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Chapter 15

Annora POV

When I wake up we’re still in the air. When I move Marius wakes up.

I say, ” hey, why are you sleeping like you’re the pregnant one.”

He shrugged. ” Maybe this is a side effect for knocking you up. Also I’ve been traveling from America to Romanian a lot lately.”


“My grandfather needed me for something.”

“Where’s your dad?”




“I’m sorry to hear that. Hey if you’re in the market for some parents you can have mines for a hundred bucks.”

He burst out laughing and I looked at him in surprise then smiled at him.

“That’s a hard pass but no thank you,” he says.

“Okay, but let me know if you change your mind.”

I feel a hitch in the plane and look out the window and see that we are landing in what look like a jungle.

I get up so I can pee. He follows me to the bathroom.

“Uhh, can I have some privacy.”

“No,” he says and stands at the sink and pisses while I pee on the toilet.

“Hey, I have to use that sink to wash my hands.”

He turns the facet on so the water will wash the pee away. Even on soft his dick looks threatening. His pink dickhead looks bulbous. I guess he really had to pee.

He starts washing his hands and says, “are you ready to know where we are.”

I wipe then flush and go wash my hands. “Yes. I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to travel and see the world. I’m glad this happened sooner than later.”

“Let’s get to it then.”

We walk towards the front of the plane and look out. I gasp. “Marius we’re in Bali!!!. Oh look at the leaves on the trees, they’re the size of my forearm. And they’re folded over a banana bunch.”

Marius only says,” mmm.”

His driver is holding a sign that says, ‘Welcome to Bali’. Our bags are loaded into the vehicle and we’re off. The ride through Bali was amazing. I’m acting like a big ass kid. I keep saying, Marius look everywhere I look and he only mumbles.

I turn to him. “You’ve been here before haven’t you.”

He nods. “This is where I come to relax.”

When we arrive at the resort my jaw drops and I become a little scared. Animals we’re all over the place. When I say animals I mean monkeys and all kinds of exotic looking birds.

I grab Marius’ hand tight. When a monkey came up to us I screamed.

The monkey looked like I hurt his feelings. I bend down to him, ” I’m sorry, I’ve never seen this many animals outside the zoo before. If I had a banana I would give it to you.”

He nods and scurry away. I turn to Marius. “Do you think he understood me?”

“I’m sure. These animals are smart. Come on let’s check in.”

We check into our suite and when we enter I gasp. I’ve been gasping a lot I know, but Marius is blowing my mind.

In the middle of the suite is a tub that looks like a huge bowl with flowers swimming in the water. The flowers spelled out ‘Welcome.’ There are chocolate covered desserts on the table. I open the patio door and walk out to the balcony and gasp again. My lord.

I’m facing a huge jungle with banana and other fruit trees everywhere.

There is a huge tire swing that people are getting on and swinging and taking pictures, which is fascinating because the swing swings over a cliff, so if that rope isn’t sturdy you going down, but it’s still a beautiful site.

“Oh Marius, this is amazing.”

“Come on, let’s go.”

I turn to him and gasp again. He doesn’t have on his mafia suit anymore. He has on some brown leather sandals with some shorts and a shirt with a bunch of flowers on it and a straw hat. He has some shades in his hand.

“Marius you look great.”

“I know, now go change and put a bathing suit under your clothes.”

I quickly go get changed into some shorts and a tank top and sandals. I have on a two piece bathing suit underneath.

First we go four-wheeling through the woods. I don’t think my four-wheeler was fast enough because every time I tried to run from an animal it looked like they were gaining on me. It’s a lot of loose animals around here.

Next we stop for food at this nice restaurant that overlooks a cliff and the ocean.

All the food looks delicious, but I only order soup and crackers not wanting to push my luck. I still eat some small things from Marius’s plate. From the corner of my eye outside the restaurant I see a guy push a girl from the cliff and she goes tumbling over while screaming.

“What that hell was that,” I say getting up from my seat. “Did you see that, he pushed her over a cliff in broad daylight.” I run from the restaurant. Seconds later Marius is behind me.

“Annora calm down. They are cliff diving.”

“Really, I want to do that.”

He says, “do you need a life jacket.”

“No, I can swim.”

“Of course you can. I read about your swimming lessons, how you excel at it. That’s how I knew you survived that cliff jump.”

I roll my eyes at the invasion of privacy.

We made our way to the cliff and looked over. They’re having a fucking ball. It’s a boat at the bottom of the cliff with people dancing and drinking and helping cliff divers from the water.

“Oh yes,!!” I say and strip from my clothes.

