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Chapter 21

Marius Pov

I fumed as I walked down the steps. She better be lucky she’s pregnant. I lost control when I broke her jaw. I wanted to continue the punishment and torture. I walk to my office and see Gideon is there watching a ballgame.

“What the hell happened to your face,” he asked when he saw me.

“That crazy ass bitch that I’m married to. Grandpa screwed me good with that old ass contract.”

“You are just saying that because she won’t bow to you and be getting on your ass.”

I remain silent and go sit at my desk. That Coulder or whatever his name is, is a tricky motherfucker. I can’t find him for shit. There’s no one in Pennsylvania with that name or even associated with anyone by that name. Maybe she lied.

Annora is a pain in the ass but I must admit. I feel the connection that she’s talking about. I’ve been beating the hell out of my dick to keep from fucking her and to stay mad.

I was contemplating fucking someone in the city, but it seem like too much trouble at the time. 10 minutes later Gideon and I head off to a meeting.

To be honest I’m sick of this shit. It just so happens that I’m good at it. I follow my instincts and trust no one. When you from a different country with an accent people try to play you for stupid so I have to show them.

My grandfather put me in charge of operations in the United States while he’s in Romania. We make it to my warehouse just in time for the shipment to arrive. I sit out of sight and watch my guys unload everything and make sure it goes smoothly. I run a shipping business and it comes in handy for what I do.

After everything is stored and tagged. The crew I’m meeting shows up and waits for me. I still watch from a distance to make sure everything is copacetic. I own most of the police, at least the ones that count., but even they can’t cover up everything. No need to make their jobs any harder than it should be. I finally decided to pull in and show my face.

What I didn’t count on is this meeting taking forever. It was almost 1 in the morning before I made it home. I walk into the room and see that Annora is asleep in her black nightgown. My dick gets hard. I haven’t had her in weeks. I bend down to turn on the lamp and in the next second I pull my gun out.

“Drop it,” I hear him say.

I say, ” how the fuck you keep getting in here.”

He snorts, ” these guards are as dumb as a bag of rocks and they are lazy. They all deserve to be fired.”

I shrugged and in the next second turned fast and knocked the gun from his hand and punched him in the face. I then take his head and drive it into my knee. He stumbles back. Then he comes back with a series of kicks. Some I dodge and others hit me in the face. I charge him and we hit the floor throwing blows.

Suddenly the lights are thrown on and Annora stands there with my gun in her hand. Coulder and I both stop fighting and stand up and look at her.

In our scramble Coulder’s mask fell off. I look him over. He’s shorter than me. He’s probably 6′0. His hair probably reaches his collar, but I can’t tell because his hair is in a ponytail. Kind of like mine, the only difference is that mine is longer and that pisses me off.

I say,” I see you have a type wife.” I step towards her and she holds the gun up and aims it at me.

“Marius stop. I’m sorry, but I can’t let you kill Coulder.”

“So you’re going to shoot me instead.”

“No, I love you. I already have strong feelings for you. You’re supposed to be in my life, but I also feel the same about Coulder.”

When she says that it feels like a knife has been jammed into my gut. I only silently stare at her. She then put the gun to her head with tears in her eyes.

Coulder said with panic in his voice, ” Annora, stop. I’ll leave.”

She sobs,” no Coulder. It hurts me everyday being away from you, but I love my husband too.”

I say,” well what the fuck you want Annora. You want to kill yourself and my baby.”

“I want you both,” she said.

I hear a gasp and look over at Coulder. He looked back at me like (do you believe this shit).

We both stare at her silently. She cocks the guns and closes her eyes like she’s getting ready to pull the trigger.

“Annora, wait. You’re pregnant. You will selfishly take an innocent life.”

She nods her head with more tears in her eyes.

“Marius please.” She finally drops the gun on the floor and reaches up and takes her gown off.

Damn she looks good. My baby has done her body justice. Her hips are more rounded and her breasts are plump and swollen.

She walks up to me and gets down on her knees. She then fumbles with my belt. I look down at her wanting to get mad and shoot him and her. Especially him for coming to my damn house for the umpteenth time.

I have no time to ponder it however because she takes my dick in her mouth and sucks it down her throat and hum.

