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Chapter 31

2 Months later

Annora Pov

“Where are they!” I screech. I’m sick they asses. Both of them. All I ask is that they give me a little dick every 3 hours or so and they go running and hiding. What kind of mob bosses are they? Fucking scaredy cats.

“Where are they,” I yell again.

I see Adam, Marius’ brother and walk up to him. He’s even taller than Marius and way wider. He’s very scary and rarely talks. But at this point I don’t give a damn. They are hiding from me.

“Where is your brother and Coulder Adam.”

He doesn’t say anything and turns his head away which lets me know he knows something.

“Hey take me now or I go to town and act a fucking fool and find them anyway.”

He still remains silent.

I snatch his gun from his holster really quick and call for Ida and turn and walk away.

I grab the keys from the hook and waddle to the car. They got me fucked up.

I see Ida and Adam come running out the house. Adam ran up to me. I turn and I shove the gun under his chin. “Take me to them now. I am hormonal and not in the mood for this shit.”

I turn to Ida. “ Ida you drive. Adam and I will sit in the back seat and he will tell you where to go.”

I turn to Adam and glare. “Do it.”

He says, “go through the gate and take a left into town.”

Ida followed his directions while I silently stewed. My rage knows no bounds at this point. How can they do this to me? Do they realize I’m vulnerable and need dick and attention.

I’m not paying attention to the directions. When we stop I see that we pulled up at a strip club. It’s 6 in the evening, what the hell are they doing at a strip club.

I become very fucking angry. They want to look at pussy, but running from the pussy they have at home.

I quickly get out of the car and march inside. The bouncer tries to stop me but when he looks back and sees Adam he lets me pass.

I walk in and see Marius and Coulder with bitches shaking their asses in their faces. While they stare lustfully and drink from a glass.

I see red in my vision. I start walking towards them while shooting. Everyone scatters like roaches. Both Marius and Coulder flip over behind the couch and the women run while screaming and so do the other patrons.

“Are you crazy,” says Adam while coming up behind me and snatching the gun from my hands.

I stare into his blue-greyish eyes and cry.

“They’re cheating on me.”

“So, you’re gonna kill them for that. People get cheated on all the time. Give me this damn gun you nut job.”

He turns to where Marius and Coulder are taking cover. “Come on out you guys. It’s just your crazy ass woman out here shooting up my club. I’ll send you the bill for the damages.”

I see Coulder and Marius poke their heads out from the back of the couch.

Marius glares at me. “Annora, what the fuck are you doing here.”

“I’m looking for you and imagine my surprise to find you here. You both are in here tryna pay for some pussy and you won’t even fuck me.”

I try to grab for the gun, but Adam holds it from me.

Coulder says,” Annora we’re just here blowing off some steam. You are so big and having sex with have become….. Difficult.”

Tears come to my eyes, “are you saying I’m disgusting.”

“Of course not. We just needed a break is all.”

“Well I’ll give you motherfuckers a permanent break. Fuck you both. I’ll raise this baby on my own.”

I turned and walked as fast as I could form the club. Fuck them both. Ida meets me at the entrance. “Annora are you all right.”

“No, get me out of here.”

Marius runs from the club and grabs my arms. I turn and try to scratch his eyes out, but he catches my hands. I kick him in the nuts and he goes down. I make my way to the passenger side of the vehicle to get in but Coulder grabs me. I turn and slap him and kick him in the balls also. I turn to hop in the vehicle, but I slip on the bottom ledge of the car.

I cry out and go down. I try to hold my stomach, but it hits the corner of the door. Automatically I feel pain. Then I feel a wet substance between my legs. I reach under my dress and touch my leg. I pull my hand up to see blood.

I stare at it in horror. “Marius!!.” I screech loud. I look over at Ida. “Take me to the hospital now!!.”

Marius picks me up bridal style and we get in the back seat. Coulder joins us while Adams sits up front with Ida.

Marius says, “ Adam get that hospital on lock down, especially the L&D section. Annora, are you sure you don’t want to go home.”

“Hell no. I want to be at the hospital with medicine. Marius I’m only seven months pregnant. It’s too early. This is all your fault. Get the fuck away from me.” I said and pushed him.

My pain is escalating fast. Coulder rubs my back, but I slap his hand away and glare at him. “Both of you can go back to your bitches. Fuck both of ya’ll. Wait until this shit is over.”

