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Chapter 42

Annora Pov

I awake with a jolt and then wince at the massive headache. I groan. Marius grandfather is the biggest evil dick there is. He shot us down like we were less than dogs. I touch the side of my head where I feel pain. I gasp. My hair is gone. I rub all over my head. I feel hair so it must be the only spot.

I scream Marius’ name when I think about my daughter and all the rest that was shot.

I wince. Gotdamn my head hurt.

I hear feet running. I see Jesus, Ida, Adam and Marius.

They all hug me and cry.

Marius comes in last holding Cataleya.

I take a deep breath. Marius leans down and kisses me then sits Cataleya on my lap. I cry when I see a bandage on her neck.

“Baby, I’m happy and relieved that you’re ok. How do you feel?”

“I’m ok mama,” she replied then grabbed my neck in a tight hold.

I look at Marius. “Marius, why are you over there, come here. How long have I been out.”

He smiles sadly at me then comes and raises me up so he can sit behind me and hold me. “You’ve been out a month. Your head injury has been difficult to pin down. So they put you in a coma.”

I feel how everybody is feeling, they are tense, sad and scared for some reason.

“Y’all know I feel all the nervousness and twichesness, what’s going on. Marius, where’s Coulder.”

“Annora,” he said softly and beaten. I feel his anguish and agony and pain.

“No Marius, where’s Asia, Lena and Gideon and Juan.”

“Annora calm down baby. Your head injury can worsen if you don’t calm down.”

I look at Jesus, Adam and Ida. “Tell me.”

Marius says, “ Juan is dead. Asia and the baby are dead, my mom will pull through, she needed a transplant. She’s been in recovery for 3 days, she should be up and going soon.”

My heart thumps and hurts for Asia. I have no more family left. My sister was finally doing good. She didn’t deserve this.

I look over at Adam and Ida. “I’m so sorry.” Ida nodded while she cried on Adam’s chest.

“Marius, where’s Coulder. Even Cataleya held her head from my chest. She wanted to know that answer also.

“Baby, when you were shot I lost it. I left here to go attack my grandfather which was a stupid decision because I didn’t have a plan. I just attacked wildly. Coulder came to save me and was blown from the mountain. He’s dead baby.”

My breath catches and I feel my heart explode. My temple throbs as I wail and wail as Marius holds me and Cataleya. I feel something in my brain shift. I pass out.

When next I awake I’m at home in my bedroom. I sit up and see Marius is in bed sleeping with Cataleya on his chest.

I stare at him. I just knew I was going to lose him to this war. I was afraid for him and even was trying to adjust to his death. But I never thought that Coulder would be gone. Who will be the peacemaker between Marius and I now. I don’t want to be without Coulder. Now everything seems so wrong. I picture him in my head smiling and looking at me with that intense look. Not only have I lost Coulder, but my last living relative. Asia died in the most horrible way. Her and her baby. I was looking forward to being an auntie, but now I never will be.

My breath hitch and I let out a cry. I can’t hold it. Marius wakes up and looks over at me.

“Marius,” I say his name with so much agony in my voice. He picks up Cataleya and takes her to her room. He comes back and lies with me.

“Marius I miss him so much. And Asia and Juan. How is Gideon taking it?”

“Not well. He has closed himself inside his house and hasn’t come out. Ida and Adam are with him. They will all grieve together.”

“What do we do now, Marius. I feel so lost.” I cry tears of hurt and pain. I can barely form a word or sentence.

I feel tears on my face. Marius is barely keeping it together I see.

“Your grandfather.”



“Coulder saved me Marius. Your grandfather was standing over me getting ready to shoot me in the head. But Coulder shot his arm so his aim was off. That’s why the bullet scraped me on the side of the head.”

“Shh, sshh. I know it’s hard baby, but you have to calm down. Your head is still healing. You had blunt force trauma to the head. The gunshot was the least of the doctor’s worries, you were hit hard in the head with something. I’m guessing it was the but of a gun. Your recovery took so long because the doctors couldn’t give you certain medicines or tests without hurting the baby. You’re pregnant Annora.”

“What, how can that be. I’ve been on the pill. I’ve taken it everyday except, damnit, except when Coulder had me tied to the bed for four days. Do you think that’s when it happened?”

“Maybe so.”

“So I’m pregnant with Coulder’s baby.”

