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Chapter 34

Annora Pov

After Adam and Juan leave and Ida goes back to her space I turn angry eyes to Marius.

“You couldn’t say one fucking word against what they where doing, and do you want to know why you can’t say shit Marius. It‘s because you understand where they are coming from don’t you. Because that’s simple logic. If a woman doesn’t want your ass you raped them, grab their pussies and stick a big dick up their asses, right? Because that’s what you are Marius, an evil dick. The saddest part is. That shit runs in your family. And the most shocking part is it’s your mama side of the family. I leave my child with that lady. How many people have she raped back in the day.”

The more I talk the more pissed he got, but I was too angry to care.

He moved to grab me but I took off running. I reach the kitchen and out of the patio doors. I reach the backyard and stumble over Cataleya toys. But I would not go down. I quickly jumped over it and haul ass. Our back yard is 5 acres, so I’m just running. I don’t know where to. I just know I can’t let him catch me. I hear a shout far back and I get happy. That means I have a good head start.

Then I hear gunshots and fall down. The shock and surprise of it all made me go down.

I only went down for a couple seconds, but that’s all he needed. He was on me in seconds.

He’s breathing heavy. I pause and don’t move. He flips me over on my back. As I stare into his murderous face. I realize I do not know how to pick my battles. Because this was the wrong battle to act a fool on.

He’s holding his gun in his hand. He’s not pointing it at me. It’s pointed toward the ground. It’s very lax in his hand. But that doesn’t mean he won’t lift it a little and point it towards my head.

“Marius I overreacted. I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t stop talking now. Keep that shit up. You said what about my mother fucking mama!!.”

“Nothing, Marius please. I overreacted, baby.”

He gets down on his knees then slang one over me so that he’s sitting astride me.

He bites my neck hard. I jerk in his arms. Marius looked like he could really kill me now.

He screams, “ don’t you ever fix your mouth to talk about shit you don’t know about!!.”

I jump again from his loud scream.

“Ok, baby.” My voice hitch because I’m a minute away from crying.

His head is sitting in the crook of my neck biting me hard, so I can’t see his face, but his voice is just as bad. He lifted up a little so he could snatch my neck tight and squeeze.

“It runs in the family huh, Nora, I don’t have shit to say about my cousin that has been with me since day one, who’s been getting raped and tortured. You want me to show you this monster baby.” He cocked his gun. He did it so swiftly that I was slow to react when he released my neck. But he quickly cocked it and was back on me in a milo second. He held the gun to the side of my head, while starting down at me with rage in his eyes.

“Please Marius, don’t kill me. I didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

I raise up and kiss him, “ Marius, stop this. I’m sorry,” I say against his lips. Hoping it would distract him. I maneuver so he’s between my legs.

Soon I’m unbuttoning his pants right there in the dirt and grass that I’m laying on. I moved my panties to the side and shoved his dick inside me and started lifting my hips and pumping my pussy on his dick.

I watch the rage in his eyes turn to passion and lust. He and I roll our hips ensync. I am still kissing him. I kissed him deeply then started to lick his neck while still rolling my hips and throwing this pussy on him.

This is very cowardly but I thought Marius was going to really kill me this time.

I moan. I stare into his eyes. “ I’m sorry baby.”

He wasn’t listening. He was too business pounding my pussy.

I moan yes. Crisis averted. I moan again because his dick is feeling so good.

He suddenly flips me over so I’m on my stomach in the grass. He lay flat on my back and shoves his dick back in and pounds me into the grass. I feel his hard chest and abs against my back. He’s angrily fucking me. It’s clarified when he grabs my neck. He sits my neck in his elbow like he’s trying to put me in a choke hold. He tightens it. I’m making gurgle noises and patting his elbow. But he doesn’t stop. He continues to pound me and tighten his elbow around my neck.

“Marius please.” I manage to push out from the tight grip he has on my neck. He released the pressure a little. Enough for me to cum and collapse on the ground.

He grunts and pulls out and shoots his load in the grass. Marius knows I’m on the pill but he doesn’t want to risk pregnancy. Because of his stupid suicide mission that I can’t get angry about.

But it makes me angry now that I’m thinking about it. I get up and fix my clothes and dust myself off and march towards the house.

I didn’t get far. Marius grabs my hair and snatches me back towards him. My back is against his chest. I stand silently waiting on him. I already know what he’s going to say. “This shit isn’t over.”

I start to walk away again. But he snatches me back again and slaps me down to the grass.

“Are you fucking ignoring me.”

I’m on the grass crying and holding my cheek.

“No Marius.”

“Get the fuck up and get inside the house.”

I remain silent. Scared to say anything to him. He walks behind me silently fuming. I feel his anger coming from him.

When we make it back to the patio doors. Coulder is there leaning against the door eating an apple. I glare at him. He could at least try to help me sometime.

I stomp past him to the kitchen.

Coulder says, ” you’ll pay for that glare later Ann. Right now Marius has something he wants to tell you. But first look what Adam and Juan left here.”

