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Chapter 33

Coulder Pov

“I’m going to say something to you and I don’t want you to take it the wrong way Marius.”

He stiffen. He’s been going pretty hard lately with Annora and getting everyone prepared. But to me it feels like he’s trying to prepare everyone for his death and I don’t like it.

“Then give it to me straight.”

“You’re off your rocker and worrying everyone, especially your wife. Now, the only reason I’ve let you petal about is because I don’t want to get into an altercation with you like everybody else around you. I respected you at the beginning of all this and my respect has only grown for you over the years. You should be sainted for the relationship you allow me and Ann to have. At first I thought it was too good to be true. I thought you were going to shoot me on many occasions.”

He grunt and smiled slightly, which let me know he thought about it.

“But that’s neither here nor there. I can’t help but to think about your father. Your mother said he died 2 years into their threesome relationship. We hit our 2 year mark months ago and it feels like you’re getting more anxious everyday. Let me help you.”

He says, “I don’t want you taking any unnecessary risks. You are here for Annora.”

“I understand that, but you do know who I was right. I’ve killed many people without touching them or being anywhere near them. You letting me get in on this doesn’t mean I will die and leave Annora alone. You need help. I’ve let you fuck around for almost 2 years. I got this.”

“Ok, when I come back, I’ll let you initiate an attack.”

“Great, now where the hell are you going.”

“All the scouts I’ve sent to my grandfather Island have never come back. I’m going myself. I think a lot like that evil son of bitch. I’m only taking a 2 man crew. You stay here and hold it down. I should be back in 3 weeks with blueprints of the island.”

I nod, “don’t do anything reckless and die. You already know nothing will keep me at bay if that happens.”

He nods and grabs his vibrating phone from his pocket. When he picks up we hear Annora screaming. We’re moving quickly after that.

“What’s wrong,” I ask.

“I can’t understand all that damn screaming. Let’s go.”

We both have panic in our hearts and minds. If anything happens to Annora or Cataleya all bets are fucking off. I’ll kill Marius grandfather my damn self.

We weren’t far. When we pull up everything is quiet. We pull out our weapons and rush into the house.

When we step into the foyer we see Annora there with her gun pointed at Adam and Juan. They are both naked with their hands up in surrender.

Marius says, “Annora what the hell is going on here. Why does my brother and cousin have their dicks out.”

Ann says, “ Marius walk into that room there and tell me what you see.”

Marius walks past her and into the room she pointed to. I walk behind Marius and see Ida on the bed tied up. She has welts and bruises all over her. I quickly throw covers over her and untie her.

Marius is mad and in a clip voice he says, “explain.”

Ida says, “Marius they have been torturing me sexually and told me not to tell you.”

Marius says, “ Ida, you’re a fucking black belt. How are they doing this to you.”

“At the beginning I tried fighting, they would have bruises too, but when it’s two of them I get overpowered. It only makes it worse if I fight back.”

“How long have they been doing this.”

She’s quite a while and then says, ” almost 2 years. A little after we got here.”

“Son of a bitch.” I hear Annora scream in the hall. “You mean to tell me you both have been doing this to her for 2 years. I should shoot your dicks off. Lord. How did I not know this or feel this. I’m so sorry Ida.”

Adam says. “Annora calm down. We wanted her and she wouldn’t cooperate.”

Annora screams, “ so you force her, you motherfuckers.!!”

I run and take Ann’s gun from her hand before she shoots Marius’ brother and cousin.

She says, “aren’t you family or some shit.” Annora is really pissed.

Marius says, “ Nora, Ida is my cousin on my father’s side. They are not family. Technically.”

Annora says, “ you really want to get technical with me right now Marius when your family members have been raping and abusing your other family member. What are you going to do Marius, because these motherfuckers are no longer allowed at my fucking house.”

Ida runs to Annora with the sheet still wrapped around her. “Annora, please don’t. This is Marius’ family. I don’t want to come between that. I’ll find somewhere else to go.”

“The hell you will. Ida, how are you a black belt and this sweet.”

She turns away. “I will only fight if my family’s lives are in danger. I will not cause unnecessary harm. I’m sorry Ann, but I don’t want to fight.”

Annora turns to Marius, obviously not liking Ida’s answer.


Marius looks at a loss for words so I step in.

I clear my throat. “Ida, I respect you greatly so don’t take offense to this question I’m about to ask you. Do you like their advances? Do you want something to be done?. If you say yes then they will be done here and Marius and I will take them out back and beat their asses.”

Ida looks at Annora and Marius and me. She then looks at Adam and Juan.

Ida says, “ Coulder, I love them. I just want to leave the house and be a regular woman. They have these rules. I can’t leave the house. I can’t see anyone else. I..I want a life too and not to hide our relationship. But every time I bring it up they tie me to the bed out of jealousy and anger and beat me, but not where anyone can see it. I-I.”

“Ida stop this. You don’t want that. Don’t make this shit public. Even with Coulder, Marius and me only a select few know.”

“Ann. I understand that part, but they have women. They think I don’t know. I should be allowed to mingle and have friends too.”

“Over my dead body,” says Adam. He growled so hard then he stepped his big body towards Ida.

She says, “stop it Adam. I want to go out on dates and be with people my age too.”

I always wonder why she didn’t go out and date. Ida is down right beautiful.

This is getting out of hand. I look over to Marius.

He clears his throat.

He says,” Adam, Juan I’m very disappointed..”

“Oh cut the shit Marius. You don’t give a damn. You barely can drum up words to lie. How could you. Ida is your cousin and she has been down with you since the beginning. Protect her damn it.”

“Watch your fucking mouth.”

Annora is quiet but her glare remains. So I step in again.

“Ok fellows. You can’t step foot in this house until you’re ready to make an honest woman out of Ida. Annora is right. Ida has been invaluable to our family. So you need to move her in with you and be committed to her and only her. She somehow managed to fall in love with both of you and how she did that is beyond me.You both are whores. You slang way too much dick to be in a monogamous relationship. I’m not snitching just being honest. If I had to choose, I would be on Ida side. She’s sweet and deserves everything you have to give other than your STD’s. So until you are ready to do that you are not allowed in this house. Go get dressed and leave.”

I turn to Ida. “Ida, you go relaxed. Tomorrow I will plan you a day of beauty. You are going to talk to everybody and find you some friends. Don’t worry about cost, Marius and I will pay for it. We appreciate you and it’s time we show it.”

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