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Chapter 18

Marius Pov

I look into the faces of these useless ass guards. It seem lately that they have been extra useless and I always have one or more in my office over some incompetent shit that they have done or not done.

I say, “Gideon what’s the range on sleeping gas.”

“Not sure, six feet or so.”

“So a person had to get within six feet of the gate to plant a sleeping gas tank.”


I turn to my guards. “How far does my camera range reach to the outside perimeter.”

“15 feet boss.”

“So why was this motherfucker able to come within six feet of my gate and nobody saw a damn thing. It was you five at the gates so what happened.”

“We didn’t see him boss and these three stepped away to take a phone call and other reasons.”

I pulled out my gun and shot the three that stepped away in the head. I turn towards the other two. “Don’t get happy. I saved you two for last because I wanted you to know that not only are you dead but your fucking families are dead. If you have a goldfish those motherfuckers are dead too.”

They start begging and pleading for their life and the lives of their families, but fuck them. That motherfucker came inside my house and if he really wanted to he could have killed me all because of their incompetence.

I shoot them in the head, tired of the begging.

I look over at Gideon. “Find their families and kill them and make an example out of them for the rest of these lazy fuckers. If they have children send them to grandpa.”

He nods and leaves to do my bidding. I walk to my desk and pour myself a drink and think about Annora. She played me for a fucking fool. That baby probably isn’t even mine, so when I kill her ass that’s what I’ll tell myself. I told her not to fuck with me again. I forgave her the first time instead of killing her. This time I won’t be so forgiving.

Annora Pov

Coulder says, ” so you’ll stay.”

“Coulder, don’t.”

“Tell me. I rescued you. I’ve been risking my life for you.”

“Speaking of, who the hell are you? You kick people’s ass and you manage to get into Marius compound and kill 6 people then escape. I saw you on camera.”

He turns his head to the side. “I’m no one.”

I grunt. I know he’s lying. I’ll let it go for now because I have more pressing matters to discuss.

“Coulder, I have to go back to my husband. When I ran away I didn’t know this but I’m pregnant.”

His eyes flash. “I’ll take care of any baby of yours like it’s my own.”

“Coulder I have to go back,” I said getting up an fixing my clothes. I sit on the couch next to him. He sit his head in his hands. I get up and walk to his downstairs bathroom and take a shower. I stay in the shower a long time thinking. Marius will definitely want to kill me now. He’ll also want to kill Coulder and I can’t let that happen. Coulder is crazy as hell but he doesn’t deserve to die. When I step out hours later Coulder is on the couch sleep.

I walk to his office. He once told me his phone is untraceable. Back then I still didn’t want to use it or chance it, but now it’s an emergency. I pick it up and dial Marius’ number.

“Where are you,” he growled as soon as he picked up the phone.

Damn he sounds so evil.

“I’m safe and I want to come home.”

“Oh yeah, well come on then.”

“You’re going to torture and kill me aren’t you.”

“No,” he growled.

“Marius cut the bulshit ok. I didn’t want to leave all right. I was kidnapped. You said we can work this out.”

“Well come back then and we’ll work it out.”

“Marius if you heard your voice right now even you would run. I didn’t want this.”

“Are you coming home on your own or do I have to make you.”

“Marius, stop this.”

“What the fuck I just say.”

“If you would calm the hell down and listen to me.”

“Listen for what, so you can tell me more lies. Stop playing me for stupid. I know what you’ve been up too.”

“Marius please. I want a clean slate.”

“I gave you that already. I told you I would treat you right and do right by you, but you playing. You better have your ass back here tonight or else,” he said and hung up.

I wipe my tears. Scared to death. But I did get myself into this mess. I slept with Coulder knowing I had a precarious relationship with a madman. Plus I signed a binding contract in blood. But I was angry that I was forced into a corner because of my parents’ shenanigans.

Marius is not to be fucked with. I knew that but I did it anyway. I walk from Coulder’s office into the living room. He’s still on the couch sleeping. I go to the spare bedroom and fall into bed.

It’s 2:00 a.m and I’m wide awake and I can’t sleep. What do I do about my crazy ass husband? Do I walk in there and tell him the truth and hope he will wipe the slate clean again and start our marriage off right or do I run for my life with Coulder. I’ve put Coulder in a terrible position. Maybe if I wait a couple of days he will calm down.

The next morning when I awake, I brush my teeth and head downstairs. Coulder is gone. He left a note that says he had something important come up and that he wanted me to stay and we’ll talk after he comes back. He was looking pretty hurt last night.

I wince. My side still hurt a little from that damn lash Marius made days ago. And my antibiotic is at home. I cut the tv on to my soaps and started making breakfast. After I’m done I sit down to eat and watch tv.

After minutes of cussing at the tv because of how stupid the actors are the program is interrupted.

