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Chapter 16

Coulder POV

I knew she was gone when I walked into the house. Her presence does something to me, makes me feel things. I don’t feel any of that now so I know she’s not here.

What happened? Did she willingly go back to him? Did she leave and start over somewhere else. I started looking around. No, the way she left the house she planned on coming back. She took out meat. She has a basket of clothes at the table ready to fold and her laptop is out.

I walk over to it and see she has an email from someone named Chase. The email says she’s meeting him at a restaurant, but it didn’t say which one. She has another window open where she looked up a cab.

I called the cab number pretending to be a concerned husband and got the route he took her on. When I make it to the restaurant it’s empty. I see a waitress and stop her. “Excuse me miss, my friend met a man here earlier and hasn’t come back yet, her name is Annora.”

“Oh yeah. That sleaze ball pissed her off today. She threw a whole glass in his face. Then some big ass men came and carried her out. My owner called the cops because we were scared for her, but came to find out it was her husband and his workers that came and got her.”

“Do you know where I can find Chase?”

“Are you going to fuck him up?”

I smiled a wicked smile. ” Of course not. I will only have a conversation with him.”

She smiled a wicked smile back. “Of course. He works two blocks over at that tall building. I don’t know the name of it. They used to have lunch here a lot when they were dating.”

“He’s her ex?” I’m a little surprised.

She nods her head. ” Ann didn’t tell you.”

“No. She only said she was meeting a friend.”

“Well they ain’t friends after today.”

“Thank you so much, I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name.”


“Thank you Abbey.” I shake her hand and fold up a nice tip in it.

She smiles and nods.

I know exactly which building that she’s talking about. That bastard is in the same building as my company. My company has a office in the city and one on the outskirts.

I called up to one of my coworkers. “Hey Ross, can you find me some information on a worker in the building named Chase, I don’t have a last name.”

“Sure thing B, give me a minute.I’ll call you right back.”

I parked and sat outside the building and waited. I cursed and hit the steering wheel. I knew I shouldn’t have fucked with her. But she was so persistent. I smile. She doesn’t have many curves but she knows how to work the ones she has and use her feminine wiles. She drives me crazy. I was afraid of this. I don’t know why this happens to me. When I start catching feelings for someone it’s pretty much a done deal until one of us dies or runs away screaming in terror.

Annora said she wouldn’t run from me and I believe her.

My thoughts are interrupted by my phone vibrating.

It’s Ross.

“Hey B he’s gone for the day, but I have his address if you want to go and pay him a visit.”

He rattles off the address then hangs up.

I put the address in my GPS. Turns out he’s not too far from me. I get out the truck and ring the doorbell. Seconds later a Chinese man comes to the door, but he’s tall with green eyes, not like the short Chinamen that I know.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, are you Chase.”


“My friend Annora had a meeting with you today and has been missing since. Can you tell me where she is.”

As soon as I’m done he says,” no,” and tries to slam the door in my face.

I barge in and pull out my gun and shove it into his mouth.

“Listen up Jackie Chan. You caught me on a real bad day. So if you don’t tell me what I want to know you’re dead Tokyo drift, understand.”

“Ok, ok, they threaten my family unless I get her to meet with me. When she showed up they took her.”


“Marius of the Romanian mafia.”

I stood up shocked. How the hell she ended up marrying him. I’ve never asked her who she was running from, because at the time I didn’t care.

I turn to him, ” if you tell anyone about this I will ruin you. I know where you live and work so the rest won’t be that hard to find out.” I turn and walk back to my truck.

I can only imagine what she’s going through if he got her back.

I dial a number and when he picks up I say, ” find out everything you can about the Romanian mob.” Then I hang up.

4 Days Later

I’m dressed in all black outside the gates at Marius country estate. I climb the first gate and make my way to the guard station. I only see one. Since I started watching the place it’s been three guards. I quickly come up behind him and slit his throat. I walk to the console and push the button for the second gate to open. I can’t climb the second set of gates because it has trip wires everywhere.

Upon entering the gate I see the other two guards and quickly silence them with throwing knives to their throats. They go down, but one manages to get a shot off before he goes down. The shot goes wild, but will still probably bring the whole fucking house outside and I haven’t made it anywhere near the house yet.

I make my way behind some bushes as guards come to see what’s going on. I snatch the last one behind the bushes with me and put a gun to his head. “Where’s Annora.”

“Who wants to know,” he replied.

“A friend.”

“Well fuck you friend.”

I cover his mouth and shoot him in the leg. I’m so happy I decided to put a silencer on this gun.

“The next shot will be your dickhead.”

“They are not here, he took her somewhere,” he said in a pain filled voice.


“I don’t know.”

“What has he been doing to her since she came back.”

He remains silent.

I shoot his other leg.

“He had her in the basement for a couple of days. I don’t know what he was doing but we heard her screams.”

I put the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger. I really came to test their strength, which I think is pretty weak. Well I felt that way until I saw a guy walking towards me with a rocket launcher. It has a heat seeker on it which tells me I need to move. I’m waylaid by two guards. I shoot one but the other one knocks the gun from my hand and punches me in the face. I hit him in the temple, then throat chopped him. When he bends down from the force of the throat chop I turn his neck to the side hard, breaking it.

After he drops I look around and see a tree line and head for it. Bullets start to rain everywhere. Then I hear a whistle. That must be the rocket launcher. I quickly cut to the left and hit the ground when the missile hit 5 feet from me.

I moan. But get up and swiftly move through the woods. I move as fast as I can through the woods while using the trees for cover all the while dodging bullets. These guards are sorry as hell and can’t shoot worth a shit. I’m going to count that as a blessing.

Minutes later I come upon a cliff. I hear water raging below.

Annora told me that she feels things. She felt that it was safe for her to jump from this cliff and that the water would be deep enough that she wouldn’t hit the bottom and die.

I sure hope like hell this is the same cliff. Suddenly shots start coming at me. My decision is made. I jump.

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