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Chapter 30

Marius Pov

“I will be so happy when she has that baby. If I wasn’t so fond of my balls I would have them snipped.”

My mom says, “we’ll be over to your place tonight for dinner.”

Gideon walks up to her. “Are you leaving?”

Moms says,” for now, I will see you later tonight, now come give me a kiss, you too Marius.”

We both go up to my mom and hug her. Her hugs are so warm and tight. They take me back.

Mom and Jesus leave and I sit down at the table.

Gideon says,” are you going to talk to Ann.”

“No, not right now, she’ll just cry then fuck all the cum out of me.”

Gideon says, “ so you really don’t plan on surviving this thing with grandpa. What if you do, then what. You, Ann and Coulder will be together forever.”

I shrug. “I haven’t thought that far ahead, Gideon. You know when that old fucker brings it he really brings it. I don’t want to leave Annora unprotected.”

“What about the baby.”

“After it’s born, we go full force.” After I say this I stand up. I look over at Coulder. “ You’re just going to let me go off alone. Some of this is your fault too.”

He smirks and stands with me. As we make our way up the stairs he says, “I’m not letting you go on a suicide mission and die and hurt Annora.”

I stay quiet for a few seconds then say, “ yes you will.” I used a clipped tone so he will know it’s not up for discussion.

When I make it to the room door and walk in, a slap comes from out of nowhere.

“Fuck you Marius. I hate your ass.” Annora is cursing and beating my chest. She hit me everywhere. I finally get fed up and grab her throat and slam her on the bed.

I look down into her tear streaked face as she continues to struggle. “Stop it or I will knock you out and keep you knocked out until you have this baby then the real punishments will start. You remember how I punish don’t you Nora.”

She sob, “stop it Marius.”

“Shut the fuck up. Coulder and I came up here to talk to you to ease your fears, but now I don’t want to talk.” I crawl up her face and release my dick and shove it in her mouth. She glares up at me.

“Suck it, before I get upset.” I’ve been taking it easy on her. Mainly because all she does is cry when she’s upset, but today she decided to show her ass.

I moan as she latches on and sucks my dick down her throat. Coulder walks around the bed and starts to remove Annora bottoms then suck her pussy in his mouth. After I feel myself getting close I say, ” all fours now,” I growled.

I don’t wait for her. I get up and grab her and flip her over and pull her hips up and slam into her from the back and pound.

Coulder walks around her front and grabs her hair tight and shoves his dick inside her mouth.

“Don’t cum Annora, if you do that’s your ass.”

I moan as her pussy grips me tighter. I look over at Coulder and nod. I cum. So does he.

After we’re done Annora looks at us expecting. “For your behavior you will not be cuming and if I catch you playing with yourself I will pull out my lash. You have to learn that everything isn’t about you. To look at the bigger picture. You have no idea the impact my father had on my life and the lives around him.” After Coulder leaves I walk to the bathroom.

I hear her come to the door. “You’re right Marius, I’m sorry. I didn’t think about you and your feelings. Please let me cum.”

I open the door. “No. Now get in here and clean up.”

“Ok, whatever Marius, if you want to die avenging your dead father then go ahead, but me and my baby won’t be a part of this.”

As soon as she’s done I slap her. She falls against the bathroom door holding her face. She goes to hit me back, but I grab her throat and slam her against the bathroom door. “Enough with this shit. The tantrums and you acting spoiled, but your big girl panties on. You still have to be a mother to our child. I won’t always be here whether I survive this war or not.”

She’s pissing me off with all this shit.

I hear vehicles pull up. I walk to the window and look out.

I turn to her. “ Get cleaned up and come downstairs, we’re leaving.”

Annora Pov

He makes me sick with his abusive ass. I don’t want to even be here with him right now. I walk downstairs and walk out the back door. I look over the property. In the back it’s only land as far as the eye can see. The wind blows my tears away. What the hell am I doing. Should I support Marius and his suicide mission. He says he is doing it for some crazy sense of honor. He’s a mob boss for christ sakes. There’s no honor amongst thieves.

I gasp out. What if he dies. What do I do? Sure I have Coulder, but it won’t be the same. How does Marius ′ mother does it? To lose the love of her life and be with the second love of her life. Does she still feel like a part of her is missing.

I feel a presence behind me. I already know who it is. I really hate when he’s like this. When he’s dominant and mean, I hate it.

I prefer when he’s nice and caters to my every need.

“Stop fucking with me with this shit Nora. You know enough about me to know how I do.”

“Marius, I don’t understand why you want to sacrifice yourself. Why can’t you make a foolproof plan that will bring you back to me. I don’t want to be without you Marius and if that’s selfish then I’m selfish. You said I could always depend on you. Yes, I have Coulder, but I want you to.”

“I will try to come back to you Annora. I don’t want to leave you. I’m just preparing in case that I do.”

I walk up to him and hug him tight. “Marius I don’t know who I am without you. I know that’s sad, but I didn’t live until you came alone.”

He hugs me tighter and lays his head on top of my head. We hold one another until everyone starts moving inside the house.

“Marius, do you think I can talk to your mom about the three of us and how she survived without your father.”

He nods.

I stand on my tip toes and kiss him deeply. We kiss for minutes upon minutes while holding each other.

“Are you love birds ready?”

I look over and see Coulder. Marius kisses me again and nods and walks back into the house.

I ran to Coulder and grabbed his shirt. “Coulder, you can’t let him do this.”

“I won’t. I’ll find out what his plan is and foil it.”

I smile. “Have I told you I love you today.”

He smiles back. “No, you have not.”

I rub my fingers through his hair and stare into his beautiful face. “ I’m so lucky to have you Coulder, I love you. Don’t ever get fed up with me and leave.”

“Never,” he breathed against my lips while tongue kissing me.

“Now, how about coming to our room at the new house.”

He replied, “what did Marius tell your horny ass. You can’t cum, and don’t even think about playing with yourself or you’ll have two lashes on your ass.”

I grumbled and walked off. We are all ready and get into the cars. We’ll have to go shopping for clothes. We only have what’s on our backs.

30 minutes later we arrived at the gates on the outskirts of a property. “Wow Marius, is this it. Why did you build it if we don’t plan on staying.”

“Because I want to be comfortable and plus I can always sell it when we leave.”

It’s a huge Victorian house. I can see the pool off to the side from the gate. The driveway is half a mile long. We clear the gate and make our way to the front of the house. I don’t know why I was expecting a huge brick extravagant house. But that isn’t Marius. He’s very simple. But the house is huge. When we walk in the foyer we see a spiral staircase that goes up the second floor. Each bathroom has a clawfoot tub. The master bath has a step down tub just how I like it.

It’s nice to see that Marius and I have our own wing like at the last house.

Hours later dinner is served and we meet Marius’ brother Adam and their cousin Juan.

Adam and Juan are close like brothers. They are huge and very big like Jesus. They have some very pretty eyes. Not creepy looking like mines.

I pull his mother to the side and speak with her about Marius suicide mission.

“Of course we won’t let him go alone. Marius is just preparing for the what if’s. My husband will send his whole Cartagena army if he has to. My baby has plenty of back up.”

I cry and sob and hug her. “Thank you.”

After talking to her I felt a little better about Marius’ mission. He will not be alone during the fight with his grandad.

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