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Chapter 39

Coulder Pov

“Did you hear that,” Adam asks.

“We’re in the basement Adam,” I replied.

“I know, nevermind, where the hell is this this breaker box and why do ya’ll have a basement under the pool house anyway.”

“This basement runs into several passages under the entire house. This is one of many.”

We find it and turn all the breakers back on. As we walk towards the basement entrance we hear gun fire. I shoot out the basement at an inhuman speed. Jumping over several basement steps. I clear the pool house entrance and draw my weapon and start shooting. I saw two men. One standing over Annora with a gun pointed at her. Since I’m running and shooting my aim is off. I shot the guy holding the gun over Annora in the arm, but shot the next one in the head. He goes down with a splattered and bloody head. The one I shot in the arm gets a shot off. I see Annora body jerk then still when the bullet hits her in what looks like the head.

“Noooooo, Annoraaaaaaaa.!!!!!!”

The man grabs his arm and runs through the backyard gate. As I come closer I see bodies. All over the yard, but I can’t see who at this point. I turn to Adam who’s running behind me and yell for him to call an ambulance. I ran to Annora to see blood splattered on her face. I check her pulse.

I quickly ignore it and run behind this motherfucker who I think is Marius’ grandfather. My heart is throbbing with pain and anger. I have tears running down my face as I run. This son of a bitch shot the woman I love in the head, he’s beyond dead when I catch him.

I burst through the gates and ran into more of his people and shot them down while looking for that motherfucker. Him and three more other people are getting into the back of a van. I get a burst of speed and run behind him. I hear the ambulance in the distance. As I ran closer to the van. I started shooting. I shot the latch off the back of the van and shot in there when the doors swung open. I shot two of them, their bodies hit the pavement. I jump over their body and continue to run behind the van and shoot. That old fucker lifts his gun and shoots. I feel bullets pierce my body. I fall and lose consciousness.

Marius Pov

When Ida and Jesus come and pick me up from the airport I’m tired and ready to go to sleep, but Ida and Jesus have informed me that my mom has thrown a barbecue for Cataleya. I groan. Any chance of sleep just left out the window. I doze a little in the car on the ride home.

Once we clear the street we see an array of shit going on. I shake my head until I see that the shit is going on at my house. Jesus quickly swings the car around all the ambulance and coroner. When we’re close enough I get out of the car and run around the house to the backyard with my heart in my throat and fright in my chest for my family and crew. I run in the backyard to see bodies everywhere. Some have covers over them. I’m breathing heavy and hyperventilating. I put my hand on my knees and breath more. My ears are ringing and my throat has a hard lump in it.

I see Adam and snatch him up. He has tears in his eyes. Ida ran to him and hugged him tight. “What the fuck happen, where’s my family.”

“I don’t know what happened. These men came and shot up the place. Coulder and I were in the pool house. When we heard all the shooting we came out. Coulder shot them up and ran behind them. I haven’t seen him since. Some were taken to the hospital and others the morgue. I’m so sorry Marius, they shot Annora, Cataleya, and mom, Gideon and Juan.”

I go deaf. Tears come to my eyes and run down my face.

I say, “ where are they.”

They are at the hospital. I already called, they know whose crew it is.”

I scream and run from the back yard. I hop in the car and haul ass down the drive. I rush down the street towards the hospital. After driving a while I came upon a body in the streets. I quickly swerve to keep from hitting it. I quickly park and get out and run to him. I suspected it was Coulder and it is. He must have gotten shot down while he was chasing after the fuckers.

I hold my finger up to his neck. His pulse is faint but he has one. I quickly put him in the back seat and took off.

I have so much rage and pain inside me. I can hardly contain it. The tears won’t stop falling so I stop wiping. When I make it to the hospital I run in and yell that I need help.

“I want him placed with the Bodian Crew. You ring the owner of this hospital and tell him if any member is harmed or don’t make it he’s dead.”

