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Chapter 4

Annora POV

“What can I do for you Marius?,” I ask with an attitude.

“Why are you here.”

“Business meeting.”

“With your ex.?”

I turn to him with surprise in my eyes. ” You’ve been checking up on me.”

“Yes,” he said unapologetically.

Suddenly the car starts moving. ” Hey!!. What about my car.”

“I will send someone to get it.”

“Were the terms of the contract not clear to you.”

I say, ” we only talked business, nothing more.”

“Do you take deep breaths and clinch your thighs at all your business meetings.”

I gasp and turn and look at him. ” What are you trying to say,” I ask.

“You wanted to fuck him,” he said with no emotions what so ever.

" Did not,” I squeak.

We’re soon at my apartment complex. The driver pulled the car to my front door. “You will pack several bags. Tonight you come with me,” he said.

“What?, no, I still have two weeks.”

“You have until I say. A car will be here at 8:00 tonight to pick you up.”

“Listen here,” I say but I’m cut off with a painful cry.

I now know what he was flipping through his fingers at the restaurant. Throwing knives, small ones. He just stabbed me in my thigh with one.

I look at him with angry eyes. ” You sonofabitch,” I say while snatching the small knife from my thigh and trying to stab him with it. He blocked my attempt and stabbed me in my other thigh with a different knife that he pulled from somewhere.

I cry out in disbelief. I know he was evil and crazy. The knives are not long or big at all. Maybe 2 inches long, so the cuts are not deep, but still, he fucking stabbed me.

I get out of the car and run to my apartment and quickly fish out my keys from my purse. I run in and go straight to the bathroom. Fucking psycho.

I bandage up both of my thighs. My phone beeps in my purse. I take it out and look at it. It’s a text from Marius.

Marius: Be ready at 8.

“The hell I will,” I shouted out loud.

“Fuck this I’m out of here.” Everybody will have to fend for themselves. I will call Asia and give her a heads up, but as far as my mom and dad well r.i.p to them. They are the ones that got us in this mess.

I can’t believe he stabbed me twice and think I will go somewhere with him. He really is crazy.

After I’m done with my bandage I get up and go to my room and pack. While on the plane I will make arrangements for my clients. I really can do my work from my laptop. The only reason I have an office is because of meetings.

While I’m packing I call an uber. When they arrive 15 minutes later I’m ready.

I quickly run to the car and get in with my bags. I’ve already gone online and found a flight to California. I’m scared as hell to fly. I’ve never done it before, but I always wanted to try it. I need to go far as possible, there is no way he’ll find me in California.

Then what I’m doing has finally set in. I have to do this, I can’t stay. My mouth is too smart. He’ll kill me within a month. I call Asia and she doesn’t answer, so I texted her and told her to get out of town because the mob is after us because of mom and dad. 45 minutes later I’m at the airport. I get out and pay the driver and quickly make my way in.

I walk up to my gate and collect my boarding passes and start pacing nervously. My adrenaline is wearing off and I’m starting to feel my wounds. I even start to limp a little. 10 more minutes until I can board.

They need to hurry the hell up. I’m on the run here. After several minutes of pacing the attendant called for boarding passes. I hand her mine, then make my way to the plane and find a seat. I’m still so nervous. I’m scared as hell to fly, but desperate times call for desperate actions.

I take a deep breath. I take an even bigger deep breath when the thrusters start revving up.

Yes lord, I made it. I can always start over. It’s not lost on me that I left my whole family to die, but what choice did I have. If I marry him he’ll end up killing me. So I choose my own life. I’m putting myself first for once.

The plane starts to back up and then turn towards the runway. The captain comes over the speaker and tells us some flight information. He’s interrupted by loud sirens and people talking over loud bull horns telling the captain to stop the plane. Cops and swat teams suddenly surround the plane.

“What the hell is the police doing here,” I say out loud.

The captain comes back on the speaker and says the police want to come aboard because a fugitive is on the plane.

