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Chapter 41

Marius Pov

I growled to the captain, “ if you stop this jet one more time that’s your ass.”

“Yes sir.”

We’ve had delays after delays. I rub my chest to clear the ache. Tears come to my eyes when I think about where my family is. The whole crew is scattered. I don’t even know where Asia is. She’s pregnant with my first niece or nephew.

Thoughts of Annora and my daughter plagues me. I can’t get them out of my head. I’m going to walk up to this motherfucker and kill him.

Minutes after we land I’m surprised that I don’t see a welcome party. My grandfather should have known I would come. But as I make my way into the city I see why. He must have pissed somebody else off because people in black gear are throwing bombs and shooting grenade launchers. I laugh. That old fucker will be on the run. Whoever these people are is coming hard at the old fucker, but they will have to get in line because he’s all mine. I sneak around his property and make my way inside. I had to shoot a couple of his guards. His house is unguarded, but I know he has to come here eventually. I sit and wait.

About thirty minutes later I hear some hustle and bustle. I walk from his office shooting. I shot several guards. They are blocking my bullets from getting to that bastard. But one did hit him in the leg. I smiled, but it was short lived. Someone shot me in my arm. My gun drops to the floor. Then they are on me. I didn’t think this shit through. Now Annora will go unavenged.

I received several blows. I fight as best I can while on the floor. I grab one and break his neck. I grab another balls and squeeze until he falls to his knees then take out my knife and jam it into his face. Then something is stuck in my neck. I lose consciousness. When I come to, I’m tied up. I must wasn’t out for long because I still hear bombs being thrown and rapid gun fire. I blink my grandfather into focus. He has something tied around his leg.

I smile. “ is that bullet wound smarting grandfather. I hope your old ass gets an infection and die.”

He says,” that’s mighty big talk coming from someone whose whole family is dead.”

“They are not dead, you old bastard. They are alive and well.”

He glares at me. “I guess I’ll have to get some satisfaction from killing you.”

“My people will not rest until you’re dead. And judging by all this gun power around you, your victory will be short lived.”

He gets into my face. “Shut the fuck up. You better be lucky I have to catch my plane, otherwise I would kill you slow you ungrateful piece of shit. I made you and went against me.”

“You kill my father.”

He shrugged. “I did no such thing.”

“You shot my mom.”

He shrugged again.

I wiggle in my restraints. “I’m going to kill you motherfucker.”

“How will you do that, from the grave,” he smiled.

His guards have formed a circle around him. He turns to them and says, “ somebody hand me a gun.”

One of his guards with a hoodie and sunglasses hands him a gun.

This is it. I wiggle in my restraints again. Tears come to my eyes. I failed everyone. I knew I shouldn’t have come here without a plan. I was just so fucking hurt and angry.

I say, “my crew will find you motherfucker and they will fuck you up. That’s even if you survive today. I hope one of those bombs kills your ass.”

He glares at me. I stare into his eyes as he points the gun at my forehead. I never once blink. I want this soulless bastard to see my eyes when they haunt his ass.

He pulls the trigger.

I hear a click, then another click.

He screams in frustrations. Then I hear guns going off and all his guards that he bought inside with him fall dead except one. He’s shooting them all.

It’s the guard with the hoodie and sunglasses. When he turns to me and removes the hoodie and sunglasses he says, “I told you your grandfather was a dick wad.”

I breathe a relieved breath. Man that was close. I smile. “I’m happy to see you Coulder.”

“I’m going to beat your ass for hitting me with a gun.”

“That was an accident,” I replied.

“Mmm,” he says, then comes and unties me.

I look over to my grandfather and see him struggling. Three men are surrounding him and holding him so he won’t move.

I smile at him and he shivers. “You should be very afraid, old man. I told you my crew will get your ass and what do you know, it’s my crew that has come here and fucking your shit up.”

Coulder says, “Marius the aircraft is here. Let’s move this party.”

I say, “oh yes, let’s move this party.”

I motion at the three fellas that Marius bought with him. When I motion with my arm I wince. I forgot I was shot in the arm.

Then Coulder is shoving a needle in my neck. I grab my neck and feel the wound. I look at Coulder. “What the hell was that.”

“Nerves and tissue suppressant.”

I move my arm again and smile. Damn I don’t feel anymore pain.

I look toward the three gentlemen again. “I take it I’m looking at some members of the Corbinvenous clan.”

They smile and nod. Then they glare at my grandfather.

