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Chapter 24

Annora Pov

Coulder says, ” does it matter who I am.”

Marius says,” quite a bit actually. I don’t know you so I refuse to have you around my wife. But we can come back to that question. Second question. Why can’t I find an address on you.”

“My house is in my grandma’s name. She paid it off before she got married. I see no reason to change that.”

“Ok, back to my original question. Who the fuck are you.”

Coulder remains silent.

I see Marius stiffen and fury come into his eyes. I step forward and rub his arm. “Marius calm down.”

Marius turns back to Coulder. ” You’re him aren’t you. That’s why my men came back beaten or not at all. They ran into the infamous Declan Corbin.”

Coulder remain silent.

I look at Coulder clench teeth. “Coulder, what’s he talking about? Is Coulder not your real name. You lied to me.” I feel my breath catch. How could he lie to me and mislead me.

“Coulder is my real name, it’s just not my only name. My full name is Declan Corbin Coulder Beck.”

Marius cursed. “You’re the fucking grandson of Daryl Hannah Corbin of the Corbinvenous Clan.”

I say,” who the hell is that. What the hell is going on, Coulder talk to me. Why the hell you have so many names.”

“I don’t want your feeling for me to change.”

“Coulder, you know better than that. This is me. Talk to me.”

“I used to work in black ops. I specialized in finding people and killing them. I did that for a couple of years before my grandmother needed me. My grandmother was in the business of finding people that didn’t want to be found. When she did find them, she would go by any means of getting to them. One lady was hiding out in a closed off neighborhood. Her goons had the whole neighborhood blocked off and shut down. So my grandmother and bomb the whole block, killing everyone.”

I gasp. “How often did then happen.”

“Not often at that magnitude. We always made it look like an accident. A gas explosion. A power plant nuclear melt down.”

I sat down with tears in my eyes.

He reached for me and I slapped him. ” Coulder, Declan or whatever your fucking name is has killed more people than the damn flu.”

I look over at Marius, ” A bunch of fucking murders.” I sat on the bed and cried. I knew there were bad people in the world that do shit like that, but I’ve never thought I would be so close to one. I know what Marius does and I never tried to change that. I could get mad and say my morality won’t let me be a part of all this, but who am I kidding. I am firmly stuck with this shit.

I know I said my feeling for Coulder wouldn’t change, but I’m a little afraid of him now. If he ever got pissed at me there will be no fucking where to hide. He would blow up a fucking mountain if I was hiding in one.

They both reached for me but I snatched away. I crawl on the bed and cry until I fall asleep.

Marius Pov

“Are you happy now. You just had to know who I am then bust me out.”

I shrug and he grunt.

We both sit down in the sitting area that overlooks the forest.

I say, ” give her a while to calm down. She doesn’t stay mad long. For all that smart mouth and spitfire attitude she’s very sensitive.”

He grunts.

At first I was really against this. I was going to get Annora to lure him here so I can kill him. But this might be beneficial to me for reasons I will keep to myself right now. I don’t need Annora flying off the deep end and becoming emotional.

“Look, Annora will not give you up and I’m not giving her up so the only way I can explain your presence around here is if you become mine and Annora’s personal bodyguard. Not saying you need the money. You probably have more than me.”

He grunted again.

“Well that’s your only way in. Take it or leave it.” I shrug.

“So you are good with me, her and you. All three of us. Who does this shit,” he says and sits back on the couch.

I shrug. ” I guess. Annora said she feels that we’re supposed to be in each other’s lives. I trust her. The anger I supposed to feel at you right now is missing, so I can’t help but to believe her. I should feel pissed and want to kill you and her, because she signed a contract in blood. Instead I feel comfortable and close to you both. It’s crazy saying that, but I don’t understand it. This shit is very emasculating, at first I felt less than a man, but like I said. I trust her.” I shrug.

He grunt. “Same here. I could have killed you plenty of times. But I just couldn’t for some reason. You really need to fire all your guards. And I do mean all of them.”

I nod. “So when do you want to start your new job.”

“I need to get a couple of things straight before I take a leave of absence.”

“Well, this wing is private. You can get the bedroom down the hall. Nobody will question it since you’re our personal guard.”

He stands and walks over to Annora and kisses her wet cheek and walks to the door.

He stops and says, ” you have my thanks. I know you’re doing this for her regardless of a weird ass bond we all seem to have. I love her. I couldn’t continue to live without her, so I’ll take what I can get.”

I nod. “Contact me when you’re ready. Do you need the number.”

“No. I have it,” he said and walked out.

“Of course you do.”

I’m not a man of feelings and superstition, but I believe Annora. Her eyes look like they definitely hold the secrets to the universe. But everyone has a six sense. That’s the reason why I’m so successful in what I do. I listen to my gut. I guess Annora’s six senses are just strong as hell. I felt our connection the day I touched her. My soul got quiet when she came into my life of chaos.

I undress and get into the shower. Afterwards, I ease into bed, careful not to disturb her so she won’t wake up horny. She been fucking the hell out of me. I would say it’s the baby but I don’t think so. I got that freaky vibe from her on our wedding night. I actually was in my workshop hiding from her, but she found me and rode my dick until we both were sore.

I would happily share her with Coulder so she can work on him and I can get a break. I sigh and grab my pistol and sit it under my pillow. I don’t trust these lazy ass guards around here. I have to protect my family. Coulder would definitely come in handy with that. With that thought in mind I fall asleep.

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