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Chapter 25

Coulder Pov

I got into my truck that I parked away from Annora and Marius house. I grunt as I start my truck up. His security is a joke. I guess the name Mateescu is enough to scare people away because If anybody was motivated enough they could get in there with no problem. The sensors are not hidden properly. It really is ridiculous. And Marius seems to not to give a damn. What is he hiding? Before I went into black ops I was a psychology major and something seems off about Marius. Something other than being a calculated psycho. I am grateful for him. I’m kind of surprised he agreed. I thought I was going to have to arrange his murder and make it look like an accident. Like I said, I’m glad. His death would’ve hurt Annora and I don’t want her hurt. From the day I felt her presence in my truck I’ve been overwhelmed by her. A need so strong that I barely could fight it. I tried to resist her and not speak to her or spend time with her. But she still managed to spin me into her web and have my brain foggy with thoughts of her. I can’t be without her. I can’t wait until I’m with her.

3 days later.

Annora Pov

I woke up depressed, sad and nauseous. Urgh. This baby is already on that bulshit. I rub my still flat tummy. I’m getting a small bump under my navel. “Hey kiddo. No matter what you hear in there , always remember that mommy loves you.”

“Who are you talking to,” Marius asked, walking into the room with toast and oatmeal.

“The baby.”


“Marius I’m depressed. I don’t want to be around you or Coulder right now.”

“Huh, What did I do.”

“You’re a fucking murderer and Coulder is a psycho murderer.”

He remained silent. Then say. “Are you going to cry?”

“Yes,” I say as my eyes gather tears.

“What can I do so you won’t be depressed Annora.”

“Take me to the spa and shopping.”

“Ok eat your breakfast and dress then we’ll leave.”

I nod. Bouncing with excitement. I avoid the oatmeal. The smell coming from it is making me nauseous. I nibble on the toast as I dress. Afterwards I brush my teeth and go downstairs and yell out for Marius.

I walk past the kitchen. I come upon Marius talking softly on the phone with someone. “Who is that,” I asked.

He told the caller that he will call them back.

“Really Marius, is this what we’re doing now. Who the fuck was that.”

“Watch your mouth and lower your tone. If I have to tell you again we’ll have some problems.”

Tears come to my eyes. “Are you cheating on me.”

“No, it’s one of those secrets I can’t tell you yet.”

He came up to me and grabbed my chin and kissed me and smiled. “My sensitive feline. Come on so you can spend my money.”

I gave him a watery smile and hugged him. I sit my face in his neck and hold him tighter while breathing him in.

He kissed my forehead. “Trust me Annora.”

“Ok, I’m sorry.”

He nods,” let’s go.”

We make it to the mall and I’m ready to shop till I drop. Except Marius tapped my shoulder and pointed to a store that I haven’t even thought about.

“Why would I go in there.”

“Annora you’re pregnant and you will need maternity clothes eventually.” He says this and walks toward the store.

I grumbled and followed him into the store. I picked out a couple of shirts, pants and dresses so we could move on.

The next store I got purses, heels, snickers, jeans and shirts.

Next we go to the spa and I get a mani and pedi while Marius taps on his Ipad. “Marius, they have a salon here. Can I get my hair done.”

“How long will that take. I’m ready to go.”

I look at the guy that’s doing my nails who I just found out is gay. Marius ask because he said that’s the only way the guy is even touching me is if he’s gay.

He says, ” about two hours to complete the whole process.”

Marius says, ” make it an hour and I won’t shoot you in the foot Rupaul.”

“Marius!!, be nice.”

“What did I just say Annora, do I need to repeat myself.”

I turn to the gay guy, ” Can you just wash it and dry it with a blow dryer then straighten it. I can’t sit under the dryer, it will take too long and as you can see my husband is getting restless.”

He nods and gets to work. As he starts to straighten it I say, “Marius I’m hungry.”

“What do you want to eat,” he says while still tapping on his Ipad.


He looks up at me. “Since when do you want Romanian food.”

“Since now. I want to try it. I know you own a Romanian restaurant a couple miles from the city. I googled you.”

“Did you now.”

“Yes,” I said unapologetically.

“Ok fine. We can have Romanian food. Now hurry the hell up would you Too wong foo.”

