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Chapter 20

Annora Pov

When I come to, I sit up in bed.

Oh yes a bed. That means I’m no longer in the basement and I’m still alive. I sit up completely and wince. My whole body hurts. I look over my arms and legs and see bandages everywhere. I mostly feel pain in my face, especially my jaw. I touch my jaw and scream in pain. Well I tried to scream in pain but I can’t. My jaw has been wired shut.

My whole body flamed up with heat. I’m finna kill this motherfucker. I’ll just have to tell my baby that its father died in a motorcycle accident or something.

Speak of the devil. He just opened the door and walked in. I jump from the bed and attack his ass. I punched him in the face, ear and chest and kicked wherever I could. This motherfucker broke my jaw. I pulled his hair and scratched his face. He pushed me down on the floor, I winced from my bruises but I got back up and attacked him again, this time with tears in my eyes.

If he wants to act psycho I’ll show his ass psycho, but I’m pulled off him by someone.

I turn and see that it’s Gideon and I started beating his ass too, all the while mumbling and screaming. ” That’s for my sister you son of a bitch,” I say but it only comes out jumbled which only makes me angry at Marius again.

I turn back to Marius and glare at him. Then I slice my finger across my neck making the universal sign for, you dead motherfucker.

He didn’t like that. He rushed me, grabbed me and threw me on the bed and held a big ass knife to my throat. Not even sure where the knife came from.

He said, ” you better be lucky that’s all you got. You running from here with this motherfucker and falling in love. I should’ve killed you bitch.”

“Fuck you bitch,” I mumbled. I twisted and screamed but stopped once he pressed the knife harder to my throat. I froze, becoming scared because of the look in his eyes.

Gideon came over and pulled him off me. He says, ” you both need to stop this shit. Marius, stop being an asshole. Annora stop being a fucking brat. You around here throwing temper tantrums like a damn child. Your ass is married, so start acting like it. There’s no way to get out of it.”

We both turn and glare at him. “Just saying,” he shrugs and walks from the room.

Marius stares down at me with his eyes still ablaze. “Fuck you. If you want to go be with your lover that you have fallen for then go, get the fuck out.”

After he said this he got up and walked from the room. I turn over on my side and face the wall and cry. I made such a big mess. I’ve played with Marius and Coulder feelings. But I didn’t deserve to have my fucking jaw broke and wired shut.

I continue to sob until I fall asleep. When I awake Ida is sitting a bowl of soup down with a straw beside it and a sprite drink.

I mumbled a thank you and reached for the food. Before I could touch the food Ida grab me into a big hug. “Oh Ann, I’m so sorry.”

I nod and hug her back. She straightened up. “If you need anything else let me know.”

I nod and reach for the food again. I suck the soup through a straw then some drink. I do this until I’m full. I feel pain and look down and see that I’m bleeding through my bandages, especially the one he twisted the knife in, but I don’t care. I lay back down and fall asleep.

When next I awake the doctor is here changing my bandages. I look over by the door and Marius is standing fuming silently. More tears come to my eyes, but I blink them away and turn my head.

I know I fucked up and should be really grateful that he didn’t kill me like the contract said he would.

He wanted to punish me on our wedding night and instead of being a big girl about it. I ran away and fucked Coulder. When the doctor is done everyone leaves. I lay down and sob until I fall asleep.

When next I awake it’s to a rolling stomach. I quickly sit up and drink some sprite. I can’t throw up now. I can’t even open my mouth so it can come out properly. For me to be almost two months pregnant I’m having a lot of problems already.

The baby is the size of a peanut for Christ sakes and it’s already with the shit. When I feel my stomach has settled I limp to the bathroom and pee. I then start the shower then strip from my nightgown which took me forever since all my damn muscles hurt.

When I hop in I sigh. The water is really helping me relax my muscles. I feel a presence behind me. I turn to him with tears running down my face. I know my eyes are still red and puffy from all the crying I’ve been doing.

He looks down at me with no emotions on his face. I walk up to him and drop my forehead on his chest and take deep breaths. He reached up and took my long hair from it’s ponytail. He starts washing my hair then my body. After washing behind my ears and inside my belly button he turns the water off and we get out. After he dries me off he brushes my hair out then braids it into one scalp braid going down the center of my head. Then he redid all my bandages.

I turn to him and point towards my jaw.

He says, ” two weeks. It’s already been one week, so you have a week left.”

I can’t believe a week has passed already. I must have been going in and out. Because today has been my only coherent day. Marius dressed me in a night gown and himself in pajamas bottoms with no shirt.

I lay down and I feel him come up behind me and spoon me. I close my eyes and fall asleep.

One week later.

It’s about damn time I get this shit out of my mouth. My breath has been stanky for two weeks because my mouth has been closed for so long. Even though Marius torture and broke my jaw I forgave him because technically I was in the wrong. At first I struggled with my decision. I didn’t want to be one of those women who blames themselves for their husbands’ abuse and most of the abuse I’ve suffered by Marius has been my fault because I lied, cheated and cheated again. And as Gideon said what can I do. There’s no way to get out of it and If I keep fucking up Marius will bury my ass.