Coulder says, “ ok let’s go. I’ll take up the rear, Marius you take the lead. We’re going straight back then heading North towards the water. And watch closely. I’m sure we didn’t get everybody. Adam and Ida are already headed to the aircraft. Here.”

He hands me a gun and I nod. I look at my grandfather. “Come on pops, you’re coming with us.”

He glares and continues to struggle. He offers to pay Coulder’s crew money if they let him go.

Their only answer was to punch him in the face.

“Let’s go.” I take the lead and head out. Once we reach outside we go around back and head towards the water. We make it to the aircraft minutes later. While the aircraft hover over the mountain I turn to my grandfather.

“I wish I could torture you slow for hours and weeks, but as you can see I’m in a hurry. Coulder hand me that long ass machete you have strap to your leg.”

Coulder hands me the machete. He then pulls out a smaller knife and walks up to my grandfather. “This is for Annora and Catalaya,” he jammed the small knife into his gut and twisted it. My grandfather yells and spits blood. He tries to fall but Coulder’s men hold him up.

I walk up to him and smile. “Hold his arms out fellas.” The crew holds his arms out. I raise the machete up and bring it down on his right arm.

He yells and tries to hold his arm to stop the bleeding. “You can let him go now.” They let him go. He falls down still screaming.

I raise the machete up again and chop off his left leg. I lean down into his face. “I’ll make a deal with you. If you can stay a float I’ll save you.” I smile. He looks confused. But realization dawn when I start rolling him towards the cliff with my shoe. I kicked him all the way to the edge of the mountain.

“Please Marius. I am your graaaaaand…” He went toppling over the ledge into the water. I overlook the cliff into the water to see if he can swim with limbs missing. We’ll never know because sharks smelled the blood and are now eating his ass up.

I spit over the side then walk off toward the aircraft. I got in, then Coulder’s crew got in. When Coulder move to get in an explosion happen. I saw enough to see that Coulder is blown to the side and off the cliff. Then we’re hit again. The aircraft takes off into the air with a blown and smokey engine.

I scream, “noooo!!!!, we have to go back. Land this motherfucker.”

“Sir, I can’t, we have a blown engine and men are down there with bombs. They could throw one inside here and we’ll all be dead.”

I looked over the side of the mountain, but I couldn’t see shit. I sat back down defeated. I look over at his men. They seem unbothered. I say, “ I’m sorry, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuccckkkkk.” I scream and hit the ceiling of the helicopter repeatedly.

My thoughts are racing. Fuck. He came here to save my dumb impulsive ass and lost his own fucking life. No. I refuse to believe that he’s dead. He’s Declan fucking Harp. He doesn’t die. He does the killing. Not the dying. My breath hitch. My head hurt. I’ve had so many emotional states in such a short period of time. I cried so much and experienced so much heartache that I feel like a pussy. But if loving people make you feel this way then I’m glad I got to know them all. I wouldn’t trade them for nothing. There is no more big bad mafia Marius. I’m hurt and defeated. I killed my grandfather but at what cost. Everybody is fucking dead or in the hospital.

I look over at Ida and Adam. “Thank you for coming,” I couldn’t finish before I became choked. I look next to Ida and see a figure that is wrapped up.

Ida nods and smiles at me. She removes the blanket and I gasp.

“Dad.” He’s so skinny and malnourished, which is weird looking because he’s so tall. I cross over to him and kneel. I shake him. He opens his eyes and stares down at me. After blinking several times he smiles at me. “Marius.?” His voice comes out choked and raspy from non use.

I nod. “Save your strength, do not talk.” Now I’m worried about him. He looks like he will barely make it. He’s skinny. His rib cage is showing. His face is sunken and his eyes are hollow and empty. That bastard has been torturing my father for eight years. I knew my grandfather’s story didn’t add up. That’s why I started my own investigation.

“Your grandfather had an underground area that drops off into the sea. He had prisoners down there. After we freed the prisoners we saw your dad in the cell at the end barely alive. I had to bring him even though it looks bad.”

I nod and thanked her again. I hope he pulls through. My dad is a fighter. He’s like Ida. He doesn’t fight until it’s absolutely necessary. He’s soft and caring, just like Ida, that’s why I was pissed when he went missing then assumed dead months later.

I’m happy he’s here though. I need this win. This is the light at the end of a dark ass tunnel.

My mind goes back to Coulder. I will come back for him. I will not believe he is dead. Wherever he is he can take care of himself. Right now, I have to fix what’s left of my family.

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