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Chapter 2

Annora POV

2 Weeks later

I only have two weeks left and I’m no closer to finding a solution than I was two weeks ago. My only solution is to run. Why the hell should I sacrifice my freedom and happiness for my family when they don’t give a shit about me. My parents are a joke and Asia is too self-centered to care about anybody but herself. She’s a sweet girl but she’s used to everything being handed to her. I’ve never felt any emotional attachments to my family. The only reason I help them is out of obligation, but my baby sister doesn’t deserve to die.

I text Marius

Annora: I’m ready

Marius: Can’t find a way out.

Annora: None

Marius: I will bring the contract for you to sign.

Annora: Fine. I’ll send you the address.

Marius: No need, I have it.

I won’t ponder on how he knows my address. I start getting mad. What type of shit is this. I should go to the police, but I quickly squash that idea. Why can’t he find his own damn woman to marry. Fucking pervert. But someone is forcing him. Maybe I can convince him to talk to his family and maybe they can put this foolishness to rest.

But he never showed up. I text him but he doesn’t respond. I know he sees me texting his damn phone. 3 days have passed. On the 3rd day I walk into my apartment and he’s sitting on the couch like he pays rent. I jump and scream when I see him. ” What the hell are you doing here and why haven’t you returned any of my text.”

“There was nothing else to say. We came to an understanding and what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.”

“Hell it doesn’t,” I said walking up to him. He stands and looks down into my face. The look he’s giving me has me backing up. Like I said evil as hell.

“Watch your mouth and tone when you address me. This is your only warning. I said I would bring the contract, I didn’t say when.”

“You sonofabitch. Why didn’t you say that 3 days ago.” I don’t get any further. He cut me off with a grab of my chin. He squeezes so hard my gum is hitting my teeth and I taste a little blood.

" Since my accent is so thick you must not have heard me. Watch your mouth and tone when you talk to me. Now come to the table and sign this contract,” he said and licks my face from chin to forehead. I blink and blink again. I’m speechless and stumped. He let go of my chin and walked towards the table. I silently followed, still not believing the audacity of this man.

I read over the contract. It seems pretty straight forward. Marry him. Bare him children blah, blah.

" It doesn’t say anything about a divorce or a prenup.”

“There will be no divorce and we don’t need a prenup. What’s mine is yours.”

" No divorce, what if you do something beyond terrible and I want a divorce.”

He shrugged. ” If whatever I do is so horrible then you better walk it off and get over it.”

I said. ” What if I cheat.”

" Then you die.”

" Huh, well what if you cheat.”

" Then you find some kind of way to deal with that.”

" Huh, what, no way. Can’t you get us out of this. You don’t seem to like me much and I don’t like you either. So tell your family that you will find your own wife like a normal person.”

" I can’t. I’m bound as much as you are. So sign the fucking contract or you’re dead. This is not a fucking romance. This a partnership. A means to an end and if you want to live through it think before you speak.”

I blink a lot. At a loss for words again. But really he’s telling the truth. This will not be a union of love. This is bulshit and I don’t want to do it. But what’s the alternative, he will kill me.

“Where’s the pen,” I asked.

“You sign it with this,” he said holding up a needle. He punctured his finger and printed his side. I take a deep breath and puncture my thumb and place it on my side.

He rolls up the scroll and walks toward the door. I say, ” now what.”

He says, “now you plan a wedding.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“Then don’t, I don’t care.”

I’m sick of him and his short ass answers.

“How about something small at your place.”

He nods and walks out the door.

“Where is your place,” I yelled after him. Seconds later I received a text with his address. I can’t believe this. A small part of me thinks I have been punked. I’m waiting for my parents and the camera crew to jump out.

I sigh and decide to go back to the office and bury myself in work. I pull up the text he sent me and look at the date. It’s in exactly 2 weeks. I don’t know why I want to go to work, I won’t be able to concentrate so I turn around and go home. My parents have been blowing me up. I refuse to answer those deadbeats.

I got a Facebook notification and it’s Chase, my ex, asking me out for lunch tomorrow.

I text back, I still haven’t cut my parents off. Are you sure you still want to meet?

He dumped me and told me to call him when I ditch my burdens.

My notifications beep again.

Chase: I still want to see you.

Annora: Ok where.

I wonder if he will let me do it to him one last time. That man had some good stuff.

Chase: Our favorite place.

Annora: Ok see you tomorrow.

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