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Chapter 37

Annora Pov

When I come to. I’m at home in my bed. But once I felt chains on my arms I started to cry anew. Then I see Coulder and freeze with terror. I’m so afraid. Then I remember that this is Coulder. He would never do that to me. He likes to torture, but he loves me more. I have to give myself these pep talks when Coulder is in a rage. He, unlike Marius, will stay angry for a long time. Once Marius has punished me his anger is gone. Depending on what I did.

“So that pussy wants attention huh. Marius and I are not fucking you enough. You still want more.”

“No Coulder. It wasn’t like that. I just wanted a normal day out. I was wrong Coulder please forgive me.”

“Hell no. It’s your turn to be tortured now.” As he said this he pulled out a taser. I’m kind of relieved. How much damage could a taser do.

That relief was short lived. When I saw him turn the traser down and open my legs. I began to panic. I started begging and crying vigorously.

“This little kitty wants attention. You can’t imagine the murderous rage I felt seeing that motherfuckers hands all over you.”

The murderous obsession I see in his eyes let’s me know that even if Marius grandfather didn’t send those men, Coulder would have still killed them the same way because of me. Especially Alex because he’s the one that touched me.

He drags the taser to my nipple. “In that second I wanted to kill you Ann. You put yourself in that position to have that fucker all over you.” After he said this he tased my nipple. I arched off the bed in pain at the surprise shock.

The shock was too hard to cause a tingle and too soft to knock me out. But the pain was extremely electrifying. It waved through my whole body. I seized up tight then fell back into the bed breathing heavily.

I screamed. I screamed even louder when he tased my pussy. I could actually feel my pussy lips swelling and throbbing.

But that doesn’t stop him from tasing it again. I scream and arch off the bed.

“Now, look at that pretty pussy sitting there swollen and plump.”

He starts to take off his clothes. His dick spring free. Coulder dick is almost the same size as Marius, which means this shit is going to hurt. Marius is a little longer and Coulder is a little more wider.

“Coulder don’t, please, it hurts.”

“That’s what I’m counting on, baby. ” He shoves his dick inside to the hilt and pounds me into the mattress.

I scream and arch off the bed in pain. I bet my whole face is swollen from all the crying.

I look into his pleasure filled face. I have to try something to get this to stop.

My stare became intense. I say, ” I love you so much Coulder.” I sob. “Please.”

He stops jackhammering into me. He looks down into my face.

“I’m just so lost and feel so hopeless. I feel like I lost myself. I’m so sorry I disappointed you.”

He started back pumping into me, but slowly. He licked and sucked the nipple he tased.

I wish I could touch him, but my hands are still chained. So I started lifting my hips up to meet his thrust.

“Kiss me please. Show me you still love me.”

After I hurt Coulder today or yesterday I don’t really know the time. I can tell he was hurt. Coulder has never threatened to kill me until now, so he must really be hurt.

He kisses me. I start to tingle and clench around his dick.

He moans and pumps faster. I moan. then gasp as he suddenly grabs my throat and squeezes.

“If you ever pull some shit like that again it’s over for you Ann. Do you understand me?.”

I nod vigorously. “Yes. I understand.”

“Good. Now turn over.”

I maneuver the best I can with the chains and flip over on all fours. The chains are long and thin. Instead of ramming it in like I thought. He leans over and bite my ass cheek hard. I moan.

He worked his way up with the bites. He bit my lower back. My upper back, my neck. Then slapped my ass hard then grabs my ass flesh and pushes it up then shoves his dick in, right away I came. I’m so worked up. My pussy clenched around his dick then he cums.

I fall on my stomach and he falls on me. Usually he never laid his body on mine because I was so skinny and small, now since I got a little more meat on my bones he does as he pleases.

I hear a noise. It sounds like a phone. Coulder raised up and pulled his cell phone from his pants.


Did he just speak Russian?. After a few moments of listening he switched to English.

He put the phone on speaker and I heard Marius’ voice.