Marius tapped my shoulder but I didn’t hear what he said. I was too busy looking at his body. Hot damn he needs to be in a photo shoot. He has stripped down to his swimming shorts. Good lord. His body is bronzed and tan. He has abs and hair on his stomach that leads a trail down into his shorts. Even his toes are beautiful.

He smirks,” like what you see wife.”

“Hell yes.”

“So do I,” he says staring back at me. I blush and turn my head away.

“You have to go that way,” he said pointing.

I look over at what he’s pointing at.

I say, ” you’re putting me on the kidding one.”


“But I want to dive off the big one.”

He says,” That cliff is 20 feet high. If you dive and land wrong you can hurt yourself and the baby. I got all the instruction from the doctor and your pain meds when you start feeling pain from the wounds. He gave me a list of your do’s and don’t and jumping 20 feet into the lagoon is a no.”

“But that one looks to be only 12 or 13 feet high.”

“I understand your frustration but you’re still jumping from that one.”

I grumbled. This baby is really throwing a wrench into my plans. Then I feel guilty and apologize to my baby while rubbing my still flat tummy.

He says, ” okay, let’s go, show me your best dive.”

I climb down to the 12 feet dive. I really don’t know what to do so I settle on a cannon ball. I look up at Marius and he nods. I run and jump over the cliff then tuck my legs into a ball before splashing into the water below.

I came up spluttering and laughing. I want to do that again. Someone tap my shoulder. ” Need a hand,” he asks.

He lifted me out of the water and onto the boat. I look up at Marius on the high cliff and some blonde bimbo is all over him. I hold my hand over my eyes to shield the sun, so I can get a good look.

This bitch wants her ass whipped and he does too.

“Are those your real eyes,” the guy that pulled me from the water asked.

I turn from Marius and look at the guy, ” yes they are.”

“Sweet,” he said then laughed.

I hear a splash and see that the blonde bimbo has jumped from the high cliff.

Marius is up next. He does a backflip off the cliff then spin his body like a spinning bullet until he hits the water below.

Everyone clapped and whistled.

I grunt. He swam over to me and the guys pulled him up on the boat.

“I see you want me to act a fool at this lagoon.”

He raised a brow.

“You send me to the kidding cliff so you can have that bitch all over you and in your face.”

I look over at the blonde and she’s staring at us. I flash both our rings at her and she turns away in a huff.

There are two boats that transfer cliff divers from the ocean and back to the cliff.

“Let’s go again and you’re diving off the kiddie one with me. If I’m on restriction you are also, this your baby too hell.”

He only remained silent. Smart man. He better not say nothing else to that heffa. We climb up the cliff and dive again. This time we hold hands and dive together.

We do this a few more times before I start feeling my wounds and want to leave.

When we make it back to the room we lay in the hammock on the balcony. He sits in first then I lay on top of him. We stare out over the trees in comfortable silence.

His phone suddenly rings, he grabs it from his pocket and answers it. After quietly listening for a while he says something sharp and low in Romanian and I’m glad I’m not that person on the other end of the line.

“Trouble,” I ask.

“Nothing Gideon can’t handle.

I nod and lay my head back down on him. We stayed like that the rest of the night.

The next day we found more fun things to do. We went jet skiing and parasailing. I can’t believe he likes to do all this stuff. He seems to be an adrenaline junky. Whenever I was scared to do something he’ll always hold my hand and say, we’ll do it together and that he won’t leave me. I was especially scared of parasailing. I told him black people don’t parasail.

I’m glad he’s showing me this side of him. I guess he’s easy going until you piss him off, but isn’t that most people. I’m nice until someone pisses me off. Like I said, I act accordingly to how people treat me.

But I won’t let my guard down too much with Marius because I also know how vicious and short tempered he can be. He stabbed me, raped me and beat me.

“We have to go,” he said sharply.

“Ok, go where.”


“Ok, is everything ok.”

“We’ll soon find out.”

When we make it back to the resort he dresses in his mafia suit and I become sad. I was enjoying the laid back him.

He says, “can you put some pep in your step, I said we have to go.”

“Alright Marius, geez. You don’t have to be so short with me I’m moving as fast as I can.”

I feel a sharp cramp in my side. I cry out and hold that area with my hand.

“What is it,” he says quickly.

“A sharp cramp in my side. I’ve been moving a lot lately and with these wounds no less. It’s probably good that we’re going home.”

“Home is being attacked. We might have to take you somewhere else.”

“What!, who is it.”

“We don’t know yet.”

“Have they gotten inside,” I ask.


“Then I want to go home.”

He nods,” let’s go.

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