I admit I was wrong. When I found out Chase cheated on me I shot at him while chasing him down the street in his neighborhood. Thank God there were no children or innocent bystanders around because I was shooting wildly and crazy. But still I know how being played feels.

“That should do it. I’ll be right back,” says the doctor. Minutes later he came back with a machine. Marius walks in with him. Marius is still pissed at me. I can see and feel it. The doctor pulls the covers over my bottom half and tells me to lift my gown. He applies gel on my still flat tummy and rubs the machine wand over it.

We hear a thumping noise. “Is that the baby,” asks Marius.

“Yes it is. It has a nice strong heartbeat.”

I study his face closely for a reaction. After more minutes of that the doctor pulls out another machine and hooks it up to a small monitor that he pulls from his bag. This machine allowed us to see that baby on the small screen. It’s the size of a small bean.

I haven’t spoken since he removed my wires. Marius took the words from my mouth however. “Can you take measurements and pictures?”

“Sure, given the measurements I’m currently taken and the size of it. It should put her around 2 months exactly.”

“That was our wedding day,” I say and look at Marius.

“Well this should come as no surprise then,” the doctor said laughing. “Marius I will take pictures and send them to your phone.”


The doctor started packing up then left. Marius was going to leave with him but I stopped him.

“Marius wait, talk to me.”

“What do you want me to say? That you’re a little girl who’s words don’t mean shit,” he said and walked out.

I don’t know if this is the baby or what, but I started crying. I know it’s stupid. I mean he broke my damn jaw. Then I become angry. Fuck him. He’s the one that tortured me. Now two weeks later he still has an attitude. I get up and run from the room. I see him going down the steps.

I came up behind him and punched him in the back continuously. “Fuck you Marius. If you want me to leave I’ll leave.”

Since I caught him off guard he slipped down 3 stairs before he righted himself. He pulled out his gun and started shooting at me. I duck and run back up the stairs. I run to our room and close and lock the door.

Seconds later I hear a heavy knock on the door, which means he is hitting the door with the butt of the gun. “Marius you idiot. Have you forgotten that I’m carrying your demon seed inside me. You must want to harm the baby.”

I hear him curse. He really did forget.

“Annora, what I tell you about putting your hands on me.”

“Fuck you Marius, you broke my damn jaw.”

“I did that because you are a hoe.”

“Motherfucker,” I snatched the door open and jumped on him and started hitting him on top of the head. ” I got your hoe right here.”

He dislodge me and throw me on the bed and start choking me. I grab his arms and look into his face. He has bruises and scratches everywhere.

He says, ” stop it, calm your ass down.”

He let me go and got off the bed. We’re both breathing heavy.

I start to cry. “Why the fuck you treating me like this huh.”

He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Don’t look at me like that. I want you and you treating me like shit.”

“You had me and didn’t know what to do with me. You kill that with your lies and secrets.”

“I feel things.”

“What are you talking about.”

“I feel things, like a strong six sense. Nothing crazy or supernatural. I felt that it was safe to jump from that cliff even though it was dark and I couldn’t see down below and didn’t know anything about it. I felt that I could trust Coulder so I did. 8 months ago I felt that Chase was cheating on me and he was. Our wedding night I felt so many things for you that I blacked out. I didn’t recognize it for what it was at the time. You fucked my head up and I-I-I just want you to hold me and act like a loving husband. I know I don’t deserve it but that’s what I want.”

He still looked at me doubtfully so I gave him something more concrete. “I also feel that you keep secrets from your organization, especially your grandfather.”

His eyes sharply focus on me. He tilted his head to the side. “Do you know what my secrets are?”

“Of course not. I’m not psychic or anything. I just feel things. When you talk to your grandfather I just feel that you hold back because you don’t trust him. Didn’t you know my father was from the islands.”

“Yes, so what.”

“Well if you would have researched further you would have found out that my grandmother made a good living as a palm and tarot card reader. My dad knew I have the gift as he calls it but I’ll always lie and say I didn’t. My grandmother had to touch you to feel things, I don’t.”

“What do you feel about me?”

“All sorts of things. Your dick had me drunk on our first time having sex. But it was weird what I was feeling like an instant connection. Now I just want you. It might be the baby I don’t know, but don’t fucking ignore me no more.”

“So what. I’m supposed to treat you like a wife when you have feelings for your lover that you fucked and stayed with.”

I told you what my feelings are for him. I had a connection with him too. I don’t understand it.”

“Fuck you and your connections. When I find him I’ll let you see his body before I throw it over the cliff.”

“No don’t,” I say before I can stop myself.

I can see him reach for his gun in the holster before he stops himself. The holster is empty anyway because his gun is on the floor by the door.

“Marius I’m sorry for it all. Why can’t you forgive me and we move on. You’re the one I want.”

He didn’t say anything. He walked from the room and slammed the door.

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