Marius wait. I want to bathe first. I’ve been laying in my own waste for days. I don’t want him to smell me.”

He nods and walks into the bathroom and starts running water in the tub. When he walked from the room I became pissed.

He’s trying to break me. He can’t blame me for running when he was acting like a lunatic that night.

He came back in and walked me to the bathroom and sat me in the tub.

“Thank you,” I say even though I’m silently resenting him. I grab my sponge and soap it up and bathe. I wince at the soar spots.

He grabbed the sponge from me and started bathing me. He reaches the side where the infected wound is and I jump from the pain. He avoided that area and continued to bathe me.

Minutes later I feel clean and refreshed. He picks me up from the tub and dries me off then takes me to bed. After putting me on a night gown he went to fetch the doctor.

I stare at the ceiling thinking Marius is a madman. He tortured me without any emotions on his face. It was very scary.

I wiped away tears. I’ll have to walk on eggshells for the rest of my life. The door opens and Marius returns with the doctor. He looks like he needs to be deported as well. How many illegal aliens are working for him. They start speaking in Romanian.

The doctor nodded and turned to me. ” Hello Annora. I’m Portapincelli, but you can call me Dan. Can you raise your gown please.” He sits on the bed and opens his bag.

He put on some gloves and touched the infected area. I wince.

“Mmmm,” he says and digs into his bag for a scalpel.

“Annora it needs to be drained, so I’m going to poke and prod it. Do you need numbing medicine.”

I nod.

He pulls out a syringe and sticks it in the infected area.

I cry out. Marius bark out something. The doctor nodded and removed the syringe. Next he picked up the scalpel and burst the effect area then washed it with a syringe fill with water. He stuck a thermometer under my tongue as he bandaged the cut. The tool beep and he looked at it and nodded.

“Annora, I’m going to give you some antibiotic to help with the fever and infection. Would you like it through a pill or an IV drip.”

“The pill is fine.”

“Great,” he said and pulled out his stethoscope.

“I’m going to check your lungs to make sure they are not infected.

I nod.

After a few moments of listening he removed the stethoscope. He puts his finger under my neck and then checks my pulse. After a few seconds he nodded. “Annora the pill is not an option because of the baby, you’ll have to do the IV.”

“What,” I sit up and focus.

“Did you know that you were pregnant.”

“How can I be pregnant? I’m on the pill.”

“Have you taken it every day.”

“Well no, but before my wedding day I took it faithfully plus I didn’t have sex for months before my wedding night.”

“Well if you missed it on your wedding night then I’m guessing that’s when you got pregnant. When was your last menstrual cycle.”

“About two weeks before my wedding,” I whispered feeling hopeless.

“Well, I can’t be sure without an ultrasound machine, but according to the rate of your heartbeat and the number of pulse rates per minute. The baby develops a heartbeat after a certain number of weeks, it’s barely there but I can hear it. My guess is you’re a little over a month. I’ll have to come back with the machine. A hard guess would put you at 6 weeks.”

I remain silent in shock surprise. How the hell this happened.

I look over at Marius. His face is emotionless. He only says, ” you were going to take a pill to get rid of it.”

“It was just in case. I didn’t know. Don’t turn this around on me damn it. You’re the one that forced me that night.”

“That’s funny because I remember you enjoying yourself that night and ran when you couldn’t handle dick.”

“No, I ran for my life that night,”

He shrugged, “semantics.”

“Semantics my ass,” I mumbled low.

The doctor snickered and coughed. “Well I’m going to head out. Annora I will be back with that IV and the machine so I can take pictures of the baby.”

I nod. What the hell. So much stuff was going on around the time I got married but I can’t believe I forgot to take my pill. This is some bulshit. I don’t want to be pregnant. I mentally apologize to the baby, but I don’t want it.

A baby will only hinder my plans and tie me to Marius further. I turn over on my uninjured side and close my eyes.

“Are you hungry,” asks Marius.

“No,” I grumbled out and punched my pillows to make them plump.

“Well, you’ll eat anyway,” he said and walked out.

I roll my eyes and dozed off minutes later.

I’m shaken away and look into Marius face. He’s holding a plate. It has 3 fried eggs and two pieces of toast on it.

My stomach growled. I sit up and devour the plate. Marius stands there holding a fork. ” I don’t need it,” I say around a mouth full of food. I started feeling nauseous. I sit my plate down and run to the bathroom. Marius came behind me and held my hair and rubbed my back.