Damn it. This is holding me up. Why in the hell would a fugitive try to board a plane. That’s so stupid. Minutes later detectives and officers come abroad and search the plane.

A detective comes to my seat and says,” ma’am, can you step off the plane please.”

“What? no. I’m not a fugitive.”

“Ma’am please come quietly or else.”

I blink up at him because I’m at a loss for words.

“Sir I can assure you that I’m not a fugitive, are you sure you have the right person.”

“Yes, now please come, any mix up can be settled down at the station.”

“Unbelievable,!.” I stand and grab my carry on bag from the overhead. I feel so ashamed while walking towards the front. I even receive a couple of shameful stares from the other passengers. One gave me a dirty look.

" I’m innocent,” I tell her.

She gave me a doubtful look.

I shake my head. We make it off the plane. I stay silent, but I’m mad as hell. The detective placed me in the front seat and went to his side and got in and drove off. When we reach the front of the airport I look up and see the plane taking off and I want to cry. I’m so lost in thought that I don’t realize where we are going. Minutes later the car stops and I look over at the detective then my surroundings. We’re at a warehouse. I look forward to the front of the car and see none other than Marius. He’s standing there emotionless while flipping a knife through his fingers.

I turn to the detective, ” please don’t let him get to me. He’s going to kill me. Do you want my blood on your hands.”

He only says, “step out of the car please.”

“Pussy,” I say as I step from the car.

Marius says,” going somewhere my runaway bride.”

“Business trip.”

“Mmnn,” was all he said.

“Get in the car,” he said and walked to his side.

“No,” I say and start running away.

My legs hurt but I still push through the pain. Seconds later I cry out in pain and fall to the ground.

I feel around to the back of my thigh to find the source of my pain. Only to feel a small throwing knife implanted there. Why the fuck he keep throwing knives and shit.

I pull it out and stand. I feel blood running down my leg. I limp back to him and with a loud cry I try to stab him with the small knife. He grabbed my hand and bent it back. I scream and drop the knife. With my other hand I punch him in the face and try to run again but he grabs my hair and pulls me back toward the car. He opened the back door and tossed me in.

“Fuck you Marius. I’m not marrying your crazy abusive ass.”

He says nothing else to me, only face forward and tell the driver to drive off.

I stay silent for 2 minutes before I become angry and attack him. He’s not going to sit there all calm while I’m pissed that my life is falling apart. I get 3 or 4 good licks in before he grabs me and tosses me away from him on the opposite seat. He wiped blood from his mouth and nose and I smiled with satisfaction.

His eyes blaze up with heat, but he remains emotionless.

We drive 45 minutes from the city to the outskirts.

“Don’t you have an apartment in the city.”

“I do.” That’s all he says.

I remain silent. Minutes later we pull up to a big house. It has 3 stories and different sections connected to it. This is only a street view. We haven’t made it inside the gate yet.

We made it to the front but I can’t enjoy the beauty because I am snatched from the car. I try to snatch my arm from his grip.

“Let me go asshole.”

When we make it inside the foyer I start screaming for help. He snatched me up the stairs and down a long hallway then to the right. We arrive at a door. He opens it and throws me inside then closes and locks the door.

I know he did not lock this damn door. After several minutes it opens and in walked Marius.

“Let me go, I’m not doing this. I don’t care about the consequences.”

I didn’t pay attention to what he had in his hand. It was black with a handle and had 5 or 6 strings hanging from it.

“What are you doing and what is that?”

“It’s a torture weapon.”

“Wh-oos it for,” I ask nervously.


“Why, I didn’t do anything. I don’t deserve to be tortured.”

He said,” you made me bleed, now it’s your turn.” He started hitting me with it.

I cry out and scream. It feels like getting stung by multiple bees. He’s hitting me with all his strength it seems. I fall to the floor in a ball. My arms are still exposed and he hit them hard. I feel blood run down my arm from a cut.

“Stop it!!. Stop it.!!

After what felt like hours later he stopped. He’s not even breathing heavy.

He says nothing, only walk from the room and lock the door behind him.

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