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Chapter 38


“Coulder where’s Marius?”

“He should be here soon. His jet is landing in about thirty minutes.”

“Ok, great. Can you put that potato salad in the fridge please, so it can be getting cold, thanks.”

I go back outside to the loud music and dice games. I shake my head. I also ordered a bouncy house for the kids so they can do something other than swim. It’s not many children here. Cataleya wanted all the attention on her. And she does have all the attention on her. She’s going from the dice game to the spade table to talk and laugh with everyone. Sometimes I forget my child is two years old because she acts much older.

I laugh at her antics and sit back down at the spade table. Asia and I are partners against Lena and her friend.

Asia fucks up and doesn’t cut a book. I glare at her. I don’t play when it comes to spades. She needs to get her head in the game.

She says, “don’t start Ann. That’s why nobody likes to be your partner, you do too much.”

“Girl shut up and get your head in the game. That baby is throwing your game off.”

We continue to play the game. We finally manage to set them and subtract their score and that puts us in the lead. I say, “aha, that’s what I’m talking about, back that ass up. You look better back there on my curtail.”

“Mama, I want cake,” says Cataleya.

“In a minute baby, mama is opening up a can of whoop ass on your granny and her friend.”

“Well cut that shit short and go get the cake,” says Coulder while glaring at me from the grill.

“Coulder, the food is not even ready, how are we going to let her eat cake.”

He only silently glares.

I throw my spade hand down on the table and get up and go get the cake and bring it back outside.

I cut the cake and gave Cataleya a piece and anybody else that wanted some. Suddenly the speaker goes out and the pool pump stops.

“Coulder can you please go and check the breaker in the pool house. Take Adam with you since he’s the fake electrician.” I giggle.

Coulder laughs while Adam glares. Coulder pat him on the back. “Come on man. Don’t even get her started.”

I go back to the kitchen through the patio doors to put the knife up.

I turn the oven down on the mac & cheese when I feel an off presence.

“You look even more beautiful in person Annora Mateescu.”

I jumped and turned around. How the hell did they get in here?. Everyone was coming through the back gate.

Right away I know exactly who it is. His aura is like Marius but times a thousand.

“What are you doing here? What do you want.”

“Feisty. I like it, just like my slave. I enjoyed breaking her in.”

I shiver. This man is evil as hell.

He says, ” where’s Marius.?”

“I don’t know. Even if I did I wouldn’t tell you.”

He pulls out a gun and so does the man beside him. The man beside him pulls out a long ass gun that looks like it could do some damage.

He grabs me by the neck and turns me towards the patio back door where everyone is. Once we make it out and everyone sees us they are attention immediately. They stand with their guns drawn.

His grandfather says, “Nobody moves or she gets one in the head.” He held the gun up to the back of my head.

I say, “ don’t listen to him, shoot his old ass.”

His grandfather shifts and looks to his right. “Lena is that you. I thought you were dead old gal.” He raises his gun up and shoots her. She falls down and doesn’t move.

Shouts of outrage come from everyone including me. I sob and say, “somebody shoot this motherfucker.!!”

But he’s soon behind me and using me as a shield. “I will shoot her. I will put a bullet in the back of her head. Put the fucking guns down.”

Everybody drops their guns. I finally see my daughter come from around the pool house laughing.

I quickly scream her name and yell for her to run. I yelled so loud I didn’t hear Marius grandfather order his man to shoot everybody. It didn’t register what happened until I saw bodies start falling from getting shot down. Everywhere bodies were fallen.

I sob and try to run but I’m held and forced to stay where I am. How did this happen? Where were the fucking guards. Pain hit my chest. Pain, despair and anger. I’m kicked down to my knees. I try to go to my baby who I just saw fall to the ground. But I was held back. I scream and wail with more anguish. I was hit with the but of a gun. I was dazed and fell to the ground. I’m blinded by the sharp pain that radiates from my neck to my brain. The pain is so sharp that I couldn’t see for a moment. I only saw a blurry person standing over me holding a gun over my head. I heard a shot and then nothing.

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