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Chapter 22

Annora Pov

I awake to see that it’s still dark outside. It’s 5:00am which means we’ve been fucking all night and into the early morning. I shake Coulder awake. He wakes up and smiles at me. I smile back.

“Wake up sleepy head, it’s time to go.”

His smile drops. “Annora.”

I put my fingers to his lips. “This is a lot for my husband to take in. Give us time. I need to see where his head is with all this.”

“Annora I told you about this. I’ve been going crazy obsessing about you. I tried to stay away, but I can’t.”

“Shhh I know. I feel the same way.”

He got up and got dressed and left the room.

“I know you’re not asleep, Marius get up.”

“Why so you can talk to me about your boy toy.”

I ignore that. “Come shower with me.” My ass took a pounding last night and it’s sore. I grab his hand and pull him up. We both go to our separate sinks and brush our teeth. When I’m done I start the shower.

My feelings are growing for my husband but they are also growing for Coulder so we really need to talk about this. We step in the shower and I grab him and hold him. I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes while the water beat at my back. He’s so handsome. I can’t believe he even gave me a second look. Most men think I look scary with my eyes and my dark skin, but Marius or Coulder didn’t care about any of that.

I look up at him. “I know last night was difficult for you. I know you did it for me. It only made me love you more.”

“You want to do it again don’t you. You want all 3 of us to be in a relationship.”

I nod.

“Annora I’m not gay. The man balls were already too close to mine for my liking.”

“I know you’re not. I’m not asking for you to fuck him. But don’t you feel our bond? You had to or last night wouldn’t have happened. You would have killed us both. You feel comfortable around Coulder. He has this presence, not brooding but quiet. Like you can talk to him all day and he will listen. Marius I want us to be a family. You, me the baby and Coulder. I told you I feel things. When I’m not around either of you. My heart and body hurt and ache. I feel a desperate need for you both. Just think about it. I know it’s a difficult choice.”

“And If I say no, will this obsessed bastard keep breaking in here and taking you.”

“I don’t know what he will do, but if you say no that will be the end of it. Marius when you took me on vacation I saw another side to you that made me start to fall for you. You’re my husband and I have accepted that. Your word is law. I won’t go against it and keep hurting you.”

I lean up and tongue kiss him. I take his hair down from the bun and run my fingers through his hair while I kiss him. “I have so many strong feelings for you Marius. What are your feelings for me.”

“Mainly lust and possessiveness but I have strong feelings for you too, but Annora I have a lot of things going on. I’ll need your trust. I’ll tell you all in good time. I can’t put a name to all the feelings right now,” he said and shrugged.

“Oh Marius,” I said and hugged him tighter. “And I can trust you. I can do that. Oh and just so you’re wondering, you can’t fuck no other bitch. If you do I’ll shoot you and her.”

He raised a brow.

“You’re not the only one that can be possessive.”

I raise up and kiss him hard and passionately then wrap my arms around him. “Annora you have screwed all the cum out of me.”

“But I’m still horny. Blame it on my hormones. I’m way more hornier than usual, now pick me up.”

He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him. I start gyrating my pussy on his stomach while kissing his neck then sticking my tongue in his ear.

He moans and squeezes my ass. I swallow his moan with my tongue in his mouth. I grind and move up and down on him until I feel his dick then slide down it. I moan. Marius dick renders me speechless and senseless. I don’t know what the hell is going on around me sometimes. I’m blind to it all. My vision gets blurry and I feel so much pleasure. I squeeze my eyes tight and moan. But my moan is overpowered by Marius’ moan.

I wrap my arms tight around his neck and hump and fuck the shit out of him. I’m rolling my hips so erratically and bouncing so wildly that he has to use the shower wall for leverage. His back is slapping against the wall. He moans and squeezes me tighter while his eyes are closed tightly.

“Look at me husband,” I say.

He opens his brown eyes and stares into mine. At this moment he’s beyond beautiful. Beads of water droplets are all over his face. His hair is plastered against his neck and shoulders. We have a stare off until his eyes become cloudy with his orgasm.

He roars out his release and I’m seconds behind him. He still has his hands and arms wrapped tightly around me.

I think I worked too hard for that orgasm because now I have a cramp.

