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Chapter 23

Annora Pov

I look over at Asia and say, ” Asia are you not speaking this morning.”

“She’s not allowed to speak,” says Gideon.

“Well give her permission then.”

He remains silent.

“Do it Gideon or no omelet for you.”

He turns to her and nods.

Asia says, ” I don’t have anything to say to someone who has it all.”

See, this is why I refuse to even try to help this selfish bitch.

I drop the butter and vegetable into the pan and turn to her. “Do this look like I have it all to you,” I said and lifted my shirt up to show her all the healed stab wounds that Marius inflict upon me.

“I had to suffer greatly to get the respect I have now. I’ve paid my fucking dues. Your fucking parents sold me to Marius and made me sign a contract in blood or you die. So once again I sacrificed for your selfish ass. But I’m glad I did because despite all the wounds, I’m finally free of family ties. You never had to work for shit. You are so used to others suffering for you, but guess what, now it’s your time to pay your own dues. Gideon shut her ass up.”

I turn back to the stove. The stove is a flat top so I can make around 3 omelets at one time. Ida makes toast and orange juice. After I’m done we all sit down to eat, then I realize my husband is missing.

“Where’s Marius.”

Everyone shrugged.

“How the hell no one knows where their leader is.”

More shrugging and blank stares.

“Pathetic. If something happens to him you’re all fired, especially you Gideon. Aren’t you his right hand man.”

“Annora, he’s still grown. He goes and comes as he pleases. If he tells us to leave him alone then that’s what we do.”

“Ridiculous. Hand me your phone.”

He hands me his phone and I dial Marius’ number and put it on speaker so I still can eat.

Marius answered with, ”salut.”

I don’t understand him so I say. “Marius it’s me, where are you.”

“Handling business, what can I do for you.”

“Why the fuck are you talking to me like I’m a worker. You must be around a bitch.”

He snorted. “Like I can even get it up after you attacked me last night and this morning.”

Everyone snicker and cough.

“Well where are you. I was going to make you breakfast.”

“I’m checking into what we talked about this morning.”

“Oh ok. Can we talk when you come back.”


“Ok see ya,” I say and hang up.

Everyone starts back eating and I look over to Laura only to see her looking at us with her noise in the air.

I say,” is there a problem Laura.”

She replies,” you’re the lady of the house yet you sit here and eat with your workers and talk to them over breakfast that you yourself cooked. I’m just trying to figure out my job description or will you be cleaning the house as well.”

I tighten my grip on my fork and breathe through that dumb ass shit she just said.

I clench my teeth and say, ” Gideon I’m close to disrespecting my elders. Get her out of here before I lose my patience. No, don’t Gideon. Ida walk her to the front door and fire her ass.”

Ida says,” ok Ann, but please calm down. It’s not good for you.”

After she said this she blew her breath in my face. “Geez Ida, why you blew your omelet smelling breath in my face.”

She smiles, ” I bet you’re not angry anymore.”

I smile then laugh. “You’re right, now get rid of her and come back and finish eating.”

Laura says, ” hmm, it’s just as well because I could never work for the likes of...”

She didn’t get a chance to finish. I jump from the table and grab her hair and hank her head from side to side.

She cries out in surprise and tries to loosen my grip. I’m finally pulled off her by Gideon.

Gideon says,” Annora stop it. Calm down.”

“Nah. I asked that bitch nicely to leave. I changed my mind. Now you can’t leave.”

I turn to one of Marius guards. ” Gemini go get your spiders. Let’s see how uppity this bitch is with spider venom in her ass.”

Ida says with horror in her eyes, ” Annora, no please, what are you saying.”

I look over at her. Damn. “I’m sorry Ida. Of course I was kidding.” I look over at Gemini giving him the cancel signal.

“She just upset me so bad. I don’t play that degrading racist shit.” I turn to Gideon. “Please escort this bitch from my property.”

He nods while looking at me funny.

“Sorry you guys. Must be the hormones.”

Gideon says, ” sure that’s when it started.”

I remain silent and walk from the kitchen and up the stairs to my room and take a nap.

When I woke up Marius still hadn’t come home yet. I walk downstairs in search of Gideon. I find him and Asia sitting in the living room watching tv.

“Gideon where the hell is your brother. He is about to make me act a fool.”

“He’s out back in the shed terminator.”

“Shut up. Can you go get him for me please, pretty please.”

He grumbled and got up and walked out.

I sat down beside Asia. ” Listen, you’re my little sister and I shouldn’t have said what I said earlier. Nobody deserves to be torture and abuse like this. I will talk to Marius.”

She nods. ” I’m sorry that I’m so ungrateful. You were always the strong one. I guess I’m just jealous of you.”