I sit up quickly. “Marius. Are you ok.”

“I’m fine. I should be home within a week or two.”

“Damn that. Tell him what you did.”

I remain silent. So Coulder tells him.

Coulder says, “our little spitfire went on a single joy ride yesterday. She ordered a drink and decided to conversate with some men from the town square. Men that turned out to be sent here by your gramps. Your grandfather has narrowed down your location. I don’t know if he has confirmation or not, but we will remain vigilant. Also the men that tried to kidnap her are taking a dirt nap. She is currently tied to the bed weeping her punishment.”

“Nora.” He growled out. And I just felt wrong. How can one bad decision turn into this.

“Marius, I..i feel so bad. I will never do something so foolish again.”

“Annora, that was beyond reckless. Do you think we say and do this for shits and giggles. Coulder, leave her ass tied to the bed for a couple more days and whip the shit out of her. I already know he took it easy on you, but you already know I won’t. I’m out here risking my life to remove you from danger and you leave the house unsupervised and run towards the danger.”

Marius is breathing heavy like a bull. He’s so damn angry.

“Marius, please.”

He screams at me and I jump.

“Coulder. Stay with me on the phone and go get the whip. I want to hear her screams.

“No please.”

Coulder didn’t have to go far for the whip. They have stash spots all over. So one was inside the room.

When he comes back I say, “ please no, just this one time. I have been doing good for years with not one mistake.”

Coulder says, “ I’ll take that into consideration.”

Over the phone Marius say,” since he wants to be soft I want more torture methods. I want fucking picture of bruises.”

Coulder says, “I’ll send you one now.”

Coulder takes a picture of my pussy and breast and sends it to Marius.

Marius burst out laughing. “Damn, her pussy is swollen. How did you manage that?”

“Taser,” Coulder replied.

Marius says, “ that pussy wanted some attention baby. Is that why you ran away. Coulder and I should have taken a break from keeping you safe and fucked you more and showed you more affection.”

“No Marius, that isn’t it at all baby. You guys are more than enough. I wouldn’t dare cheat. I just want to be free for only a little while. You up and left. I guess I was feeling. I don’t know what I was feeling. I’m sorry.”

He says nothing for a couple of seconds even then he only says, “Coulder.”

Coulder starts to whip the shit out of me. On my back, my front and my thighs, but the worst part is when he whipped my already sore and swollen pussy.

I screamed so much that I became hoarse.

Coulder finally stopped. He picked the phone back up and took a picture of me on the bed crying and bruised and sent it to Marius.

Over the speaker I hear Marius voice his approval. “Now, since we have been so negligent to the point where she needed to go out and be fucking free. I want you to show our lady so much attention that she can’t stand it. I want every hole and creviced on her body filled with dick and cum. When your dick wears out go out and buy one and fuck her with that one. I want that pussy well satisfied and I want pictures and fucking videos.”

After he says this he hangs up.

I look over to Coulder only to see him smirk. “So kind of Marius to give me new ideas on how to torture you.”

“Coulder please.”

He didn’t listen. He whipped me some more. Then he fucked me until my pussy was raw and dry. The next day I woke only for him to start it all over again. He whipped me and fucked me and when his dick couldn’t get up anymore he went and got a dildo and fucked me with that.

On the third day he released me from the chains so I can bathe and pee and video chat with Cataleya because she’s been asking about me and getting upset when I didn’t come get her.

Afterwards he chained me back up and started it all again. On the fourth day I kept passing out. I couldn’t take it anymore. My body was in so much pain and distress. Not only that but my heart hurt. My heart ache at the thought of what I did and disappointed my men. But I can’t help but feel that they had gone too far with my punishments. I’m their woman, how can they treat me so harshly.

Coulder punish me for days and was deaf to my screams and pleas. So when I was finally set free of the chains I had a huge ass attitude and was like fuck everybody. I just wanted my daughter. I soaked in the tub for hours to get my throbbing pussy some relief.

