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Chapter 3

Annora POV

I take a shower and lay down and watch tv until I fall asleep.

The next morning I dress and go into the office. Charity, my assistant is already there.

“Hey boo,” she said.

“Hey C, what you up to?”

“Your parents have been calling here looking for you with their rude ass.”

“Tell them I’ve left the country.”

She snickers, ” will do.”

I say, “hey do you mind taking an early lunch today. I have a lunch meeting with Chase.”

“Sure, what the hell he wants.”

“Beats me.”

We get to work. I have a big account I’m working on. They have paid me half already, I will get the other half when I’m done, which will be soon.

Hours have gone by and it’s time for me to meet Chase. The restaurant is not that far from me but I still leave 20 minutes early in case of traffic. I make it there with 5 minutes to spare. Chase has not made it yet. For now I only order tea while I wait for him. I stare out the window lost in thought until I feel arms wrap around me and smell his familiar smell.

“Hey you,” he says.

“Wassup Chase,” I say while feeling my lower nether region tingle. I haven’t had sex in months. I’m a woman deprived and it’s showing.

“How you been,” he said and I can’t help but to get lost in his green eyes. His father is Chinese and his mother is white.

He’s beautiful and he knows it. What I don’t understand is why he went out with me in the first place. I’m rail thin with no curves to speak of.

“I’m good, what can I do for you.”

“My company would like to start branching out to online customers. We would like for you to build and design us a website.”

“Wow Chase that’s great and I would love to.”

“Perfect. Someone by the name of Kim will contact you and I would prefer if you kept our relationship a secret.”

“Why, we don’t date anymore.”

" Well Kim is my fiancé and I would like for our marriage to go off without a hitch.”

" So you mean you prefer if I don’t tell her you have a drinking and gambling problem and you’ll suck the money right out of her back account. Isn’t that why you dump me. You got tired of fighting my parents for money that you yourself wanted.”

He grabbed my hand and leaned forward like he wanted to kiss me.

“I’ve changed. Kim makes me want to be a better person.”

I was going to come back with a snarky reply but when I look out the window I see Marius lean against his car while flipping something in his hand. He looks evil as hell, but his facial expression doesn’t change, but the feelings coming for him are ominous.

" Chase, I have to go. Call my office for more information on me designing your website.” I grab my things and quickly run from the restaurant. I head to my car, but I’m interceded by Gideon, Marius’s brother.

" What,” I say rudely.

" My brother would like a word with you. This way please.”

No he ain’t acting like he has manners. He’s in the mob for Christ sake. I walk toward the town car. Marius’s driver opens the door for me and I get in.

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