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Chapter 35

One week later

Annora Pov

I pace the kitchen nervously. Marius has been gone one week and we haven’t heard anything.

I just made it from dropping Cataleya off at his mom’s house. I have been so nervous and jittery today. My nerves are shattered.

How could Coulder let him go alone. I’m nervous for Marius and frustrated with Coulder.

Is this why I have been killing myself to be submissive and putting up with security whenever I go somewhere. For Marius to fucking die on me. I’m in a whole fucking country that’s not mine own. My daughter has been hearing so much Spanish that she thinks it’s her first language. I’ve learned to speak it since I’ve been here and I switch from English to Spanish so swiftly that I barely even notice now.

I angrily grab my keys from the counter and run from the house.

Fuck everybody. I’m going out to have fun like a normal 28 year old.

I’m going to the square where everyone gets drunk and shakes their asses.

I leave from a different door and drive a different car. If anything happens I have my gun that’s strapped to my thigh. I plan on staying outside and not going inside any of the clubs. They have a whole square with outdoor shops and daiquiris.

I make it there and find parking space. I go straight to the margaritas and daiquiri shop.

After my second drink I start to relax and sway to the music. I notice a guy smiling at me from across the other side of the square. I smile back. He looks like a tourist. Most tourists don’t come this far in, but you have the curious ones that want to see what’s behind the tourist shops.

I find him attractive. He’s standing next to a black guy with dreads. I most certainly will not act upon my attraction. I don’t feel even a tenth for him what I feel for my men. I’m rebelling. I just want to make a statement, but it’s nice to know I still got it.

I got lost inside my head and before I knew it he was across from me introducing himself.

“Hey, I’m Alex.”

“Nice to meet you,” I say and look off. I don’t see his other friend. I avoid his eyes while still swaying to the music.

“Now this is not fair. I gave you a name and I got nothing.”

“I don’t talk to strangers.” I curse inside my head. What am I, a child?

“Can I buy you a drink,” he asks me and steps forward.

I step back a little and to the side so I can see around him. We’re both coming up on the edge of the square. Hardly anybody is back this far.

I can actually hear him a little better.

“I’m still working on this one. Thanks though.” I try to walk around him and he intercepts me.

“Now what?.”

He says, ” I would like to at least know your name, so I’ll know if your name is as half as beautiful as you.”

“I can’t. I’m sorry.” I start to get a bad feeling from him and try to walk away again. He’s being too persistent.

He blocks my path.

“Hey buddy. Can you get the fuck out of my way.”

I see him clinch his jaw. From my peripheral view I see his friend coming fast this way.

Suddenly he grabs me. Tight. Almost like a lover with his face in my neck. To a person that’s passing by it looks like he’s given me a hickey. I start to push at his shoulders. I was making my way to my gun but he’s suddenly snatched from me. Then I’m staring into Coulder’s murderous face.

I try to turn and run. Because I already know my ass is grass. So I ran to buy myself a little time. But I didn’t get far. Coulder grab my hair and snatch me down an alleyway. I’m struggling in his grasps. He has Adam and a crew with him. They grabbed the men too. Alex and his friend are struggling in their grip. Soon they are thrown in a van and I’m thrown in a Suburban truck with Coulder.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing. Do you really think this is the time to show your ass.”

“I’m sorry. I just wanted a little me time.. Coulder please I..”

He grabs my neck and snatches it tight to him. He whispers in my ear. “Shut the fuck up.”

I seize up. Lord, he’s quiet. This means my ass is dead forreal. I rather he yell. Quiet means he’s mad as fuck.

I remain silent. Only breathing heavy. I can barely breathe with his hand wrapped tightly around my neck.

“Coulder please. I need to get Cataleya. Please, Coulder. I can’t breathe.”

“Nice try. And keep talking you’re just making it worse on yourself.”

His voice is so controlled. I hate it.

He releases my neck only to start tracing his finger all over my neck and back.

I start crying uncontrollable. Coulder is going to fuck me up. I’m so scared of his tortures. His mind is sick and I never know when it will end. He’ll take away my hearing. My sight.

I see we are not going home but towards their warehouses.

“Coulder please. I’m sorry.” I try to plead more. I wipe the snot from my nose. He just continues to quietly make different shapes and circles with his fingers on my neck and back.

He hit a pressure point on my neck and I black out.

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