“Why the hell would you be jealous of me. You have a nice body, pretty face and skin.”

“Which doesn’t mean nothing if you have a nasty attitude and let your mother run your life. Ann I can’t keep a man. They all think I’m stupid and selfish.”

I remain silent because that’s exactly what I said earlier. “Asia, I don’t like being the strong one. I was forced to be strong. But I had to realize someone out there is always stronger.”

“You mean Marius.”

“Yes, or in your case Gideon. I laid all my burdens on Marius’ shoulders. I confessed to him that I was tired of being strong and acting like nothing fazed me when all alone I was just a little girl inside that’s tired of being hurt by her loved ones. I want love and to be loved to Asia. I want to not give a fuck for once.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through all this Ann. I know how mom and dad were. That’s why I got the hell away. Thank you. For everything.”

I nod.

“Did I say your little ungrateful ass could talk,” asks Gideon walking into the room with Marius.

I say, “stop it Gideon.”

“Annora, stay out of this. She’s nothing like you. She thinks everybody owes her something. Down in the basement now Asia and strip while you’re at it. I want to see a trail of clothes behind you.”

“Gideon,” was all she could get out before he slapped her. Hard. She fell back on the couch while holding her face.

“You son of a bitch,” I said with a battle cry and jumped on his back and started scratching and punching him. But I’m soon snatched away from him by Marius.

Gideon wiped blood from his neck and glared at me. He then grabs Asia by her hair and drags her away. I moved to follow them but ran into Marius.

“Leave off with that. Gideon straightens her up or she dies.”

“But why.”

“I was going to kill her with the rest of your family but Gideon saved her so she’s his responsibility.”

“Damn it Marius I hate this.” I wipe a tear away angrily. Tired of my damn hormones.

“You’re such a bastard.”

He shrugged. “You are getting your way enough around here. I want you to contact Coulder.”

“I don’t know how. I never got his contact information, but I guess I could send myself an email and it will pop up on my laptop there. I’m sure that’s how he tracked me by that email that Chase sent me because I never told him who I was or who you were.”

He nods. “Do it.”

I nod, “hey did you find out anything about him.”

“A little,” he said then walked off.

“Are you angry?”

“What the fuck you think Annora. You want him the same way you want me. You want me to accept this shit and I don’t know if I can.”

“I thought you weren’t angry.”

“Well now I am.”

“What are your feelings on the matter.”

“I don’t know. I don’t have your 6 senses or your keen feelings.”

“Why do you say it like that. Do you look at me differently because of the shit I feel.”

“No. All of this is a lot to take in.”

“If you want to relieve some of your pressure you can tell me the secrets you’re hiding from everyone.”

He rushed me and grabbed my face hard. “Shut the fuck up.”

“Let me go Marius before it gets physical in here.”

He let’s me go and walks off.

“Why can’t you trust me with your secret like I trusted you with mine,” I ask to his back.

“Send the email.”

“I fired your new housekeeper. That racist bitch is gone,” I say trying to upset him.

He shrugged. “You better make sure my house stays clean and I’m fed.”

I grumble hating his mood. I walk back to my room and send myself an email hoping it will ding at Coulder’s and he gets the message.

We don’t hear anything back for days. Marius came home late and left early every morning. I want to get mad and curse but my hormones only have me crying.

One week later.

I’m getting out of the shower. I had to chase Marius down for some dick. He can have an attitude all he wants but he’s going to give it up.

I wrap the towel around myself. I walk into my room only to see Coulder sitting in the sitting area watching me with a dark stare.

He says, ” do you have any idea how it feels caring for a woman and she’s fucking married to a mobster that I can’t kill because I’ll have two countries on my ass.” He stands up and walks towards me.

“Coulder,” I say while backing up from that look in his eyes.

“Quiet,” he barks out sharply.

Geez. And I thought Marius was the irrational one.

He sticks a finger in my pussy and I groan. “I think about you all the time Annora. I can’t go on like this. I told you how I am when I have strong feelings for someone. You want to keep being without me.”

“No Coulder I don’t. I miss you so much. I want to be with you so bad, but I’m married. My husband comes first.”

I put my hand on his cheek. ” Please understand. My feelings are strong for you. I don’t want to be without you. I’m trying to find a way for us to be together.”

He said. “So you want me to settle for only half of you.”

“Coulder don’t.” I kiss him. This is what Marius walked in on.

He say, ” I told you to contact him, not fuck him.”

“Marius I was only saying hi.”

He turns to Coulder. “Sit.”

Coulder take a seat.

Marius says, “I have some questions that I want an answer to. First question. Who the hell are you.”

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