I couldn’t finish my vow because a pain hit me in my back and traveled to the front of my stomach and down to my vagina.

“Annora, we’re sorry ok, just calm down. You don’t want to endanger the baby do you. Calm down and maybe the doctor can slow it down.”

“Fuck you Coulder. You hurt me. How could you go with my husband to a strip club.”

Coulder says, “ Annora, watch the attitude, this is your last warning.”

I grumble but remain silent. Sometimes Coulder unnerves me more than Marius.

Another sharp pain hits me and I cry out and bend over.

I say, “Ida speed this car up! Marius, call the doctor and let her know that we’re coming.”

What seem like hours we pull up at the emergency room and Marius carry me bridal style inside. We’re quickly rushed upstairs and into a private hall. I guess this where the elite have their babies. Right now I can care less I’m in too much pain.

“Somebody give me something please.”

The nurse says, “ ma’am the anesthesiologist is on his way up and so is your doctor.”

My doctor made it and we explained the situation to her. About me only being 7 months and how upset I was and the fall against the car door.

“Annora we talked about this. Your baby should be safe for delivery. It’s big anyways and you were never going to carry it full term.”

Marius and Coulder rubs my back as I cry out from the pain. My doctor looks at us funny. I knew she’s been curious about all three of us. When Marius can’t make a doctor’s appointment then Coulder comes with me and he’s as supportive and attentive as Marius. She sometimes stares at Coulder so long that I become a little pissed off. Like now.

Coulder growls, “well let’s get to it.”

Thank god a knock sounded at the door. It’s the anesthesiologist.

My doctor says, “ Annora when he’s done I will come back in and break your water.”

The anesthesiologist says, “everyone out please. I can’t have her distracted while I put the needle in her back.”

“What!!, how long is this needle you trying to put in my back.” I turn to Marius. “Marius I don’t want a needle in my back.”

“Would you rather be in pain.”

He has a point there.

“Fine, but I want you here. I don’t want you to leave.” I grab Marius and Coulder’s hands, “ Ida and Adam can step out but these two are staying.”

I glare at the doctor.


As Ida and Adam leave the doctor starts taking IV tubes from his bag. When he pulled out a long plastic thing that looks like a needle I turned my head away and stared at Marius in horror. Then cry out as another pain hit me. I told him to hurry the hell up.

When I felt the medicine working I felt like I was on a cloud. I also felt a little high. Everything else must have been blocked out because when the drugs wore off I came to. I see Marius walking around the room holding a bundle while whispering to it.

Coulder slaps his back. “Congrats pops.”

Marius nods. “She’s beautiful isn’t she. I never want to let her go.”

“She is very beautiful.”

I clear my throat and reach for some water. The men are at attention. Coulder comes to help me sit up and drink some water. He sits behind me and I prop up on him while Marius walks towards me with my baby and places her in my arms.

She has a head full of curly hair. I can’t see her eyes because she’s asleep. She looks like both of us. She has more of Marius exotic features.

I look up at him with tears in my eyes. “She’s so beautiful Marius. She also looks healthy. Were there any complications? Is she ok.”

“She’s fine.”

We all remain silent and stare at her. Wanting to love and protect her forever.

Six Weeks Later

“How is she,” Marius says while walking into the room.

“Fine,” came the clip reply. I’m still angry at him and Coulder. They went to a strip club and upset me. They are the reason my baby came early.

He snatches me by the back of my neck fast and jerks my neck. “I’m sick of your attitude with shit. You must forget who runs shit around here. You think I’ve been letting that shit slide. No I wasn’t. I was just waiting for your 6 week appointment and for those stitches to heal. It’s time I redeem my bet.”

“What bet.”

“Oh, how you forget so soon. I bet that it was a girl and you bet that it was a boy. You lose, so you’ll do what I say. But to be fair, you were doing it anyways.”

He turns to someone in the hall. “Ida can you watch Cataleya( Ca-ta-lay-uh) please.”

“Sure,” she comes in limping a little.

Marius says, “ what’s wrong with you.”

“Nothing,” she says. Marius let it go because I started to struggle in his arms and told him to let me go.

He only holds me tighter. He starts marching us to the door beyond the kitchen and down to the basement. I hate damn basements.