“It would seem so.”

“How does that make you feel, Marius. We never talked about this.”

“How does it make you feel.”

I thought about it and smiled. “I’m happy. We will have something to remember him by.”

“Then I’m happy.”

“Are you sure.”

“Annora, our relationship has never been normal. He loved Cataleya with everything in him. I can at least do the same with his child. But I must admit. I missed your moodiness and crying and you being sensitive and horny as hell.”

I smile. “I wasn’t that bad.”

“And here it’s starting.”

“I don’t ever want to forget him Marius or what he has done for us.”

“We won’t.”

Years later

Marius Pov

I stare out over my land and feel a sense of accomplishment. After everything settled down Annora and I moved to Romania. My grandfather was the prime minister here and I took his place at the head of the table. My wife stronged armed me into placing her in a seat on the council. She has worked my last nerve.

She tackled the salvery problem here with a vengeance. Everyone had to free slaves if they were there against their will. She had the Romanian army do street and home sweeps for enslaved people.

I told her she just can’t use the army like that but she didn’t care.

I feared for her life and the life of my children. I left my kids with my parents in Cartagena until everything blew over. My dad is healthy and thriving. Since my dad was found alive. He, my mom and Jesus quit the business, now they are traveling. They left everything in Cartagena to Adam and Ida. Ida and Adam are a force to be wrecked with, I hear. Our reach goes so far and I’m proud to call these different cultures of people my family.

The people here love Annora. They have paintings and statues of her all over the city.

One slave in particular loves Annora to death. Iglesia. She is from Africa or somewhere. I can’t remember. She was my grandfather’s slave. His personal slave. When Annora found her bruised and broken she called Gideon. Annora said she found Gideon’s soulmate. Annora had a feeling that they were made for each other. And she was right. When Gideon flew in from America and laid eyes on Iglesia he fell in love instantly. So did Iglesia. At first she was leery of men, but Gideon took it slow which was surprising because he’s been such a hard ass. But losing your wife and unborn child will do that to you. Thank God I can only imagine his pain.

Gideon is in America running the American operations while I’m holding down the home base here in Romania. After many months of wooing her, Gideon took her home and wasted no time in getting her pregnant and keeping her pregnant.

I can only say the opposite for my wife. She won’t sit still long enough for me to put a baby in her ass.

Cataleya is five and Declan is two. I want more children. But my wife says she’s not having anymore. She said she’s done her wifely duties and she’s finished. I plan on forcing her soon, but I can tell she’s using her seat on the council to keep busy from thinking about Coulder.

I know she misses him everyday and to be honest so do I. I miss him very much. He’s the companion I never had. He was my equal in every way. Most people thought I was the leader because I did all the talking and ordering around.

But Coulder didn’t care about any of that. He just wanted me to point to the target and he will go get them. I should have let him deal with my grandfather. I was too emotional, too close to the whole thing. The great Declan Harp would have swept in like a demon and it would have been done within seconds. But me. I had to draw it out. To savor it. And I fucked up and had so many deaths on my hands.

I wish I could kill that motherfucker many more times. I dream about kicking him off that mountain. I wake up smiling with that image in my head.

Then become emotional about the other tragedy that happened on that mountain. Coulder being blown off that mountain haunted me for months and years, which is why I wouldn’t rest until I saw a body. I comb that mountain for body parts, clothes, anything. But I couldn’t find nothing, which led me to believe what I’ve been seeing the past months.

I walk off the steps closer to the backyard where Annora is playing with the kids.

Declan, my two year old says, “look dad. I can flip off the trampoline and land on my feet.”

I look at him while he shows me. He’s already sleath and brilliant with a calm disposition.

I nod. “That’s badass my guy.” I say while making my way to the undergrowth of vines and bushes.

I turn my back to the vines. After a couple more seconds of watching my family

I say, ” how many more months will you sit around and look. You are working my nerves. You knew I needed you to help me with Annora crazy ass and you let me suffer.”

He grunts then laughs.

I step into the bushes away from my family and step to him and grab him into a big hug.

I look into his face. He looks different. He has burns on his face and neck. I guess he got them from the blast.

He says, “how did you know.”

“I know you. Where have you been.”

“I’ve been here in Romania. A fisherman pulled me from the water. He and his family treated me. It was months before I could even wake up. Before I knew it a year almost two had passed.”