“Ugh,” I say when I’m done puking my guts out. I rinse my mouth out and go back to bed. Marius removed the plate. He hands me a piece of toast. He says, “eat it slowly. Nibble on it and drink water in between.”

I grumble but do as he says. I’m so put out with him right now. He should’ve kept his dick in his pants.

After nibbling until all the toast is gone I lay back down. I’m so tired. I feel the bed dipped and Marius turn me over so I can lay on his chest.

I grumble and close my eyes.

He says, “are you done.”

“Are you, why couldn’t you keep your dick in your pants.”

He remained silent. I grumbled and got comfortable on his chest. Seconds later I dozed off.

When I wake up, Marius is still asleep. I look into his face. He’s so beautiful. The angel of death. The bible says angels are warriors for the lord. They hand out death as well as blessings. That’s how I picture Marius.

I think my guardian angel has quit or gotten fired because I have the worst luck.

I consider myself a nice person. I just deal with people accordingly. If you piss me off you will know about it. But I do all I can to help those I love and care about, even if they don’t do the same in return. I want love in my life. I want to mean something to somebody.

“Why are you crying,” Marius asked me.

I look up to see his eyes are on my face.

“Because my husband is a selfish abusive jerk and my family don’t love me and could care less about me. Ever since my parents received the contract money they have been off the grid. They don’t care about me or Asia. I’m just tired of a bunch of uncaring and unfeeling people around me. I just want to travel the world and live my life and be shown an ounce of fucking affection. ”

Tears are running from my eyes onto his shirt but I don’t care. He’s the one that forced me to lay on him.

Marius says, “a person can’t tell you feel that way from your demeanor.”

“Well, I had to have a smart mouth. Nobody is going to walk all over me and they do try because I’m small. I’m tired of acting like nothing hurts me or bothers me. It all fucking hurts.!” I yell that last part.

“Jesus. What is going on with me,” I ask, surprised at my outburst.

“Maybe you’re hormonal.”

“Perfect. Just what I need.”

“Annora, I don’t know what to tell you. You know how I am and see what I can do. But I will tell you this. Keep a lid on your shit and I’ll do the same,” he said and shrugged. “I didn’t want this any more than you did. I think it’s beyond ridiculous for the century that we live in but I choose to make the most of it,” he shrugged again.

“Did you not want me because I’m black and small with no curves or breast.”

“I don’t care that you’re black. I only said that because I was angry. My mom has black family members. Her great great grandfather was a black man that married a white lady and the black just got diluted out over the years. You are small and little, but I like that about you.”

“Okay, who are you and what have you done with my husband? Are you hormonal too? I heard that men can get pregnancy symptoms.”

“No. I’m not. You never wanted to get to know me. You only attacked me and cursed at me, so I dealt with you accordingly, plus I do have a temper, but I usually keep it under control. To be so little you sure do like to fight.”

“Hey, when I’m pissed to the max I swing. But that doesn’t mean I deserve to be treated like garbage.”

“You’re right.” He raised my nightgown and stuck his hands in my panties and started playing with my clit.

After I moan he stops.

He moves his body towards my lower half and pulls my panties to the side and starts sucking on my clit. God why is his mouth so warm all the time. I run my fingers through his hair and push his mouth further on my clit. I want to raise my hips and fuck his mouth but my wound won’t let me.

I quickly become horny and want to fuck. “Marius I want you.” He didn’t listen. He ate my pussy an hour straight and wouldn’t let me cum. He always pulls back when I’m about to cum. He does small circles around my clit then long pulls then suck it into his mouth and hold it there.

“Oh god yes!!.”

He stopped, then crawled up my body and looked down at me.

He says, ” we don’t have to be enemies. If you treat me right then I will treat you right. I’ll treat you like a goddess.”

I nod with tears in my eyes. Slightly falling for him after that statement.

Then he eases his dick in slowly. I felt every ridge and vein. Then he started pumping slowly. His dick caress my inside slowly. My nipples start feeling sensitive and I pull his mouth towards them. He instantly started sucking and pulling on it. My eyes close and roll back.

I moan loud at the feelings I’m getting. He fuck me slowly through 3 orgasms. After he cums we lay there in our juices and fall asleep.

When next I wake it’s still dark and Marius is gone.

I get up and wince a little at my sore body. I take a shower and wash my hair. I oil it with a leave-in conditioner so it can stay curly as it dries.

