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Chapter 36

Annora Pov

When I come to. I see Coulder standing in front of me with a bucket of water. I realize he threw water on me. I’m also tied to a chair.

I automatically start to cry.

He’s going to torture and hurt me.

“Coulder please.”

“Please what baby. I haven’t touched you yet.”

I look around and see Adam, Juan, Jesus and other men whose names that I don’t know.

“You fucked up,” said Coulder. “I know you’re wondering why everybody is here and now you are nervous. Well you should be nervous. Very fucking nervous.”

“Coulder, please. I only wanted to get out. I’m sorry.”

“Shut the fuck up Annora before I gag you with something sharp.”

“Now as I said, you fucked up. I will list them for you.

1. You left the house without security.

2. You didn’t let me know shit. Not a damn thing.

3. You go to a place where anybody can see you and access you.

4. You around here talking to motherfuckers. You let a man be all in your fucking face.

The fifth and most scary part is. You didn’t think or look at your surroundings. That’s why you need security because they would have known that the man you were talking to was hired by Marius’ grandfather. Him and the 2 other men that were with him.Your security would have checked shit like that out. We had been watching them and Imagined my surprise when I saw him smiling in my woman’s face,” he said and slapped the shit out of me. My lip tingles and swells instantly.

Damn. He’s angry. He rarely ever hit me during his torture, especially with his hand.

But what he was afraid of almost came to fruition. I was reckless and almost got kidnapped. My feelings took over like they always do and I became this spoiled little girl that has to have her way. So I left out the house towards the self gratification I thought I wanted at the time.

I only cry because I feel so much guilt.

“Coulder you were right. I’ll never leave the house again.”

“I know you won’t baby because from now on your ass will be confided to that motherfucker. You can’t do shit or go nowhere. Those little breaks you get when Cataleya is gone, those are over since you didn’t appreciate them. Bring him in. Let’s do this.”

Adam and Juan left out and brought in a struggling and handcuffed Alex.

“You better look at this Annora. This is your punishment. You better not even blink or that’s your ass.”

I start to wiggle in the chair because I have a feeling I won’t like this.

Jesus walks towards Alex.

“What was your mission here? And don’t bother lying. I’m in a torturing mood and I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves.”

I shiver. I shouldn’t really be surprised at Jesus’ actions. These people are all criminals.

Alex stares right at me with defeat in his eyes and says. “To get Annora and possibly the baby alone and kill them both.”

Jesus says, “not to kidnap. You where going to come here and murder and woman and her child.”

Alex remained silent. You can only hear my sobs In the room. He was going to kill me and my baby if I had her with me.

I look up into Coulder’s enraged face. Again I try to wiggle out of the chair but my ropes are tied too tight. I want him to hold me and comfort me. I want my baby. I want Marius. I’m crying so much my head starts to hurt.

Coulder walked toward Alex and snatched him from the chair. He then picked him up and threw him inside a huge barrel. The barrel is standing straight up. Adam quickly hands Coulder the barrel top. Coulder slams the top on the barrel. Alex quickly starts to fight and scream.

“Hand me that fucking drill.” Coulder voice sounds like a damn demon and he’s scaring me. I want to look away from this scene. The screaming and begging, but Coulder warn me not to.

Coulder quickly drill nails into the top of the barrel, so that it would stay sealed tight. Alex will never get out.

I thought Coulder would just leave him there to starve or something. I was wrong.

My breath hitched when I saw Coulder pouring gasoline on the metal barrel.

After the barrel was drenched with gasoline Coulder set fire to it.

I closed my eyes as his screams got louder. But a growled from Coulder had me opening them again. I’ve never seen anyone die before. I know what these criminals did. They never did it in front of me though. Even Gideon is here. This is serious and everyone knows I fucked up. Gideon wouldn’t even look my way.

Soon the metal barrel is super hot and Alex cries turn into the wailing of a burning man. A man that is burning to death. He’s burning alive. I got a mental picture of his skin bubbling off and gag.

I feel bile rise and my throat. Coulder is fucking crazy. His methods of torturing shouldn’t surprise me but it does and I’m terrified.

I want to turn away from the scene. I soon smell burning flesh.

I couldn’t take no more. I turn my head to the side and vomit. I’m not the only one. Some of the crew threw up in a spare barrel or had their hands over their mouth and nose.

But not Coulder. He remains passive and engaged like he has been smelling burnt flesh his whole life.

“Coulder please.” I gasp. “Coulder look at me. I’m done baby. I’ll never do anything this reckless again. Please don’t make me watch this. I can’t take it. ”

“Oh but the fun is just starting Ann. Somebody hand me the fire extinguisher.”

Juan hands Coulder the extinguisher and he sprays the barrel until the fire goes out. All the while everyone is looking at Coulder in a new light.