It’s the news with an emergency broadcast. “Singing River College has been bombed.”

I gasp and cough from choking on my food. “The explosion was big and first responders don’t know how many are dead or injured.”

Tears come to my eyes. My sister goes to that college. Who would do such a thing.

That program was interrupted by another program announcement. “A house has been bombed on Union Avenue.”

The camera zeroed in on the house that has been blown to bits. I quickly run to the trash and puke up my breakfast. I run to Coulder’s office and dial his number.

“What the fuck,” I sob out when he answers.

“What I tell you.” He sounds so deranged and evil.

“Marius, you killed so many people with those bombs. How could you do that? You’re a monster. I will never come back to you,” I yelled and panicked.

“You will if you want your sister to stay alive.”

“What.!” I heard a scream in the background.

“What’s that noise.”

“That’s Asia crying because she’s being raped.”

“Marius, please stop this,” I yelled and sobbed out.

“I want you here now.”

“Marius, stop it,” I sob continuously.

He hung up.

I ran back to the living room. The detective on the screen is asking that someone come to the hospital morgue and identify the two bodies that were found in the house.

Oh god. I couldn’t stand those fuckers, but even they didn’t deserve this, well maybe they did for being selfish and greedy human beings. What were they even doing there? I thought they would have at least moved to a better house with the money they received.

I called a cab and left. I have to go to the hospital and ID my mom and dad. I can’t leave them to be buried alone. When I pull up at the hospital I quickly hop out and make my way to the front desk but no one is there. People are running to and fro. What looks like college kids are laid out everywhere with different injuries.

“Excuse me ma’am. Can you point me in the direction of the morgue? I have to identify two bodies,” I ask when I see a nurse.

She nods. “Take the elevator to the basement level and follow the signs.”

I do as she says. When I make it to the morgue I see a man inside. “Excuse me sir. My parents house was bombed and I was asked to come and make a positive ID. I’m their daughter Annora Okatiba.”

“Ma’am how old are you.”

I get this a lot. Just because I’m short and little these fuckers always think I’m a damn child.

“I’m 26 sir.” He walks over to the freezer and pulls out two roll beds. He removed the black cover and I gasped. I cover my mouth to keep the vomit in. Each body was burned badly especially on one side. Like the blast hit their left side.

“Excuse me ma’am are these your parents,” ask a guy walking up to me.

“Who are you,” I ask him.

“Detective Ramirez,” he says, flashing a badge.

“Oh, how can I help you, detective.”

“Are these your parents,” he asked again.


“Can I see some ID,” he asked me.

I curse. I left my ID at Marius house. “I left it at home in my rush.”

“Here it is,” my husband says walking in. My body seized and froze up. He walks up to me and hands me my purse.

“Mr. Mateescu. How are you.”

“I’m well detective Ramirez, how’s the children.”

“Great, thanks to you.”

“Glad I could help. This here is my wife Annora.”

“Wow, congrats. I didn’t know you got married. I was just about to ask her some questions.”

“Go ahead,” he said in an emotionless voice while staring down at me.

“Mrs. Mateescu, did your parents have any enemies.” I blink up at him. Hell yes they had enemies. A good question would be how many. The biggest enemy of all is standing next to me.

“No,” I said.

“Anybody that might want to harm them in any kind of way.”

“Not that I can recall, detective.”

“Where were you this morning.”

“Umm,” I said, clearing my throat and patting my chest.

“She was with me this morning at mass. Ask anyone,” my husband said and I look up at him.

I get happy thinking that he wants to be with me and doesn’t want me in jail. But when I look into his eyes I see a look that promises hours and hours of torture. My shoulders slump.

“Detective this is a very trying time for my wife. I’m going to take her home to rest. She’s expecting.”

Oh yeah!! the baby. I had forgotten about the baby. I can use the baby to my advantage.

“Sure and congratulations. I will call if I have anything further.”

Marius nods and grabs my arm and walks us from the morgue and the hospital. I know there are no words I can say to him right now to make him forgive me. So I remain quiet and so does he. When we make it to the car I try and plead my case.

“Marius, I fucked up. I keep fucking up. I want you to forgive me so we can start fresh. I won’t fuck up again.”

“Yeah I know you won’t,” he said while jamming a small knife into my thigh and slapping me back onto the back seat.

“You son of a bitch,” I said and jumped on him with the knife still in my thigh. I swing and punch until he’s fed up. He stabbed me in the other thigh and backhand me onto the seat again. One of his guards is driving the car. We have the whole car rocking. I have a fucking knife in each thigh now. I jump across the seat on him again swinging my arm while grabbing the knife from my thigh and try to stab him. Of course he anticipated that and snatched the knife from my hand. He even snatched the other one from my other thigh. I fall back on the seat and cry at my failed attempt. I have to do something. When he gets me home I will be tortured. I continue to silently cry.

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