“Marius stop insulting this poor man. How do you know about Too Wong Foo anyway.”

“Wesley Snipe is one of my favorite actors. He lost me after that though.”

I giggled.

About 45 minutes later I’m done. While walking from the building I snatch Marius’ tablet from his hand. Angrily.

“Annora don’t start.”

“I want you to pay attention to me.”

“I’m almost done.”

“Here’s your stupid tablet.” I got into the vehicle and crossed my arms like a child.

He got in also and started back on his ipad, ignoring me.

I started sniffing and crying.

“Annora for fuck sakes. You need to hurry up and have my baby.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”

He says,” this morning you didn’t want to see me. You said I depressed you.”

“I changed my mind okay!”

He grunts but remains silent. Minutes later he puts the tablet down and pulls me into his lap. I lay my head on his chest while he rubbed my back and ass.

“Stop being so spoiled baby.”

“I know I’m acting like a brat, but I just want to be around you and I want all your attention, it’s your fault. You said I don’t have to be big bad tough Ann anymore. That’s what I have you for.”

“Really, I said all that.”


“Must’ve been the pussy you were putting on me at the time.”

I giggled.

15 minutes later we made it to the restaurant and was seated in a nice secluded area. “Wow Marius this place is beautiful. Why don’t you have any Romanian art or decorations at the house.”

“I built this place from the ground up. It’s my project for myself, away from the mob. My grandfather bought the house and hired a decorator to come in and fix it up. So I really don’t care how it’s decorated. It’s not mine.”

I smile, loving him more. I don’t even pick up the menu because I know I wouldn’t be able to understand any of it. “So what would you suggest husband.”

“The cabbage rolls are good here. We call them Sarmale, in Romania. The grilled minced meat rolls that we call Mici. The beef tips Tripe Soup, that we call Ciorba de Burta is also good.”

As he explained everything to me my mouth water and lick my lips.

A waiter came to the table and introduced himself. “Can I start you off with something to drink sir.”

“Water,” says Marius.

“And you beautiful,” he turns to me.

I smile and say, ” can I have something fruity and sweet.”

“How about the house wine.”

“Yes, perfect.”

“Annora, did you forget that you’re pregnant.”

I did actually. Damn I suck at parenting already. “Can I have something non alcoholic sweet.”

“Sure. I can do that for you. Do you know what you want to eat.”

“Yes, I would like the Sarmale, the Mici, and Ciorba De Burta,” I say and look at Marius and wink. He stared at me intensely.

“Excellent choices, I’ll put those in for you. And for you sir.”

“No, nothing for me. My wife just ordered a feast, I will eat hers.”

“Very good, Mr. Mateescu.”

“Thank you for this Marius. I know I can be difficult sometimes. Thanks for putting up with me.”

“You don’t have to thank me Annora, you put up with my shit too.”

“I know, I just never felt this free before. Released of all ties, so I guess I’m just now finding myself. My true self. I’m finally living my life and have someone to depend on and lean on. Thank you.”

His eyes held so many emotions. I’m sure mine did also.

“You’re welcome baby.”

When the food came, we dug in. “Oh my goodness this is sooo good Marius.”

“Here dip the roll in this sauce.” He hands me some sauce.

I ate so much my jaws started to water. I sit back and rub my stomach.

“Your hair looks beautiful by the way.”

I blush. “Thanks who does your hair.” He has super long hair, but he keeps it up in a high bun on top of his head, that is until I take it down and run my fingers through it.

“Ida does actually. She usually cuts it for me, but it only grows back super fast so I just leave it long.”

“It’s pretty. I like it long.”

He nods.

“Is Ida any kin to you.”

“She’s my cousin, why.”

“You guys kind of look alike.”

“Mmm,” he says while pulling out his phone. “Come on we have to go.” He pulls money from his wallet and tosses it on the table.

“Is everything ok,” I ask when we make it to the car.

“Yes, I want you to meet your new personal bodyguard.”

“Ugh, really Marius. Do I need one? Am I in danger.”

“Not in danger at the moment, but you never know in my line of work. And since you’re pregnant it’s just a precaution.”

“Where is he.”

“He will meet us at home.”

“Ok.” I snuggle up to him, get comfy and fall asleep the rest of the ride back to the country.

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