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Chapter 29

Annora Pov

“Marius, I’m sick and tired of this. When will we arrive at our destination? We have been stopping and landing and flying for days in this jet and I’m tired.”

“Soon, baby soon. We will land today. In a few hours to be exact.”

The silent has been deafening. Everyone is tense. Especially Gideon. He’s tense because of Marius and all his damn secrets. We all are. What if the secrets affect me in some kind of way. But that can’t be right because Marius and I just met so his secrets have nothing to do with me I’m sure.

We sit in more tense silence until the jet makes its final descent and we can get the hell off. Gideon says, “Marius what are we doing here.”

Everyone holds their hand over their eyes, blocking the sun trying to figure out where this jet has landed us. It looks like we landed on the back of an Island.

Marius says, “a car should be here in a second. I don’t want everyone to start asking these people questions. For now we’re going to go to this place, take a bath and relax. Later, my contact will be available to talk. For now, shut the fuck up with all the questions.”

As soon as he’s done talking a limo pulls up. We all got in. I’m too tired to talk and too scared to ask questions. Marius has been so snappy and moody.

As we make our way to the city. I started to read posters and signs. “What the hell are we doing in Cartagena, Columbia,” I murmured to myself, but really low so Marius couldn’t hear me.

Coulder starts speaking to Marius in a language that I don’t understand. They have been doing that a lot lately. I guess in the world of murderers you have to learn their language if you’re going to deal with them. Since I’ve known Marius I’ve heard him speak, Russian, Romanian, English, Spanish and those are the ones that I can identify.

So I’m sure my head will hurt asking Coulder how many he speaks. So I guess they both found a language they had in common and could talk over all our damn heads.

Soon we make it to a big house that looks like a Mexican restaurant. Pictures of men and women in sombreros are displayed at the front gate. The house is brown brick, two stories high.

We roll through the gates. When we make it to the house a maid comes from upstairs and directs us to rooms. The house is small so our room is close to each other. It’s only two bathrooms on this floor. One is in the master bedroom and the other one is in the hall. We all shower and change clothes. Then we all take some much needed naps.

When I awake Marius is not here so I get up and go down to the kitchen. The house is small so it’s not hard to find. When I get there Asia, Ida and Gideon are already there eating.

“Have anybody seen Marius or Coulder.”

They all shake their heads. I walk over to the pot and fix me something to eat. It looks like taco soup. I sit down and dig in. Minutes later. Marius and Coulder walk in and fix themselves something to eat. Too bad Marius back is turned to us because he will see Gideon and my glare.

I break the ice, tired of this shit. “Marius, why the hell are we in Columbia. Did you seriously land us in Cartagena. How the hell these black Spanyors will help us with anything. The only thing they do is have parades and beg tourists for money.”

He ignores my question and asks one of his own. “How do you know about the black Spanish people here. Do you know the history.”

“I know a little about their history. I wanted to come here once and researched it. They said that some of the black slaves jumped from the Amastad ship or whatever and swam to this Spanish island thus mixing back and Spanish culture. They have black museums and black afro paintings and pictures everywhere.”

I shrugged.

Marius says, “ that’s right, kind of.”

Then a couple walk into the kitchen. A finely dressed white woman and a black man that look like he’s a native here. She has a huge summer hat on that matches her dress.

When she removes the hat and shows her face. I gasp at how beautiful and exotic she looks.

“Mom,” Gideon says while standing.

“Hey my baby boy. I’m so happy to see you again.”

“Mom!,” Gideon says again while running to her and hugging her tight. He then turned teary eyes to Marius. “You son of a bitch,” he says and goes to attack Marius, but his mother holds him back.

“Don’t blame Marius. I wanted it this way. Me being alive had to remain a secret and you were too young to hold that kind of burden. Marius didn’t even know until we ran into each other during his investigation to overthrow your grandfather. Your grandfather murdered your father and he will pay. Jesus and his entire operation is at your disposal. Oh sorry, how rude of me. This is my second husband Jesus,” she said pointing at the man beside her.

We all greet him with a nod. He nods back.

“Most didn’t know this, but your father, Jesus and I were in a relationship. All three of us. I was in a relationship with Jesus first, then our family arranged for your father and I to marry. Your father invited Jesus in our lives in case anything ever happens to him. He seems he was dead on because 2 years into our threesome your father died, leaving just me and Jesus.”

I stand and turn angry eyes on Marius. “You’re going on a suicide mission aren’t you. You don’t even think you will survive. How could you do this? Why the hell didn’t you leave me in America instead of bringing me here so I could watch you die? Just leave me now Marius.”

