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Chapter 32

2 Years Later

Marius Pov

I walk into the house mad as hell. I can’t believe it’s taking me this long to kill that motherfucker. I’ve sent teams to scout out his island but they never come back. I walk to my office and pour myself a drink. I pour shots until I’m damn near drunk.

Nora comes in. “Marius what’s wrong.”


“Marius, talk to me.”

“Another one of my scouts is missing.”


Suddenly I hear, baby shark doo doo doo.

“Well, keep thinking and trying. I know you will figure this out.”

Mama shark doo doo doo. Is still in the background loud as fuck.

“Don’t patronize me Nora.”

Daddy shark doo do dooo dooo.

“I’m not. I’m only trying to be here for you. Since all this you’ve become so,” I saw his glare and stopped mid- sentence.

Grandma shark dooo doo doo.

“I’ve become what. Somebody you hardly recognize. Say it.”

Grandpa shark doo dooo dooo.

“Who in the fuck is listening to kids music. I thought Cataleya is at my mom’s.”

Baby shark doo dooo.

“That’s Caddy and Coulder. I’m getting ready to take her now. I heard you come in and wanted to see you.”

Why she’s just now deciding to take her. I slap her ass to the ground.

“Why the fuck are you just now taking her. You’re throwing her whole schedule off.”


I picked her by her shirt and snatched her to me. “What the hell have you been doing all fucking day.”

“I’ve been cleaning up. Your brother and cousin came here and ate and wrecked the place and kept waking Caddy from her sleep with the loud noise. I’m just now finishing cooking and cleaning.”

I pushed her away. I’m too angry to deal with her. I know I’ve been taking my problems out on everybody. I just feel like a fucking failure. I haven’t told anyone this, but I’m going to scout myself. Nobody knows my grandfather like me. I am him. He and I think a lot alike.

“Go do what the fuck I say.”

She glares at me. I quickly grab her nipple and twist and squeeze until she cries out and apologizes.

I leave her there and go find my baby. I find her in the living room sitting on Coulder’s lap. She’s throwing her head from side to side while clapping and singing baby shark.

“Hey Leyla, my pudding pop.”

“Daddy,!” She screams. We all wince. She runs to me and I pick her up and hold her close to me and close my eyes.

I definitely have to survive. Especially for her. I was planning on attacking my grandfather when she was a baby. So in case I die it wouldn’t have mattered because she would not have known me. But since my plans keep getting foiled and she knows me and loves me. I couldn’t leave her to ask Annora and others, ” where’s her daddy”.

I want to be here for her.

“Where have you been daddy.”

“Working my little ankle biter.” I make fart noises under her neck while tickling her.

She laughs and screams. I wince and stop. My Leyla loves screaming, she gets that from her mama.

I look over at Coulder. He is watching the hell out of PJ Mask now since baby shark has gone off. “Hey, you want to watch PJ Mask all day or you want to suit up and come help me with something.”

He nods, but is still looking at the tv.

He says,” I hope they catch that bitch.”

I nod. ” They do. I saw that episode.”

“Spoilers man.”

I shrug.

Caddy gets down from me and runs back to Coulder.

“Papi D. You promise to watch tv all day with me,” Cataleya says then pouts.

“I know sugar plum fairy, but your dad needs my help, ok rough and stuff.” He grabs her curly afro puffs and shakes them until she starts to giggle.

Coulder told Cataleya about all his secret names. He told her his real name is Declan, but he can’t go by that name for certain reasons. So Cataleya calls him papa D. So she secretly calls him by a part of his real name. It’s an inside joke for them.

Coulder asked was it ok for her to call him papa D.

I don’t care as long as she knows who her real father is.

She’s two years old and very smart. She is very observative like me. So I’m sure she knows what’s going on between all of us.

After they’re done wrestling on the floor Annora comes in and tells Cataleya it’s time to go.

I tell her. “Your escorts will follow you so drop her off and come right back.”

She nods.

“I can’t hear you wife.”

“Ok Marius. I will.”

I nod. She still has a little defiance in her, but we’ve been beating that out over the years.

She’s so close to perfect.

We grab our guns and start loading them while still watching PJ Mask.

Minutes later I say, “I told you they were going to get the bitch, now let’s go.”

Annora POV

Marius gets on my fucking nerves. I see now that he let me get to him when I used to scratch and punch on him. That’s why I hate when he’s in a bad mood. I can’t get away with shit. And Coulder is no better. I thought he was the nice sweet one. But he was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Don’t get me wrong I still love them more now then I did in the beginning. They can be so sweet and attentive and show me so much love that I need a break from it.

Coulder informs me that he has let Marius blunder long enough. He’s stepping in soon. Really soon.

I know Marius and my relationship is toxic as hell and with Coulder thrown in, it’s catastrophic.

Over the years Marius has become way worse with torture and the beatings.

But no matter what I do I fall short somewhere and he beats me and I’m not allowed to pout and have an attitude or all hell will break loose.

And what’s worse, Coulder is always on his side when it comes to me or my safety and Coulder punishments are scarier because I rarely feel pain. Instead I feel alone, lost or scared and dependent upon them more.

He once put me in a dark room and just when I thought I saw light there was none. Another time he put me in a dark maze before with all kinds of noises and things moving in the dark. When I saw him at the end of that maze I grabbed him so tight. I was too afraid to realize it was his fault at the time. I was glad to see another person and to know I wasn’t alone in the dark anymore.

Coulder was a psych major. He knows how to get into your head. I’ve come to depend on them both. Especially in the dark. They put me down only to build me right back up. I live for their praises. They love the fact that I’m a great mother.

Marius says I surprise him more and more everyday until. Then he gets in a bad mood then I just try to stay out of his way.

But I seriously don’t know if this submissive stuff is for me. No matter how many times they get on me. The shit just haven’t registered yet. I do enough to get by, so they think I am. I love cooking, cleaning and catering to their every need so that’s no chore really.

But I think mainly they are doing this because of the impending war that’s coming.

“Mama, how long will I be at grandma’s house,” asked my baby from the back seat.

“Not long pudding. Your father wants you there. But I’ll make sure to come get you later ok.”

“Yes ma’am. Grandma promises to make mud pies with me so I’ll probably be dirty.”

“Thanks for the heads up kiddo.”

I drop her off and head home. I hear noises as I step into the house. I reach under my dress and pull my gun from my garter holster and cock it.”

It sounds like a pain filled noise. What the hell is going on around here. I walk toward the noise and push the door open.

“What the hell is this,” I scream. Mad as hell.

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