I wobble on my feet a little. “Damn!” I breathe out.

Coulder walks up beside me. She takes her right hand and fumbles with his button and rubs his dick through his pants. Meanwhile my eyes roll in my head then I throw my head back and moan to the ceiling. She moved her tongue to the underside of my dick. My ears start ringing.

“Shit!!.” It’s been so long since I’ve had her. She’s using sex against me and I don’t care.

She suddenly stops everything. She then turns and walks seductively to the bed. She lay down on the bed and spread her legs. I see pussy juice all over her pussy. She seduces us both while rolling her hip and sticking her fingers in and out of her pussy while moaning.

“Coulder, come here,” she breathed out.

He snaps from his trance and walks towards the head of the bed. She flips over on all fours and crawls to him. His button is already unbutton. She reached down into his pants and pulled out his dick and sucked it into her mouth. She takes one of her hands and plays with her pussy. Her ass is to me and it’s tooted up high with pussy juice running everywhere.

I finish undressing and so does Coulder. Then I walk towards the bed and crawl behind her and shove my dick into her juicy gushy pussy. She clenched around my dick. I moan and so does Coulder. She must be doing some wonderful things with her mouth like she’s doing with her pussy. She’s gripping so tight I can hardly move. I pump into her slowly while squeezing and slapping her on the ass.

I’m so high on pleasure that I can’t even question my wife sucking another man’s dick. She clenched around me one more time then slipped her pussy off my dick.

I growled.

“Marius please, I want to see your face.”

She turn me until I was laying flat on my back and jumps on me and start fucking and riding me wildly. I had to grab her hips to slow her down because I’m about to cum. Coulder crawled behind her and licked her neck and back.

She leans back against him and sticks her tongue in his mouth while bouncing and grinding on me. We’re both her puppets and audience at the same time. Just trying to see what she will do next. As she kisses him her pussy clench on my dick. I moan and shiver.

“Annora,” I breathe out. This shit is about to be over for me and I just want her to know that. When my dick twitch she stops. She leans down and kisses me so softly and passionately. She then grabs some lube from the bedside drawer and hands it to Coulder.

“Do it Coulder.”

He takes the lube from her and squirts some on his dick then her ass. He climbs behind her and eases his dick in her ass. She lay on my chest and groaned. Then clench her pussy around my dick. I wince and groan. “Annora.”

“I hear you baby. Hold on. Coulder are you in. I want it all,” she said and groaned a painful groan. After he eases it all in he rubs her back.

“Now let’s go.” She starts moving and rolling her hips, fucking us both. Coulder and I both are moaning and wheezing.

“Kiss me.” We kissed her everywhere we could reach. Coulder kissed her back and neck and I tongued her breast and mouth.

She clenched harder. We both moan. My nut sack starts to tingle. I grab her clit. I pinch it and flick it. She cums with a shout and scream. We’re seconds behind her with a loud roar. Coulder falls to the side while Annora falls on me. We’re all breathing heavy. Annora gets up and goes to the bathroom and runs some water. She comes back and wipes us both off. She goes back and puts up the towel.

When she comes back she climbs over Coulder and sits on his dick. His eyes snap open. She propped her hands on his chest and grind hard on his dick.

“Annora,” he moans out. I know exactly how he feels. Annora sure can fuck. She leans down on over his chest and bite his nipple. He moans.

Damn she can fuck. I stare at her lustfully.

“Kiss me,” she said to me.

I move closer to her and kiss her roughly and lustfully.

She moans and breathes against my mouth. “Fuck me husband.”

I grab the lube and climb behind her. I squeeze lube on my dick. I use the tip of my dick to move the lube around her asshole then ease in. Right off I’m hit with blurred vision. I blink and try to keep focus. Damn. I’ve never felt these things before with other women and to be honest whatever I’m feeling I think it’s stronger because Coulder is here. What the hell.

When she starts moving her body back and forth simultaneously massaging our dicks. We both wheeze, moan and curse.

I grabbed her hair and snatched her head back and started pounding her ass. I run shit here. I do the fucking. She’s turned us both into some whimpering pussies with her tight pussy.

“Oh yesss!!,” she screamed and cum while clenching on my dick. That’s the last thing I feel before an intense orgasm hits me and I blank out.

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