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Chapter 26

Annora Pov

All too soon Marius is shaking me awake. “We’re here, come on.”

We go inside and up to our bedroom. Marius says, ” I’ll run you a bath.” He walks towards the bathroom.

I start taking off my clothes but stop when I feel a presence. I turn to the left and see Coulder sitting in the seating area of our bedroom.

“Coulder,!” I say and back up a little.

“Annora stop. You should know that I wouldn’t hurt you. I’m not that man anymore. I’ve never hurt you or took advantage of you. I even tried to keep my distance from you. You said you could handle me and now you want to run. Fuck that Ann.”

“Coulder I still love you, nothing will change that.”

He stands and walks towards me. He looked down into my face. ” We’re supposed to be together Annora. I can feel it. I need you in my life. I won’t go on without you.”

“Coulder, you fucking psycho,” I say defeated.

“I’m your psycho. What can I do to prove that to you.”

Damn Coulder is fine and handsome as fuck. He’s an American handsome while Marius is an exotic handsome. I push him down on his knees then finish undressing. I look down into his face. He stares back with so much love.

“I’m sorry for acting like that Coulder. I said I could handle you and I can.” I run my fingers through his hair. I bend and kiss him. I moan as I feel all kinds of tingles and other soft sweet feelings.

I stand back up right then throw my legs over his shoulder and push my pussy on his mouth. Right away he latches on. He sucks my pussy into his mouth and flick it. He continues to suck, twist and pull on it.

I almost fall backwards but land on Marius’ chest instead. He pushed me back on Coulder’s tongue.

“Ah yesss!” Coulder is bringing me to my knees. I wobble but again Marius catches me. I turn my head and kiss Marius. But not for long because he goes down on his knees as well and attacks my asshole with vigor.

I moan and scream. Both men are down on their knees, but they are about to bring me to mine. They both start doing loops and circles around my clit and asshole. Seconds later an orgasm ripped through me so powerful that I clenched around both their tongues. They couldn’t even move their tongues anymore, then I passed out.

When I come to, I’m laying in the bed with my hair in my face. I push my hair from my face only to see both men glaring at me. “Really, is this what we’re doing, being unfair,” asks Coulder.

“Hey didn’t nobody tell you to do all that. But boy did it feel good.”

They glare harder.

“Ok, sorry.” I got off the bed and down on my knees. I unzip Coulder pants and take his dick out and put it in my mouth. I squeeze my jaw really tight so I can enclose his dick further into my mouth. Meanwhile I unzip Marius pants and massage and jerk his dick. They both throw their heads back and moan. Then I alternate. I take Marius dick into my mouth and jerk Coulder.

I feel Marius dick twitch inside my mouth so I know he’s close. I remove his dick from my mouth and start jerking and massaging it. I start back sucking Coulder’s dick to bring him close. I remove my mouth and start and jerking both their dicks.

I move closer under them so their cum can hit my chest, mouth and chin. They both moan and groan. Marius says,” damn. That was sexy baby.”

“Thanks, now can one of you get me a towel. I need to clean up so we can talk.”

Coulder zip his pants and walk towards the bathroom. He came back out with a towel and wipe me off then discarded it.

“Are we good Ann,” asked Coulder.

“Of course. I can’t stay mad at you Coulder, either of you.” He smiles a small smile and kisses me. I wrap my arms around his neck and groan. Damn. I love his kisses.

We break off the kiss and he goes to the sitting area while I dress in a simple nightgown. I walk over to Marius and sit on his lap. I drop my forehead to his. “You are the best husband in the world.” I said then kiss him.

Right off there’s ringing in my ears and my nipples harden. I look at him strangely. “Marius, do you believe in soulmates.”

“I haven’t really thought about it. Why?”

“Because yours and Coulder’s kisses send me to space. I always tingle and I get a ringing in my ear. It’s not just lust. I’ve felt lust before, but with you two it feels different. What about you.”

“The same,” they both say.


Marius says, ” Annora, we can talk about our weird connection later. Right now I want you to meet your personal guard. I want to tell you both something. It’s one of my secrets. I’ve been trying to overthrow my grandfather for sometime now. I believe he had something to do with my father’s death. I’m almost certain that he killed him. In Romanian he’s selling children to the higher ups for entertainment. They do all kinds of sick and depraved acts to the children. Now I don’t have anything against slavery. That’s how our country has been for years. But people always sold themselves into slavery for money. To feed their families. Some parts of Romania are poor and they will gladly consent to selling themselves. I think he has a clue that I’m trying to overthrow him because he made me honor that ridiculous marriage contract and kept me in America with these laughable guards and security. That’s where you come in Coulder. You need to collaborate with Gideon for security and to keep Annora safe. I can take care of myself. My grandfather thought this would slow me down and it has in a way. I had no intention of fucking Annora and getting her pregnant, but I couldn’t resist her and maybe he was banking on that. My mom and dad both loved black people before they were married. My grandfather has all kinds of African and black slaves from all over the world. I guess he was hoping it ran in the family.”

I say,” Marius that will be hard. From what I hear your grandfather is like a king in Romania.”

“I know Annora. That’s why I need you not to be a distraction. No unnecessary risk. I’m getting ready to move to a different location. But it will take some time. Around 3 or 4 months. It has to be done delicately and unseeingly.”

I look over at Coulder. “Coulder can you do this? I know you have a life and a business to run. You can’t just pick up and move.”

“Annora, Marius has made many lee-ways and sacrifices for us to be together. For that he has my loyalty. I turned over the day to day operations to Ross. Also I still have my team members in black ops and the Corbinvenous Clan if you need them.”

Marius nods.

I start to become scared for my men.

“Marius, are you sure you want to do this. I don’t want to lose you to this.”

“Annora, we have planned and plotted to find weakness within his organization. We wouldn’t make a move until we are sure we can get to him. I really don’t care what he’s doing with the citizens, but I also think they still deserve to choose slavery or not. But he will pay for killing my father. My dad didn’t want this life and was going to run, but my grandfather found out and killed him. ”

“Ok. I understand, so Coulder will be here with us.”

They both nod.

“I’m going to bathe.” I kissed them both and went to take a long soak.

Coulder Pov

I watch Annora walk away. “That’s a special lady right there.”

Marius nodded.

“What’s your plan with your gramps?”

“I don’t have an approach yet. An army will take too long to build plus they are loud. It will be too big to hide. He’ll definitely know what I’m up to.”

“You don’t need an army with the right team. 5 to 7 trained men is all you’ll need.”

He says, ” maybe you’re right. Let’s keep as much as we can from Annora. I don’t want to worry her.”

I say,” so you overthrow your gramps then what. What’s the end game.”

“Don’t die.”

I nod. Simple enough.

“Should we go join Annora in that big ass tub.”

He smiles and nods.

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