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Chapter 28

Coulder POV

I awake from my nap and go downstairs. Annora is so addictive. She make me weak and sleepy after sex. She has a high sex drive. She has put Maius and myself to bed on many occasions. Once I ran into Marius in the shed while trying to get away from Annora. She will literally screw you to death. As I’m making this observation I see Marius in the kitchen downstairs.

“Running for your wife again,” I ask.

He says, “hell yeah. She woke a few hours ago wanting to fuck again. Instead I ate her pussy for an hour to put her back to bed. How is it she’s wearing both of us out. I know you were in the shed hiding the other day.”

“Yes I was hiding. She’s going to screw the cum out of me..”

We sat quiet for a while. It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep. Something has seemed off lately. I don’t know what it is. Everything has been too perfect. When Marius put me as head of security I fired a lot of his staff. They were useless and eventually would have gotten him and his brother killed. Marius and I both thought that we would hear it from his grandfather but we haven’t heard anything so far.

I say, “ have you heard anything from your gramps yet?

“No and it’s starting to bother me. Doesn’t matter though, we will make our move soon.”

“And what move is that exactly? How am I supposed to protect Annora and the baby if I don’t know anything?”

“I’ve told you as much as I can without putting lives in danger. Just protect Annora and soon I will show you.”

I cut my eyes to the outside window and saw a lot of gunman with infrared guns pointed at us.

I say, “ you might have to show us sooner than later. Over your right shoulder is about 15 dudes with infrared guns coming this way.”

Marius doesn’t move yet. He calmly says, “ In the cabinet under this island are two shotguns, 3 semiautomatic rifles and three hand grenades. I’m going to get Gideon and my cousin. You go get Annora. I will meet you at the cliff.”

After he says this he quickly moves to grab the weapons. Before I could blink he threw a grenade out the window at the gunmen. Which was a good idea because it would alert the house of an attack but also kill some gumen in the process. Marius also knew what he was doing when he put me in charge of getting Annora. He knows I will protect her with my life.

I quickly shot a couple of shotgun rounds and made my way upstairs while dodging bullets.

When I make it upstairs Annora is already up and getting dressed.

“Coulder, thanks god you’re ok. Where’s Marius.”

“He’s safe. Here I need you to hold this,” I said handing her the shotgun. “If anybody comes up behind us and or tries to grab you. I need you to pull that trigger.”

“Coulder, I’m scared.”

“I know, but I need badass Annora to come out. The one who stands up to big bad mafia men and a crazy psycho like me. We’re upstairs, baby. We are boxed in. The only way out is down those stairs. I will go first. I need you to be my backup ok.”

She nods, “I’ll protect you Coulder.”

“I know you will baby. Now let’s go.”

We leave from the room and make our way to the stairs. I grab the semiautomatic rifle tight and start raining bullets downstairs. It sounds like Marius is in a gun fight for his life. We make our way down the stairs and toward the gun fight. Marius is pinned down in his office. The patio door is 6 feet to his left but he’s pinned behind his desk. I come up behind the gunmen and rein bullets in their backs.

After they drop. I step into the office and yell Marius’ name. I see he has Gideon and Ida with him.

“Marius ,” Annora yells and throws her arms around him and holds him.

Marius says, “are you ok baby.”

I smile at him. “Of course she is.”

Marius says,” ok, we need to make it to the cliff.” He hands Gideon some guns and ammo and Ida also.

Annora says, “ Ida are you ok.”

“Yes Ann, I’m fine.”

“Gideon where’s Asia.”

He cursed, “ in the basement locked in a cage.”

“Why the fuck would you have her in the basement.”

“Because she’s a bitch and will be treated like one until her behavior changes.”

She turns to Marius,” we have to go get her Marius.”

I say,” Annora we don’t know how many people are trying to kill us. That was probably the first wave. There could be more coming.”

“ I don’t care, she doesn’t deserve to die like that.”

Gideon says, “I’ll go.”

Marius nods, “ hurry back, we’ll wait here and cover you.”

On his way out I handed him some grenades.

He leaves and is back within minutes. We didn’t hear any gun play so no one is in the basement yet.

The whole time Marius is on his phone. When he hangs up he says,” ok let’s make our way to the cliff. When we leave out these doors we might be in another gun battle. I want everyone to form a circle facing all directions until we get to the tree line. Ready let’s go. Annora stay close to me ok. My grandfather sent those men. They are professionals and know what they are doing. If you see a red dot shoot towards it. It’s night and that will give us a little cover. ”

Everyone nods and ready their weapons.

