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Chapter 27

Annora Pov

Over the next couple of weeks the 3 of us settle nicely into our entangled relationship. At first Marius and Coulder fought a lot. I mean knock out drag out fights until both were on the floor bloody. Marius was having a hard time knowing I cheated on him and that Coulder was who I cheated with. He even looked at me a couple times like he wanted to fulfill the contract I signed and kill me because I stepped out on him.

He also continued to question whether the baby I am carrying is his. I told him I din’t have sex with Coulder until 2 days before I had that meeting with Chase. I had to make him understand what a giant douche he was being and that’s why I left and I wasn’t planning on coming back, which is why I slept with Coulder, in my mind I was a free woman. Which was wrong, but that’s how I felt at the time.

Once he somewhat got past it he and Coulder work so well together. The camaraderie between them is astonishing, like they have been working together their whole lives. Their relationship had Gideon jealous until Gideon started getting to know Coulder. We haven’t told Gideon about us yet.

Today I am 4 months pregnant. And Doctor Dan will check on the baby today. But before he comes I decide to sneak in a little me time and Coulder is helping me with that.

I moan. “Oh Coulder that feels so good.” I moan again.

Marius walks in and says to Coulder, “ I leave you two alone for 2 minutes and you become her do boy.”

I open my eyes and look at Marius. “ Ok do boy how about you come and grab my shoulders and get to work.”

He comes and kisses me and starts massaging my shoulders while Coulder continues to massage my feet.

I moan. Oh this is heaven. I have two strong sexy men massaging me and making me feel wonderful and cherished.

A knock sound at the door. It could only be the doctor. Nobody comes on this side of the house. Coulder stands and starts playing the role of my personal guard by standing next to me stoic and quiet.

Marius says, “enter.”

The doctor comes in. “How are my patients today.”

I say, “ the baby and I are fine, just having major heartburn.”

“Yes well that is normal for pregnancy, do you want to know what you’re having.”



I look over at Marius, “ baby why not. I really want to know so I can shop for clothes online and pick out a name.”

He says, “ you can do all that without knowing the sex Annora.”

“But Marius.”

“What did I just fucking say.”

I remain silent and then start grumbling under my breath, “ you act like you didn’t want to claim the baby.”

“What’s that Annora.”

“Nothing Marius geez, why do you have to act like this about us knowing the sex. I was just excited to know what it is, that’s all.”

Doctor Dan says, “ ok since we don’t want to know the sex how about we hear the heart beat.”

We nod and he pulls out a machine and gel and applies it to my stomach. He then sits the wand on my stomach and we hear a whooshing noise and then a constant thump.

I smile and for some reason I look over at Coulder. He smiles and winks at me. I’m glad that he’s happy about the baby even though it’s not his. I fall in love with Coulder more and more everyday. He’s strong and I know he loves me to put up with everything that he has.

He left his company to come work for Marius. He has to share me. He will never fully have me to himself and he seems ok with that.

I turn to Marius and he’s looking at me and Coulder. I grab his hand and kiss him. “ I’m so happy.”

That is until I look at the doctor and he’s frowning at the monitor.

“Doc. What is it?”

“Annora I’m taking pictures of the baby and from what I see it’s growing.”

“Well that’s good isn’t it.”

“Not if you include your body mass and structure and the rate that it’s growing.”

Marius says, “ are you saying that Annora is too small to carry the baby.”

“To term yes.”

Marius looks over at me with anger in his eyes. “What can we do.” He asks the doctor.

“Well for starters she can get a bigger body mass and structure.”

“So she needs to eat more.”

“That would help, yes, but not too much, just a little bit more weight couldn’t hurt.”

“ You think you can do that Annora or do you want to keep jeopardising my baby’s life.”

“Marius, why are you acting like this is my fault. I was made this way, it’s not my fault I’m small.”

“Yeah, but you could eat more. I’ve been telling you this. I know you didn’t want the baby but haven’t your maternal instincts kicked it yet to protect it at all cost.”

It’s gets quiet. Sometimes Marius can be suck a dick. Tears come to my eyes.

“Well I will head out. You guys call me if you need me. I will do a routine check from now on as a precaution.”

As soon as he leaves I run to Coulder and hug him and cry on his chest.

Coulder says, “ could you be a bigger dick. You’re hurting her feelings.”

Marius grunt and walk from the room and slam the door.

“Coulder, he’s upset because I didn’t want the baby at first because so much was happening with Marius and me and I just thought a baby would complicate it, but I do love the baby very much so.”

He kisses me on my forehead, “ then go tell him that. I’m sure he’s in his office. He goes there whenever you piss him off. When you’re done come find me and we’ll finish that massage.”

“Oh Coulder, I don’t deserve you.”

“Too bad, you’re stuck with me.” He grabs my chin hard. “ I mean it Annora, you can’t leave or run away. I won’t allow it and I will find you.”

I shiver. Sometimes I think Coulder is worse than Marius. I just haven’t pissed him off yet.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” I lean up and kiss him.

I make my way from the room and down the stairs. My belly is big for me to be four months, but I don’t think I’m super big. I still walk the same. No waddling. I’m just really sensitive. Especially my body and feelings. I think Marius takes advantage of that and tries to hurt me, but then again when he’s angry he doesn’t give a damn so who knows.

I walk into his office and close the door behind me. He’s sitting at his desk drinking.

“Marius, are you really drinking now. It’s 2:00 in the afternoon.”

“It’s only wine.” He replied back.

He’s sitting in the dark so I turn on his desk light and sit on his desk facing him.

I pick up his glass of wine and take a sip.

“Now you want to turn my baby into a wino.”