He dragged me down the stairs and threw me on the floor.

I get up angry. “Fuck you Marius. “

He slaps me. I move to attack him but he grabs my throat and shoves me against the wall.

He says, “ I’m going to punish and break you. You’ll be the perfect submissive when I’m done with you. No more nice Marius. And to drive my point home and to show you that you have no friends. I brought in an expert on torture.”

I look over to see Coulder step into the room in some jeans. No shirt or shoes. Damn. He looks like he means business. But he’s still fine as hell. Marius also takes off his shirt. My pussy starts to throb.

Then I remember my situation. “Why am I here.”

“For torture of course.” Coulder says this with a smirk.

They quickly rushed me and before I knew it I’m tied and strung up.

Marius grabs a ruler and starts talking. “From now on you will be the perfect wife, lady, and mother. You will curve that smart mouth and if something goes on that you object to, you will take the necessary procedures to do so which will be explained to you later. No more manhandling my crew to get them to tell you shit. You either trust us or suffer the consequences and there will be consequences, more severe than the last.”

I can’t believe they are coming at me like this. If I do all that I wouldn’t be me anymore.

“So you want to change me Marius. I’m not good enough for the both of you.”

“These are trying times. What if you run off looking for us and get kidnapped or my grandfather finds you and kills you, because that’s what he’ll do. He’s going to kill you when he finds you.”

My breath hitch as my actions put my baby, Ida and Adam at risk.

“Now you get it. So this here starts the new day of your life. Coulder and I are still working our jobs. We’re doing it behind the scene and with people we trust. So when we come home from a long day of work. The house better be clean, food better be cooked and you better be on your knees inside the bedroom ready to serve. Your punishemnts will be with whip, belts, torture devices, our hands, which ever tickle our fancy at the time. Coulder prefers spanking your ass, but you already know I don’t care.”

“Marius, your ass has finally gone off and reached the deep end if you think.”

Before I’m done. Coulder is inserting a thing in my mouth. It connects in the back of my head. It feels like a ball gag except for it has a round hole in the front where the ball should be. Coulder adjust the hold bigger. My mouth spreads and I wiggle in my restraints.

Coulder pull down his pants and shove his dick inside hole through the gag. His dick fills my mouth. I Can only move my tongue. I can’t move my teeth to bite his dick off.

I’m on my knees on the floor. My arms and legs are shackled to the wall by long chains.

“Keep talking with that smart mouth and this will happen everytime or a punch. It depends on the person,” says Marius.

Coulder fuck my mouth until he cums. His cum slides down my throat until I gag. I have so much spit and cum build up because I can’t move my jaws to swallow. Next Marius stood in front of me. I glare at him. Then he shoves his dick through the contraption inside my mouth. My tongue involuntarily caresses the underside of his dick. Minutes later he cums. I’m just left there with nothing but a mouth full of fucking cum.

Tears come to my eyes. Tears of anger. Marius sees this and smirks.

Marius says, “Coulder hand me that whip over there and you better get yours out. It looks like we are in for a long ride.” After he says this he swings the whip. Coulder tells him to hold on while he comes towards me with some scissors and cuts my clothes from me. I glare and mumble a fuck you.

As soon as he is done, Marius lets me have it. He whips my back, my front and pussy. I sag down from screaming and pulling my restraints. I’m tired and exhausted already.

Marius drops the whip and I think it’s over until Coulder steps up with a bunch of restraints with buckles on them.

Marius unhook me from my shackles. I fight, kick and curse until Coulder grabs me by the throat and slam me on a skinny, long padded bed. It looks like a bed at the doctor’s office when you’re getting your pap smear. It even has the stir ups to hold your legs up.

He and Marius work as a team to secure me. There were so many of these things. They look like wide belts. Before I knew what was happening I’m twisted up like a pretzel on the bed. My limbs are all in the air but twisted and locked by whatever the hell these things are. My muscles are starting to scream in protest. My legs are somehow behind my ears and locked back with the ties.

My arms are twisted and locked and placed over my head. Coulder stands at the foot of the bed and Marius is at the head of the bed.

Marius says, “ damn. We need to keep her like this more often. Nothing but pussy, ass and mouth on display.”

Coulder says, “ ready to have some fun.”