“Marius put me down. This position got my legs cramping. Shit, ouch!!”

“Where,” he asked.

“Here, urgh,” I point to where it’s cramping.

He grabbed my thigh with his big hand and kneed the flesh until I sigh.

“Let’s get out.”

We bath one another and get out. While Marius gets dressed and puts his hair in a high bun he says,” I want you to quit your job.”


“No argument.”

“Hell nawl, that job has been nothing but a headache. The only reason I kept it was to take care of my parents and Asia.”

I gasp. “Marius my parents. The morgue must have thrown them out by now.”

He says, ” I took care of it.”

“How.” I ask with worry in my voice.

“They were buried.”

“Marius, how the hell you killed those ungrateful fuckers then buried them. Who does that.”

“Well you or Asia couldn’t, so I did.”

“Where is Asia.”

“She’s still being broken. She’s an ungrateful brat and if I was Gideon I would have thrown her to the guards a long time ago. Nothing he’s teaching her is sticking. Either she’s stupid or like it rough.”

I grunt. “Probably both. Marius she’s a little piece of shit, but you can’t let Gideon continue to torture her. Look who she was raised by. You can’t 100% fault her.”

“You were raised by the same people.”

“You got me there, but as the oldest I had to learn pretty fast. I was so glad when I went off to college and away from their asses. Even then they guilt me into getting student loans for them.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I will pay off your student loan debt.”

“As well as you should. We’re married now. They will be calling you now so you better pay em.”

He burst out laughing and I smiled.

“Marius,” I say and caress his face. “I want us to have a loving marriage and to be happy.”

“But you need Coulder to be 100% happy.”

I nod. “You’re not even mad are you. You don’t feel jealousy do you. You feel our connection don’t you.”

He remains silent and in denial. “Marius I know that some of this doesn’t sit well with what your brain is saying, but just know you are enough for me. I never want you to feel different or doubt it.”

He grunt. “I’m starting to think I’m not enough for your horny ass. I am jealous and mad, but not as much as I should be I guess.”

I smile.

“Annora let me think about it. People will ask questions and maybe even question me and my leadership. Let me find out who he is because his name isn’t Coulder. I can’t just bring anybody around my organization.”

“I understand,” I said kissing him. I deepen the kiss and moan then start rubbing his chest. I start unbuttoning the button on his shirt.

“Oh hell no. You have screwed all the cum out of me. If I fuck you know only dust will come out,” he said walking out the door.

“Scaredy cat,” I yell through the door.

I look in the closet for my old laptop and cellphone. I started sending out emails to my clients to let them know that I am done. I also send a hefty advance to Charity so she can start fresh. I also sent her an email asking her to return the key to the manager of the building and to clean out my apartment.

I’m glad I don’t have to work anymore. I can use this time to do shit I really want to do. I get dressed and go downstairs. As soon as I reach the bottom my path is blocked by a lady in a maids uniform.

She says,” ma’am I don’t know how you got in here, but you have to leave at once.”

“Did you not just see where I came from. I was upstairs.”

“Well I take it you must be one of the master’s plaything. Well you should have gotten paid first, now out with you.!”

“Look here old lady. This is my house and I will have your ass fired. Ida you better come get this old hag!,” I yell out.

Ida comes running from one of the downstairs rooms.

“Oh Ann, I’m sorry. Since the other helpers were deported, Marius asked me if I knew anybody that was trustworthy. I know her from art class.”

I look back at the old lady. “What’s your name?”


“Well Laura, as I’ve said before, this is my house and any more disrespect towards me or anyone else you will be fired. As a matter of fact you’re on probation.”

Ida said, “I’m really sorry Ann.”

“No worries Ida. You never really know people, no matter how much time you spend with them. Now what’s for breakfast.”

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Nothing, what kind of servants are yall.”

“Well,” she said and threw her arms around me. “We were kind of hoping you would make us your famous omelets.”

I wrap my arms around her and giggle. “Sure I will. Just put the mistress of the house to work then.”

Ida giggled back. “How about I pass you everything you need from the fridge.”

I roll my eyes. We make it to the kitchen and I see Asia, Gideon and a couple more people in the kitchen sitting at the table. “What the hell. Do you all want omelets.”

They all nod.

I grunt and grumble and get to work.

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