I run past her after I’m done and make my way to the 3rd floor where Adam told me the wounded were.

When I hit the 3rd floor I see hustle and bustle already. I see the owner of the hospital is already here biting his nails. He sees me. “Oh Mr. Mateescu, you made it. Your family is in capable hands. We would dooo.”

He screams as I snatched him up quickly and got in his face. “Tell me what kind of condition my wife and daughter is in.”

“Your wife has a bullet wound to the head and also blunt force trauma. She was hit in the head with something hard before being shot. She was hit in a vulnerable spot. The bullet wound grazed the side of her head, it possibly cracked her skull. Your daughter was shot in the neck, we have to repair her artery, but she lost a lot of blood. She’s lost at least 4 pints of blood and the human body only has 7 or 8 pints. Your mother has a hole in her lung. Your brother I’m sorry I just don’t know. I haven’t gotten an update on him, you’re cousin Juan didn’t make it. I’m sorry. We just got word that a new fellow that you personally bought is in surgery as we speak. I will know something about him soon and your brother of course.”

I release him and turn away. Hot tears shoot out my eyes. My 2 year old daughter and wife, hell my whole family is fighting for their life and they better fucking fight.

“Call me when they are in recovery.” I know I should go to them, but they are in surgery. These doctors know who we are. So I don’t want to make them nervous. I go sit down in the private waiting room and hold my against the back of the wall. But my anguish and agony throws me forward. I hold my palm against my heart and cry and wail. I’m suddenly grabbed up into somebody’s arms.

Ida holds me while I cry like a baby. I failed them. All of them. This is all my fucking fault. Jesus comes in and sits beside me. He has tears in his eyes. His shoulders start to shake as he drops his head forward.

Suddenly we hear beeping. Beeping everywhere. I ran from the waiting room into the hall. I run fast towards the beeping. Through the room glass I see Gideon. He’s flatline. The doctor started mouth to mouth and shocked him with pads. I hear another beep and run towards it. My daughter. I quickly turn away. If she’s gone I don’t want to know it.

I pull out my gun and look at it. I might as well die.

“Marius don’t, please,” says Ida with tears in her eyes. She just lost one of her lovers and is still holding it together. I guess she’s stronger than me because if my wife and child don’t make it then I don’t want to live. But then I think about why they’re here. I still have unfinished business with my grandfather. I’m going to kill that motherfucker in the worst way possible.

I’m snapped from my evil thoughts from another machine beeping.

This one actually stops beeping and gives a different noise. I ran to it. I look at the owner of the hospital and see he’s holding a bloody nose.

I looked around the room but didn’t see anybody. The bed is empty. Then I see a side door open. I guess it’s the bathroom door. I take a relieved breath at who comes out.

He says, ” I told you I didn’t want to be hooked up to all these machines while they are pumping me full of medicine. And you better hope Annora and Cataleya pull through or that’s your ass.”

I guess the doctor already gave him the information.

I say. “Man I’m so happy to see you Coulder.”

He turned and looked over at me. “You’re grandfather is a dick wad.”

Then his eyes become misty. “He shot Annora. There was so much blood, but I knew she would’ve wanted me to kill that son of a bitch so I went after him and failed. That’s the first time that’s ever happened to me. I’m sorry man.” His breath catches.

I can only nod. “How many times were you hit.”

“Twice. One in the upper shoulder and upper thigh. I’m good. Now let’s go get this motherfucker. I’m mad now.”

“No. I’m going. I want you to stay here with Annora and the rest of them.”

“The hell I will. This motherfuckers has shot us down like he was at a shooting game at the carnival. Fuck this I’m going. Where the fuck are my clothes.”

He starts looking around for his clothes. He’s limping and kept wincing in pain. When he walked past me towards the door I took my gun out and hit him over the head, knocking him out cold. I walk from the room. I pull out my phone and call for my jet. It’s time to finish this.

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