Afterwards I went downstairs to cook. About an hour later Cataleya ran into the house and straight for me.

“Mama,” she screamed.

“Hey baby.”

“Mama, I’m upset, Papa D wouldn’t let me see you and I want my daddy.”

“Daddy had a little business trip baby and I was tied up helping Ida with something, but I missed you terrible.”

“I missed you to mama. Will daddy be here for my party.”

I looked up at Marius mom. “What party.”

Lena says, “she’s been having a super bad attitude, so I told her she can throw a party and invite the whole family and crew.”

“What, who does that. If she was acting up then pop her on the ass, you don’t promise her a party.”

“Why would I whip her?. She’s a diva like her grandmother, she wants a soiree so that’s what she’ll have.”

I rub my brow. I’m not in the mood for this. I’m in my own feelings about too much shit for this.

“Caddy bear go to your room baby. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

“But mom,” she screamed like a spoiled brat.

I say, “hey, I’ll let the screaming slide this time because I know you get it from me, but scream and sass me again and I’ll beat that ass raw, do you hear me.”

“Yes,” she said and dropped her head.

“Yes, what.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry mama.”

“I know, boo bear, now to your room.”

I turned to Marius’ mom. “Please stop spoiling her. Now I have to plan a whole damn party and don’t think for one second that you’re not helping me. This was your idea and in the future run these kinds of things by me or her dad before you do this. You know things have been tense around here. War is close.”

“Precisely why we need this. Cali feels that everyone is ignoring her. She spends more time at my house than at her own. She’s not stupid, she know whats going on. She feels neglected and a party is a good idea to have everybody fawn over her and see her. She’s the first baby in years in the family. All the men around here are too busy whoring to settle down and have babies.”

I rub my forehead again. “You’re right. I’m glad she has you. I’m just feeling like a fuck up. I made a dumb mistake, now everyone knows it. I don’t want people thinking Marius’ woman doesn’t listen to him and I definitely don’t want them to think I was trying to cheat. Then Coulder has been fucking and torturing me for days. I don’t know whether to feel angry or hurt. Damn it.”

She says,” yeah. I know what you’re going through. Jesus is an expert himself in torture. When Yusolf was alive they would tag team me. They didn’t play when it came to my safety. That’s the one thing they both agreed on wholeheartedly.” Her breath hitched.

“You still miss him don’t you.”

“Yes, It’s been 8 years and I still think about him.”

After her statement I felt petty as hell. Marius and Coulder could die in this war and I’m here worried about my bruised feelings.

“How about this weekend. We’ll need meat and decorations. I’ll call you with more details about the party.”

I nod and she leaves. I turn back to my potato soup that I’m cooking. After I bake these rolls I will be done.

Coulder comes into the kitchen and kisses me on the forehead and I stiffen. I can’t believe him. What he did to me was beyond hurtful. Four days of fucking torture. I know I was supposed to let it go, but when I saw him everything came back.

He tilts my chin up. “Do we have a problem baby.”

“No,” I snapped.

He grabs my hair and yanks my head to the side. “I think we do.”

Tears come to my eyes. He quickly releases me. I soon found out why.

Cataleya comes into the kitchen. “Mama, can I have some water.”

She sees Coulder, “ Papa D.” She yells and runs to him. “Where were you? Why did you leave me over Abuela’s for so long? Didn’t you miss me.”

“Oh my little pumpkin patch. There are no words to say how much I missed you. But I had a lot of important things to do. But I thought about you each and every day. I got shot at and stabbed and was running through the jungle and the only way I survived is knowing I had to come back to my Cataleya.”

She giggled, “Papa D, you’re making that up.”

“Alright fine, you got me, but it’ll never happen again, because your mom doesn’t need any more free time. So you are all ours. Abuela will just have to miss you.”

I handed Cataleya her water and told her to go back to her room. “Lena has promised Caddy a weekend barbecue, so she can see that her family is not abandoning her.”