Marius Pov

I’m mad as hell and scared. This is why my grandfather wanted me to honor that contract so I can fall in love and have a family while he comes in and snatch it all away from me. He knows what I’ve been planning I’m sure. I will overthrow him or die trying. That’s where Coulder comes in. That’s why I let Annora have him. When my grandfather comes, he comes strong and I will die trying to kill him and avenge my father. I don’t want to leave Annora and my baby without a protector. I know Coulder will protect and provide for them.

I walk toward my patio door and kick them open and start firing. Everyone else comes behind me firing and shooting. As we’re 6 feet from the house it explodes. We all fall down from the heat to our backs. While on the ground I see infrared dots in the trees and curse. That’s the way we need to go.

I grab Annora and pull us behind a shed. Everybody follows.

“Nora, are you ok, how’s my baby doing.”

“We’re fine Marius.”

I look at Coulder. “I need you to get behind that treeline and take them out. We’ll cover you. Take Ida with you.”

Annora says, “ Marius, you can’t send Ida out there, are you crazy.”

“Baby Ida serves as a double purpose in our lives.”

Minutes later it was confirmed when we see Ida and Coulder slicing necks and going hand to hand combat with my grandfather’s goons.

I turn to Gideon, “let’s go.”

After a little more gun play we cleared the trees and made our way to the cliff. Then I hear it. The sound that I have been waiting for. Helicopter blades. The helicopter hovered right at the edge of the cliff.

I helped Annora onto the helicopter, then Gideon and Asia joined her. I stay at the entrance waiting for Coulder and Ida. Seconds later I see them running towards the cliff. I hear shots and Coulder goes down.

“Coulder!” Annora screams before she can top herself. Gideon and Asia look at her funny. She then tries to go to him. I stop her.

“Sit,” I growled over the helicopter blades. What she didn’t see is that Coulder grabbed his leg as he went down. Not to mention he’s still firing shots while on the ground. I step from the entrance of the helicopter and fire into the trees to cover them. Ida helps him up and pulls his arms around her and make their way to the helicopter.

Once they are aboard I tap the roof for the helicopter for it to pull off.

“Coulder are you alright,” Annora says and tries to go to him, but once again I tell her to sit.

Ida grab a first aid kit and work on Coulder.

She says, “It’s just a flesh wound, barely scraped his leg.” She patches him up.

He then looks at Annora and smiles and winks, “ you won’t get rid of me that easily Ann.”

She smiles, nods and wipes her tears.

She then looks at me and I glare at her. Looks like I have to have a talk with Gideon and Ida about Coulder.

“Marius where are we going.”

“To my secret, but first we need a jet. I don’t trust my jet captain not to tell my grandfather where he lands us.”

Coulder says, “hand me your phone. We can use mine.”

Gideon says, “how they hell you have your own jet. Marius, how much are you paying him. Just who the hell are you man.”

Coulder says, “I’m Annora and Marius’ bodyguard.”

“The hell you are. You are more than that.”

I say. “Everybody quiet.” I hand Coulder my phone. “ Do it.”

“Gideon, Coulder is a long story, but just know that I trust him and that’s all you need to know right now. I need to get you all to safety and you will hate me soon enough Gideon. I’ve been hiding things from you because I didn’t know who’s side you were on. It seems like you were always on grandfather’s side and I really needed to see where we stood, but you have shown me loyalty time after time, because I did put you through several tests.”

“I’m your fucking brother. I will always stand with you. It’s fucked up that I had to prove anything to you. I don’t even know why our house was just blown to fucking bits, but I’m here.”

I stay quiet, kind of moved by my little brother. I only nod.

Coulder said, “ while you were strengthening your family ties. The jet will be ready for us. It’s at these coordinates.” He hands me my phone with the coordinates on it. I hand it to the helicopter pilot. The phone will stay here anyway so it can’t be traced.

Everyone is quiet. In there on thoughts. Annora snuggles up to me and falls asleep. I sit my head back up against the wall thinking.

My grandfather came quicker than I thought. He usually likes to slow burn a person before he comes at you hard like this.

I’ve seen him torture a man for 2 years before he killed him. Another time he ruined one of his business partner company month by month until he was forced to sell it to my grandfather or have bankruptcy on his hands. Not only did my grandfather ruin his company, he made his wife leave him and she took the rest of the money he had. My grandfather finally put him out of his misery.

For him to be old and aging he sure likes to wait around a lot. He must really view me as a strong adversary.

I’ll wait before I retaliate. At least until Annora gives birth and can fend for herself.

After Annora gives birth and I see my baby’s face. I will put every energy into taking him down, but for now we will lay low and plan.

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