I turn to see him holding a joint.

I say. “Are you serious Coulder. You want to get high.”

He nods and looks at Marius. Marius shrugs and grabs the lighter and joint from Coulder and goes back out to the patio furniture and sits down. We both follow him. I need this. I hope it calms me down. I’m so angry. But I’m afraid to show it. Marius abuse knows no bounds these days and I’m getting tired of it.

He makes it clear that if I fight back or in any way go against him the punishments will be worse and he means every word.

“If you’re going to come out here with an attitude stay your ass in the house.”

I freeze, heart thumping. I fix my face and attitude then walk out the doors.

When I sat down. Marius and Coulder scrutinized my face. I just keep my eyes on the joint.

Marius fires it up. Puff it and pass it to Coulder. Coulder puffs then pass it to me. I hit it and was taken on a ride.

Minutes later I’m laughing and eating snacks that I brought to the table.

I say, “have you guys ever notice how scary all these damn toys look. No wonder my baby doesn’t want to play with them. Just look at that purple monster sticker on her power wheel. And look at that scary ass clown on her sit and spin toy.” I laughed again and popped a grape in my mouth then chased it with whipped cream.

They both burst out laughing after they looked at the toys.

Marius reaches for my snacks and I hold them away from him.

“Marius stop.”

Then I see Coulder reach for my oatmeal pie.

I laugh. ” Stop. Go get your own snacks.”

“Give it up Annora or we’ll take them.”

“Fine. Here. You guys are such bullies.”

I love it when we are like this. It makes me feel loved and cherished.

“Marius, Coulder I want to be normal again. Marius, you and Coulder scare me so much sometimes. I know you said I’m good at this submissive stuff and you’re proud of me, but I miss being free and saying or doing whatever I wanted to.”

Marius says, ” you will never say whatever..”

He was interrupted by Coulder, “Ann you have been extremely good with this obedient stuff. And we are proud of you. You are a great mother. At first I thought you were going to do something silly like take Cataleya and run and I was going to have to hunt you down and torture you. But this is all until that old fucker is dead. Afterwards Marius and I will take you and Cataleya on a vacation. Wherever you want to go. You can even bring Ida, Gideon and Asia. I know you want them to come. But you need to listen and believe it when we say it’s all for your protection. Because if anything happens to you or Cataleya all bets are off and we’re attacking whether we have a fucking plan or not.”

He grabs my chin so I’m looking in his eyes.

“You understand me baby.”

“Yes Coulder. I know you guys are doing this for mine and Cataleya’s safety. I will remain patient. Thank you.”

I reached over and kissed him hard on the lips.

“Now. Marius has something he needs to tell you.”

I look over at Marius and try to control my anger at him. I’m still mad from earlier.

Marius clears his throat. “Since all my scouts have gone missing I decided to go myself. I will come back with a lay out of his domain and execute a plan. He has since moved and I need to know where.”

So many emotions and feelings hit me at the same time, but the main one at the forefront is hopelessness. No matter what I say or do he will go and possibly not come back.

I get up from the patio table and run inside the house and up the stairs into my bathroom. I close and lock the door. I lean against it and cry my eyes out. I’ve been married to Marius for a little over two years. 2 years and 5 months to be exact. I’ve been knowing about his grandfather for the past 2 years, but I’m still not ready for this. No matter how much he prepares me.

I wipe my eyes and take off my clothes. I turn on the shower and hop in. My tears start anew in the shower.

I don’t know what to say to him. Marius doesn’t play disrespect on any level anymore. I used to loud mouth him and act and fool and hit him. But that shit is out the window now.

The last time I got fed up with him and told him exactly what I thought of his plan. And I followed it with a slap.

He almost broke my nose. He hit me so hard. Then he threw me in the basement and I didn’t see Cataleya for a whole week. So no. I will not do anything against them.

So what could I possibly say to him. But the mood he’s in, he will look at me running from the table as an offense. I don’t want to do this with Marius especially if he’s leaving soon.

I’m done with the shower so I get out. I wrap the towel around me and leave the bathroom.

I go to my walk-in closet and grab some panties from the dresser then put on a dress. I sit on the bed and lotion my body. I put my hair into a high bun. I take a deep breath and stare out the window.

I hold back more tears. Marius steps into the room. I feel his presence and it’s off. I don’t like this. I have a bad feeling about this.

“Marius. I have a bad feeling about this. Please don’t go.”

“You’re supposed to feel that way.”

“No. This is my strong sense Marius. It doesn’t feel right. What if you run into a trap.”

“I will be careful. I don’t plan on dying. I want to come back to you and my baby.”

He sat down on the bed beside me facing the window. He wraps me in his arms. I lay my head on his chest and pray hard that he comes back.

He Iaid back and I followed him down, keeping my head closely on his chest.

Just lay there and rub each other. Without meaning to, I fall asleep.

When I wake up Marius is gone.

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