They think because Coulder let Marius do all the talking and never say anything they think Coulder is a softey. Even Jesus was starting to doubt the great Declan Harper Beck. Coulder is mellow until it comes to me. He doesn’t play when it comes to me. Period. And the only person that gets away with hurting me is Marius. Anyone will be handled as Coulder sees fit.

Coulder doesn’t mind letting Marius lead and make the decision, but Coulder has his own mind. He and Marius are equals when it comes to authority. Coulder wants no part of the mafia. He is all too happy to help only when needed. But today he’s trying to prove a point to me.

He’s on a fucking mission and I’m shaking with trepidation because once he’s done with them, all his concentration will be on me.

I’m feeling faint and dizzy. “Annora close your eyes again and I’ll deal with you here and now. I told you I was just getting started. Somebody bring me the dread head one please.” The crew scramble to do his bidding.

I snap my eyes open. Trying to blink away the smoke and smell that seem to be stuck in my nose.

While we wait Coulder says, “Gideon, you and Adam grab that rope over there. Juan hand me that pulley.”

Once the guy with dreads is brought in. Coulder says, ” I know it was 3 of you that came. But did any of you confirm that she is here.”

“No, man. We didn’t know that was her for sure. We were trying to get her to tell us her name. But she wouldn’t do it so we were going to take her somewhere and get it out of her. She fit the description so we approached her. Listen man if you let me go I won’t say anything. I have a wife and child, please man.”

Coulder was quick to come back with retort. “Did you know you were here to kill a woman and child.”

“Uh we uh.” He stuttered out a reply. He wants mercy but wasn’t prepared to give any to me or my baby.

Coulder says, “so you’re one of those who throw the rock and hide your hand type people huh? You’re a snake. The worst kind of motherfucker.”

“No. I didn’t know man. I swear.”

Coulder says,” Jesus, Adam, Juan and Gideon can you each grab a rope and pulley and tie the rope to his limbs. Once you have his hands roped you can uncuff him.”

They got to work. Everybody is wondering what the hell Coulder will do next. After a few instructions from Coulder they finally had all his limbs roped up. Each rope is attached to a pulley which retracts and extends. But I have a feeling that the pulley won’t be doing any retracting only extending.

What the hell.

Suddenly Coulder yells. “Pull!.”

Adam, Jesus, Juan and Gideon all pull. The guy with the dreads limb stretches out. He screams.

“Pull tighter,” Coulder yells.

Dread head screams. Very loudly. I think I see where this is going and I close my eyes and look away. That was a big mistake.

Coulder walks over to the hardware table and grabs some tape and walks towards me.

He snatches some tape from the roll and taped my eyelids open.

I scream and yell. I’m freaking out because I really can’t blink my eyes. My eyeballs are getting dry because I can’t blink.

Coulder goes back to the fellows and yells pull again and again.

The guy is screaming and begging. I’m crying and sobbing because my eyes can’t close and I’ve seen people tortured in the worst way imaginable today.

These are all big men. Especially Adam.

Coulder yells pull one more time and the guys limbs are pulled from his body. He continued to scream and flop his body around before finally bleeding out and becoming still.

I’m breathing heavy and I start to feel faint again.

But I’m snapped awake by screaming. The third guy is dragged in. “ Fuck all of you. My grandfather will have your heads.”

He laughs a menacing laugh, “that bitch will die and her baby, right alone with the rest of you.”

Adam says, “you realized that baby is your cousin’s baby right. I wish Marius were here, he’ll fuck you up for talking shit about my sister in law and niece. He’ll want you all to himself. But instead you have this scary motherfucker in front of you to deal with. You’ve heard of Declan of the Corbinveous clan right.”

Adam laughs his own sick and menacingly laugh. “You just fucked up, because he just so happens to love that bitch and her baby as you put it.”

The guy starts to squirm. “Declan of the Corbinvenous clan died years ago.”

But I can tell he’s believing Coulder is alive because Coulder is looking at him with so much death.

Adam says, “ nope he’s not dead, he’s alive and well and you manage to piss him off to the max and you lucky I don’t want him on my ass or I would kill you motherfucker for talking shit against my damn family.”

“No matter, My grandfather would…” he didn’t get a change to finish. Coulder grabbed a two foot machete and sliced his arm. It was the arm that Adam was holding. Adam quickly jumps back and out of the way. Coulder quickly proceeded to chop off his other arm and both his legs. Once his limbs are from his body Coulder starts to swing it wildly all over his chests and face.

“Somebody stop him please.” I yell. But nobody does anything. They are afraid to.

Coulder chop and slice on the guy with the machete, blood is everywhere and on everybody. When he’s done. All that is left is chopped up pieces of meat. Meat that looks like beef tips. I’ll never eye beef tips again.

Coulder has fucked me up for life. Is this the type of shit he did when he was Declan.

“Coulder,” I say faintly. My eyes roll back then I pass out.

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