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Chapter 40

Coulder Pov

When I come to, I groan. I can’t believe that bastard knocked me unconscious. Actually I can believe it, Marius is a straight up son of a bitch.

He is a son of a bitch that’s going to get himself killed.

I walk from my room. As I go I peek into rooms. Everyone seems to be stable. I refuse to go into their rooms. I feel a ping in my chest. I can’t get caught up in my feelings about all of this. I have to go save that jackass.

I meet Ida, Adam and Jesus in the hall. I limp up to them.

“Someone hand me a phone.”

They all shout their excitement that I’m ok.

Ida says, ” are you going after Marius, because if you are Adam and I are coming.”

“Ida, are you sure.”

“Yes,” she growled and I raised a brow. She must be pissed.

I turn to Jesus. “Can you hold it down please. Nobody comes in or out.”

He nods and hands me his phone.

I dialed a number that I haven’t dialed in a while.

“Grandma. I need you and the team in Cartagena ASAP. We have a big problem.”

I text her our coordinates and limp from the hospital with Adam and Ida in tow.

Once we make it home. I text my grandma to slow down Marius jet as much as possible. He’s going to fucking die if he do this. But he’s in too much pain to realize what he’s doing. Ida said that once all the machines started beeping, especially Cataleya’s, he held a gun to his head. Ready to end it all. I don’t blame him.

If they don’t make it, I don’t know what I’ll do, probably go off the deep end like Marius. But I have to remain optimistic. They are not dead yet. But they all have life threatening wounds. I smile as images of them come to mind. Annora rebellion spirit. Cataleya’s innocents. Her innocent smile, but she is as sharp as Marius. I’ve never thought this kind of relationship will be for me. Falling in love with another man’s wife and child. And dare I say it Marius himself. That man has earned my respect time and time again. That’s why I have to go after him. I know many people would want to know why I won’t let him go and risk his life and die so I can be with Annora fully. But I just can’t do it. Annora would be hurt, Cataleya would be hurt and so will I. We have the perfect family, now I have to go save it.

“Adam, where’s Marius’ bags? I’m sure the blueprints of his grandfather’s island are in there.”

“They were brought to his office.”

I nodded and made my way there.

Once there I find the blueprints and look them over. I was in the middle of explaining how we would invade the island when the gate sensors start going off. I pulled up the camera. I smile and hit the button. I limped to the front door and pulled it open and winced. Damn I’m in pain. The doctor removed the bullets and stitched the wounds closed, but damn. I made it to the steps enough time to see vans pull up.

As everyone got out I heard Ida and Adam come up behind me.

I say. “Adam, Ida. Meet the Corbinvenous Clan.”

I smile an evil smile. Time to bring Delcan out to play.

But I was looking for one person. When I finally saw her I smiled and went to help her from the car.

She says, ” does it look like I need help, boy.”

I smile. “No grandma, but you can’t blame a fellow for helping a lady and being chivalrous.”

She smiles and places her palm on my cheek.

I say, ” come. Let’s go in.

My grandmother is well into her 60′s closer to 70. But she still looks good. Her hair is all white now. She has it up into a neat bun.

Once we make it to the office. I explained everything to them. When I get to the part about Annora I choke up a little. My grandmother comes to me.

“It seems you have yourself in some trouble.”

After she says this. She put some kind of needle looking thing to my neck and pressed the substance in.

“Good thing we came prepared,” she said and walked back to her seat.

“Granny, what the hell was that.” But before I could finish that sentence I felt it. My wounds have stopped hurting and aching.

“It’s nerves and tissue suppressant. You will not feel any pain for the next 24 hours. After that you’ll need another dose. Now I’m not going. I’ve gotten too old for the hunt. But I brought your clan.”

I nod. “Adam, Ida meet my cousins Damien, Dj and Rock.”

After they nod I get down to business and show them how we would go in.

“Granny, do you think you can get us what we need for the dive.”

“I can. So you want to go by sea.”

“Yes. His grandfather owns Romania, so he will be notified of any landing parties. We will go by sea and climb the mountain.”

“What about weapons,” Ida asks.

I say, ” we will secure the weapons in a huge balloon sort of. While we’re swimming under water the balloon will float above us with the weapons secured and dry. The air tank will have maybe one or two hours worth of air, so don’t fuck around. We shouldn’t need that much air. The helicopter will drop us 45 minutes north of the mountain in the ocean, so if you can’t swim stay here. Granny make sure the helicopter is at the mountain at the designated time 2 hours after it drops us off. We will need a speedy exit. Try to avoid as much hand to hand combat as possible. We are going there to blow shit up, so start off with the grenades and rocket launcher. I want to see bodies flying everywhere. Kill anybody that gets in your way.”

Everyone nods. “Ok let’s get to it.”

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