He nods and walks towards me. “You’re mad.”

“I’m not mad. I’m hurt. I thought you cared too much for me to have me chained to a bed and fucked and whipped for four days, but apparently I was wrong.”

“I love you to death baby. You know that.”

“Well you and Marius have a funny way of showing it, why can’t y’all be like normal men. Why do y’all have to do all this wired and abusive shit to me. It makes me feel low, like you don’t love me.”

“Are you doubting my love?”

“I don’t want to but, how am I suppose to feel when you torture me for four days and didn’t hear not one of my pleas? How could you be so heartless?.”

My back hit the fridge because as he stepped forward I stepped backwards.

I stiffen at the look in his eyes. “So you doubt my love because I made that pussy and heart hurt. But how would you think my heart would feel if you died? The ache it would feel. And who around here takes care of you huh. Who around here rubs your feet and massage your body. Who around here encourage you and praise you as a mother to Cataleya. We praise and cherish you and we ask you to do something and what do you do. You act like a spoiled child and run off and do it your way. Don’t ever fucking doubt Marius or my love for you. Do you need a reminder on the length that we’ll go through to have you.”

I jumped at his voice, suddenly afraid and feeling spoiled. He’s right. They do everything for me and Cataleya. I couldn’t ask for better men.

Coulder suddenly goes down on his knees and raises my dress. He pulls my panties to the side and sucks on my sore pussy softly. He kisses it and licks it so soft and feathery. I moan and drop my head back against the fridge. I run my fingers through his hair. This is what I want. For the first time in four days, I cum. I cum screaming and throwing my pussy on his tongue. He stands up with a wet mouth. I grab his face and kiss him hard.

My front door opens and Adam and Juan walk in with Gideon and Asia. Asia has adapted well to being a submissive. She’s the perfect wife. Her and Gideon got married and they are expecting their first child.

I say. “Why are you two in my house.” I look at Adam and Juan and glare at them.

“We want to talk to Ida.”

“We just came to eat,″ says Gideon and Asia.

Gideon came to me and kissed me and fixed him and Asia some food. They went to the table and sat down prepared for the showdown me and these motherfuckers are about to have.

“We came for Ida.”

“Well you not getting her, now what.”

They tried to walk forward. I grab my gun from the holster under my dress.

Adam says, “Coulder get your woman. I’m tired of her pulling guns and shit on me nah.”

Coulder touch me on the back. “Lower the gun baby, let’s see what Ida says. You can’t protect her forever.”

“Ida,” I scream.

She comes in and sees Adam and Juan. She’s suddenly shy.

Adam says, “ we miss you baby. Don’t you miss us too. I thought you wanted to be together.”

“I do Adam, but I..i. don’t want to disappoint Annora.”

“Ain’t nobody thinking about what Annora thinks and you shouldn’t either. Don’t let her tear us apart baby.”

“Adam, I love you and Juan, but Annora is my family. And have you forgotten the endless abuse you put me through and the cheating.”

“Come on baby. We are ready to move you in with us. We will only be with you. We miss you and want you to come with us.”

Juan steps forward. “We will treat you right. We love you. We’re not going another second without you in our lives.”

Ida gasp. “You love me, the both of you.” She turns to Adam and he nods. She then turns to me. “Annora, they love me. And I want to be with them. You’re not mad are you.”

I smile at her. “Of course not Ida. If they make you happy and you want them then you go and be happy.” I hug her.

I turn back to Juan and Adam. “If I hear about you mistreating her or cheating on her I’m cutting both of your dicks off.”

Juan said, “why are you always around here threatening and yelling at people. Marius and Coulder need to lay the smack down on your ass.”

“Boy bye, get the hell out of my house. Ida, you call me once you get settled in. If you don’t call me I’m coming over there.”

“The hell you will. That’s our domain and you will respect it,” says Adam.

“Well you better make sure she calls me then.”

They leave with Ida. I must admit I’m sad to see her go, but I’m glad she’s happy.

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