By the time I’m done I have tears in my eyes.

I walk up to him. “Marius please don’t do this. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll be quieter and nicer. I’ll even stop crying all the time.”

“Annora this is not about us or our relationship. Well maybe a little. Everyone, I have another confession. Annora, Coulder and I are together. All three of us.”

“Are you gay.” Everyone asks at the same time.

“No, I’m not gay. We both love Annora and we share her.”

I say, ” Marius you make it sound like I’m a piece of meat.”

I turn to everyone. ” I don’t tell many people this, but I feel things. Every cell in me knew these men were for me. I tried to deny my feelings for both of them, especially Coulder, because I knew I was married to a lunatic. They feel it too. You don’t see them fighting, well they did at first. I would have been happy with just Marius, but when I brought it up to him he agreed.”

Gideon says, ” damn Marius, this is a new one, even for your crazy ass. You are sharing your wife with this man. What’s next. Will I have to share Asia with someone else because a freakishly weird bond told us to.”

Marius was quick to snatch Gideon from his mother’s arm and choke slam him to the floor while still holding his neck in a tight grip.

“I won’t even explain how fucked up you got me right now. But talk against us again, especially Annora who gets up and cooks for your selfish ass every morning I will bury your ass.”

Coulder pulls Marius off his brother and helps Gideon up. Gideon rubs his neck and glares at Marius. “Death threats Marius. Is that what I get? You’re still my brother. I guess I’m just pissed at all this information. I feel left out like no one trusts me enough to tell me shit.”

He turns to me. “I’m sorry Ann. I didn’t mean it. I would die for you, you know that.”

I nod, “it’s okay Gideon. I understand.”

Marius says,” you are left out because you are careless sometimes. I chalk it up to you being young. My point is, not once did you suspect or even know what’s going on under your own roof. Coulder has been living with us for months. You don’t pay attention. Every time he or I walks into a room Annora eyes sparkles like Christmas bulbs. She’s terrible at hiding it and you still didn’t know what was going on. You didn’t even suspect grandfather of killing dad. You just blindly took his word. In this business, everyone’s a fucking criminal. You don’t believe anything anyone tells you blindly. You find out for yourself.”

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

Marius nods. “Just promise me you’ll pay attention and have my back. We’re in a different territory. We don’t know these people. We have to be vigilant.”

Marius turns his head to Jesus and says, “no offense, but I haven’t seen you in years. I just want to make sure I’m putting my family’s lives in capable hands.”

Jesus nods and smiles for the first time. “None taken. You are every bit your father. I respected and admired him very much.”

Marius turns to Gideon. ” You don’t remember him do you.”

Gideon shakes his head no.

“He was dad second in command. He was always with dad or mom. I saw them on many occasions go into their bedroom and stay there until morning. Pay attention Gideon. I need you more now than ever. Coulder knows his shit, but he will be here mostly for Nora.”

Marius turns to his mom and smiles. ” Mom, Jesus, meet Declan, Daryl Hannah’s grandson of the Corbinvenous clan. He goes by Coulder.”

“Are you shitting me,” says Jesus. He starts walking around Coulder looking amazed.

Jesus says, ” man I’d thought you’d be bigger and older from all the things I’ve heard you done. You were the youngest major in your sector. You kill the infamous Charles Ray by poisoning his swimming pool water. No one could touch him but you did and you didn’t have to touch him. Damn.”

Coulder shifts nervously and embarrassingly. He looks over at me and clears his throat.

“Well that was never proven.” He looks over at Marius and glares.

I know that look. He’s basically telling Marius to get your family member.

“Anyway. This will be our new home for a while. Not this particular house, but a different one that I had built. My grandfather is crafty. He will be expecting me to retaliate right now and I will not do it. He excels at the waiting games, so I will let him wonder what I’m up to. Cars will be here soon to take us to our new home. We have plenty of loyal men here that I’ve known for years.”

He turns to Gideon, “we have a brother. He’s younger than me, but older than you. Mom told everyone that she lost the baby she had, but her, our dad and Jesus moved the baby here so no one would know about him. You will meet him and our cousins later.”

Damn. This is a lot. Poor Gideon. He’s had so many bombshells dropped on him today. Then I think about why we’re here and I become emotional.

I get up and leave the kitchen. On my way out I told Marius parents that it was nice to meet them and walk up to my room and sit on the bed and stare out the window.

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