“Fuck yeah.” After Marius says this he shoves his dick in my mouth and Coulder shoves his dick in my pussy. Then they somehow flipped me over and repositioned the belt ties and fucked my ass and mouth.

They each took turns fucking and beating me. And that wasn’t the sad part. The sad part was I couldn’t bust not one nut. They wouldn’t let me. After hours of torture and pain. They let me off the table. Coulder came and shackled me back to the wall. Marius comes minutes later with something in his hands. It’s my breast pump. I have been leaking. But that didn’t stop them. They just licked it and kept fucking me.

Marius attached me to the pump. I could care less anymore. I’m in too much pain. I just want my baby, a bath and lay down. Marius can fuck off with all this and I’m sure my eyes told him that.

“Defiant to the end my love. Will see about that when I leave you here for weeks.”

My eyes widen in terror. He walks up to me and removes the thing from my mouth.

“You’ll really keep me from my baby that long. You’re a monster Marius. Fuck both of you.”

The breast pump was removed and whips were brought back out. They both whipped me. Then unshackled me and fucked me on the floor. Still not letting me cum. Marius lay in front of me with my leg raised and pound my pussy while Coulder lay behind me and pound my ass. They both kiss and lick on me until I start twitching with my orgasm then they will stop. I screamed and cried in frustration and anger.

When they were done. They left me there. I didn’t see anyone for a whole day. My body shook with my sobs. I’m in so much pain. My pussy, ass and mouth hurts. They used me brutally. I was only cleared by the doctor today to have sex, but she still told me to take it easy.

I fell asleep and when I woke up the basement was still empty except for a plate of food and my breast pump. I ate the food, then pumped my breast.

The third day I was screaming for someone, anyone. What if they forgot about me or with some bitches.

What they fell to realize is that they are mine. I will always be possessive of them. But I don’t want to put their entire operation at risk with my impulsiveness and get killed. I know that would hurt them both. Then all planning would go out the window and they would attack recklessly.

When I hear the door open. I quickly get on my knees with my head bowed low. They both stand there, not saying nothing.

“I’m sorry. Please let me see my baby. I know I can act rashly sometimes, but that’s how I act when my feelings are hurt. I’m possessive of you too. You are mine and no one will change that. I will die for you. Just try to understand where I’m coming from also. I love you and if you left me.” I couldn’t finish. I gasp and sob with my head still down. I become quiet because I don’t know what else to say to get my point across.

Soon I’m wrapped into a warm blanket and picked up. We leave the basement and head to my room. I’m placed in a tub full of water. I sigh and close my eyes. Both men washed me and catered to me. I’m a little self conscious about my pugh but it gets smaller everyday. I am happy for the rest of my body. I went from a small A cup to a C. My breast is sitting right. My thighs and ass are meaty. They jiggle when I walk. I’m short and stacked and I love it.

Afterwards I’m dried and then placed in bed. They rub and massage me until I fall asleep.

When I wake up Coulder is here holding Cataleya.

I sit up quickly and reach for her. She nuzzles my breast. I take it out and feed her. While I stare down into her face Coulder starts to talk.

“Annora, sometimes I look at things from your side. But that doesn’t excuse your actions. It upsets me and pisses me off when you jump to conclusions and especially when you try to disrespect us with that mouth of yours. Marius and I would never cheat on you. We crave you. You are it for us. So you have to stop acting rashly when you think we’re doing something you don’t like. You have to trust us. You know what kind of men we are.”

“Oh yea, what if you found out I was trying to cheat on you and Marius.”

He growls, “ pain. Endless and unsurmountable pain, so don’t even say shit like that. You know I don’t play when it comes to you.”

“Well I feel the same Coulder. I go crazy with thoughts and soon my thoughts are in action. I mean it when I say you are mine.”

He says, “ I never thought women can be as possessive as any man.”

“Well believe it.”

He grabs my chin hard and glares into my eyes.

“What was that last statement? Are you getting smart already.”


“Good, because the rules still stand, now put Cataleya to sleep and come cook.” He kisses us both on the forehead and leaves.

I look down on her. “Do you see what I have to put up with Caddy.” I kiss her. Then burp her and put her to sleep.

I go downstairs and start dinner and shake my head at this house. Shit is everywhere. If they’re gonna lock me up at least they could clean up.

I shake my head again and get to work.

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