When I come out of the bathroom there’s a summer dress with spaghetti straps laying on the bed with some flats laying on the floor. The flats have long strings that wrap around and up your legs I’m guessing.

I roll my eyes and get dressed. I had to bend over to lace the strings up my legs. Why did he pick these damn gladiator sandals? But they are cute though. I must have bent for too long because I start feeling dizzy and quickly sit up.

“Are you okay Ann,” Ida said walking in.

“Just got a little dizzy Ida. What you got there,” I nod at the plate in her hand.

“This is your breakfast.”

“Okay lay it on me.” When I saw what was on the plate I looked up at Ida and blinked several times.

“Marius said you were having trouble keeping down meals. I wanted to bring you something light. Please don’t be upset.”

“Ida why would I get upset with you. I’m not Sacoya or those other brainless bitches he had in here.

She giggles.

I take the toast and yogurt off the plate. I nibble on it while eating small spoonfuls of yogurt.

“Ida can you please help me lace up these strings. Marius had lost his mind with this foolishness.”

She giggles, ” of course.”

While she laces the straps up my leg I finish my food. “Ida why the hell am I getting dressed at night.”

She snickered, ” ask Marius, he’s downstairs in his office.”

“Okay you want to take this with you,” I said and had her my plate.

“Sure, have a good day Ann.”

“Thanks Ida.”

I make it downstairs into Marius’ office. After walking in I see him talking to Gideon.

Gideon says, ” ever heard of knocking Ann.”

“In my own house, boy bye.” I turn to Marius. ” Marius why am I getting dressed at night.”

“I have something special planned for us. Do you want me to tell you or do you want to keep it as a surprise. ”

“Mmm, a surprise.”

“Okay then.” He says something to Gideon in Romanian and grabs my hand and walks me out.

We leave out the front door and get inside the town car.

I don’t know where we are going, but it seems like an adventure and I’m excited. As we pull from the property I lay my head on his shoulder and without meaning to I fall asleep.

Annora Pov

I’m shaken awake minutes later it seems. I look up and see we’re at a small airport hangar. When I get out I see a plane. Marius grabbed our bags from the trunk.

“Let’s go.”

I nod and follow him into the plane. It looks more like a jet. The inside looks nice with a table and plush white furniture. It also has a bed in the back which I’m looking forward to trying.

After Marius speaks to the flight attendant and captain he comes to sit next to me.

I grasp his hand, ” Marius I’m afraid.”

“Of what.”

“Flying, I’ve never flown before.”

“You were trying to escape me on a plane. Now you’re telling me you’re scared.”

“Those were desperate times.”

“I thought you wanted to see the world,” he says.

“I do,” I replied.

“Well you can’t see the world in a car.”

“I know Marius, I was planning on facing this fear soon. I guess now is as good as time as any.”

I jump when I hear the engine hum to life and the thrusters rev up.

He says,” here, come to me.”

He pulls me to the window seat and sits me in his lap. “You’re going to see some amazing things when we ascend. It will help take your mind off the fear.”

The jet started to race down the runway. I grab Marius hand tight as fear grip me. Then we’re in the air. I barely felt it, but when I look out the window I see it.

“Oh my god,!! Marius it’s beautiful.”

I see the top of the city. The buildings. Then I see trees. It’s a little dark because it’s early dawn, but the city is lit up by lights. It’s so amazing. Everything gets smaller and soon disappears. Then I see the most amazing sight ever. It’s so beautiful. My eyes widen in surprise and awe. Clouds. All shapes and sizes.

I see one that looks like a rolling mountain. My goodness.

“Marius, do you see this? It’s so beautiful.”

“I told you. Nobody does creation like god. Men can try but they will never reach the level that god can.”

“You believe in god,” I asked, surprised.

He shrugged. “Sometimes,” he said and smiled.

I smile back. “Thank you for this.”

He nods. He presses a button one the chair and it goes backwards. He opened a cupboard next to our heads and removed a blanket, which he flipped out and threw over us. I lay on his chest still looking out the window at the majestic sight.

I know it’s wrong but I can’t help but to think of Coulder. He cared about me. I know he did. He avoided me to keep from catching feelings. He ran away every time I tried to attack him. He’s such a gentleman. I smile at that. What a mess. Why couldn’t I have met Coulder first. I know Marius might flip out at any second, but I need to try and make this work with him. At least for my baby’s sake.

I fall asleep thinking about both men.

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