“It’s just a sip Marius, it won’t hurt.”

I sigh. “Marius, when I first found out I was pregnant I was mad at you and didn’t want to be in a relationship with you. I thought a baby would complicate all that. We were so chaotic. I didn’t want that for my baby. I know what it’s like living in a chaotic household. But now I know that I want to be with you and nothing makes me happier knowing that I have your baby and that it will grow up with love and affection. I’ll eat more. I’ll do whatever I have to.”

I palm his cheek and he leans into it with his eyes closed. I lean down and kiss him. I slip from the desk and sit in his lap facing him.

I started kissing him. “I’m sorry ok, I’ll do better.”

“Me too,” he breaths out and kisses me back.

I deepen the kiss and start humping on him. I pull my dress up over my head. My breasts break free of the confined space. My breasts have gotten so big, tight and plump.

Marius instantly grabs a nipple and starts sucking and pulling it into his mouth. I moan. I can’t take it anymore. I unbutton his pants and pull his dick out, slide my panties to the side and sit on it. These days foreplay is scarce. I can look at Coulder or Marius and get worked up.

I moan. My ache is so strong and when I sit on his dick I can only bounce on it 3 times before I’m slamming down on it hard while cuming and screaming his name.

He slips from me and stands and turns me around. I sit my elbows on the desk. He pulls my panties off then slips his dick in and starts fucking me from the back. He moans. “Damn this pussy is wet.”

He pulls my hair while slapping my ass. He slaps it hard again, “ you gone take this dick.” He asked.

I moan.

He slaps my ass again, “ answer my fucking question.”

“Yes Marius, please give it to me.”

He grabs both my shoulders and starts pounding my pussy.

“Arch that ass in the air Nora.” He then leans his chest on my back and grab my neck and start fucking me with slow deep and jerky pumps while talking to me and slapping my ass in between. His thrusts are slow but more forceful.

I try to put my hand on his hips, but he moves them and slaps my ass again.

“Marius, please baby.”

“Nawl. You came down here in my office wanting to fuck well let’s fuck baby.” He said while still laying on my back and fucking me deep and slow. He hit my cervix with every powerful thrust. Then he pulls his dick all the way out and grabs my hair. After my head is thrown back he slam his dick all the way back in. I scream. He slaps me on the ass again.

“Marius, I want to cum again.”

“You want to cum baby,” he asked.


He pulls out until only the tip of his dick is left in. For a few seconds he only pumps the tip in and out then he starts playing with my clit, strumming it like a guitar. Then he squeezed my clit hard while shoving his dick all the way back in. I scream and clench tight around his dick as I cum.

“Annora!,” he roars, then cum seconds later.

After we catch our breaths, he rubs my stomach and he says, “ how’s my baby doing in there.”

“He’s fine Marius. I will do everything I need to so he will be healthy.”

“Oh so you think it will be a boy. The way you around here carrying on I think it’s a girl.”

“What do mean carrying on? I’m not doing anything. That’s you and your foul temper. I can’t help I’m sensitive.”

“Mmm, you’re still acting like a moody female. I bet you have a girl.”

“I’ll take that bet. What are we wagering.”

He says, “If it’s a girl you have to do whatever I say for a month without back talk.”

“Ok, and if it’s a boy, you have to do whatever I say for a month.”

“Deal, now let’s go get in the tub.”

We get dressed and make our way upstairs to the huge tub in our bathroom that I love soaking in. It’s oval and deep. It has two steps that you have to step down to get in it.

As I turn the knobs to adjust the water temperature Marius gets undressed then comes and takes off my dress and panties.

We both get inside and breathe a sigh of relief. This water feels good against my aching muscles. The doctor is right. This baby is big and making my small stature suffer.

I then hear the room door open and close. The person takes so long to show their face that Marius pulls out a gun from the towel cupboard over our heads.

Seconds later Coulder comes into the bathroom naked with his dick pointing straight at me. My loins start to quiver. I’m so horny these days it’s a shame.

He stands at the side of the tub looking down at me hungrily. I raise up and suck his dick into my mouth and pull hard on it.

He hiss and throws his head back. I take his dick from my mouth and lick the underside of it then suck his balls into my mouth. He runs his hands through my hair and groans.

I pop his dick back into my mouth and suck it down the back of my mouth then close my throat around it and pulse my head back and forth.

“Shit,” he groans. He slips himself from my mouth and steps down into the tub. He kisses me slow and passionately while pushing me against the tub wall. He then starts to kiss my neck. I lay my head on the back of the tub and moan.

While still kissing me he raises my hips and holds them up with his arms and slips his dick inside me.

I can’t catch my breath with so many good feelings. Coulder always makes me feel loved. I love when he makes love to me. He goes back to my neck and kisses me there while I catch my breath. He continues to pump slow and deep while still holding my hips up. He lifts me a little more so he can suck on my nipples. I moan and hold his head there.

I look over at Marius and he’s stroking his dick while staring with lust in his eyes.

I moan and start rolling my hips, throwing my pussy on Coulder. I put my hand on his chest stopping him. I look deep into his eyes and kiss him. I roll over on him and sit on his dick while kissing him deeply.

All the while he’s wheezing and Marius is moaning. I ride his dick hard. So hard that water is slouching all over the tub. I reach my hand behind me and grab Coulder’s balls and massage and caress them. Seconds later Coulder seized up and groaned out his orgasm. Marius and I are right behind him with shouts.

I fall on Coulder’s chest breathing heavy. I don’t remember falling asleep on his chest but I guess I did because soon after I’m in bed with a fresh nightgown. I snuggle into my pillow and fall asleep.

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