“So how long have you been watching.”

“A year. I wanted to let you be with her. Your grandfather is dead and you survived. What role will I play.”

“You’ll play the role you’ve always played. The role of making sure I don’t kill my wife. You see what I’ve been dealing with right.”

He smiles and laughs, then gets serious. “What if she’s repulsed by me. Look at me. I’ve never been vain, but I guess I am.”

“Do you really think that she will care.? Plus you have a son. Don’t you want to know him.”

“I do. Thank you for taking care of him.”

“I know you would have done it for me.”

“Marius, where are you.” We suddenly hear.

I stare at him. He nods. “Over here Annora.”

Annora Pov

Where the hell did Marius go.?

“Marius, where are you.?” He went behind the shrubs and disappeared.

“Over here Annora.”

I turn to Cataleya. “Caddy bear, watch your brother, I’m going to check on daddy.”

“Ok, mama.”

I walk towards the shrubs. I pushed the vines back. I see Marius is talking to someone, but I can’t see who because he’s blocking me.

“Marius, who are you tta…”

I stop and gasp. My heart seizes up into my throat and forms a lump. So many emotions and thoughts are racing at once. I blink and blink again to make sure he’s not an apparition.

“Coulder.” He looks the same but different. He has burn marks on his chin. They run down his neck into his shirt.

I touch him. When I touch his solid chest. I burst out into sobs and wails. He holds me as I fall on his chest.

After many minutes of sobbing I say, “what, how, when.” Then I became angry and beat his ass. It’s been 3 years. Where the fuck was he.

“Fuck you Coulder. Why did you do this to me.? I hate your ass.”

I’m pulled off him by Marius. I turn to Marius, “Marius did you know about this. How long have you known.”

“For months now.”

He didn’t finish before I started crying and beating his ass.

All the screams and commotion has brought the children.

Cataleya says, “mama, daddy. What’s going on.”

We all turn to see Caddy there holding her brother’s hand.

She sees Coulder and mumbles, “papa D. Is...is that you.”

When Coulder nods she runs to him and screams. He picks her up and holds her. He closes his eyes as tears come into them. Then I start back crying.

Marius goes and picks up Declan and walks him to his father.

Marius says, “Declan meet your father. Your real father.”

Declan looks confused then says, “so I have two fathers.”

Both men smile. Coulder grabs Declan from Marius arms. Coulder is now holding both children.

He looks at Declan and says, “yes, you have two fathers, but I’m your biological father that means I fathered you.”

Declan grunts and says,“ok.”

We all laugh.

I take both kids and put them down for a nap. Cataleya wouldn’t let Coulder go until he promised that he wouldn’t leave.

I walk downstairs searching for them. I can’t believe Coulder is alive. For three years my heart has been hurting. I’ve thrown myself into projects to forget about him. I love Marius to death, but we’re a package deal and it just wasn’t the same without Coulder. We both felt the loss in a tremendous way. We still loved each other and fucked like rabbits. But some days I would withdraw from Marius and he can’t even find me. Lately he’s been saying something about babies and I’m not trying to hear that shit. I hate being pregnant. I’m 31 years old. I don’t have time to be starting over with babies at this age.

Where the hell are they.

“Guys.” I heard a noise and walked that way. It sounds like they are in Marius’ man cave. I walk that way. I walked in and the noise got louder. I walk down the corridor to the room at the end of the hall.

I came upon both men bent over a small long bed fixing the stirrups.

“What the hell is this.”

Both men turn. They only have on jeans with no shirt. I see Coulder’s burns on one side of his chest. He still looks good to me. More manly.

My pussy jumps as I stare at them.

Coulder says, “this is a torture device for you.”

“How does it work.?”

“We’ll show you.”

I smile. “Bring it on.”

They both rushed me and attacked my body. They bent me in every way possible. They fucked the shit outta me and I loved every single moment.

I screamed. I cried. They cried.

Months after our fucked fest we found out that I’m pregnant. They took bets on who’s baby it is. Marius insists that his sperm is stronger.

I laugh at their antics.

At four months we found out that I am pregnant with twins. Fraternal twins, which mean they’re in different sacks and will not look alike. Five months after that I gave birth to a son and a daughter.

Miraculously the boy was Marius’ and the girl was Coulder’s. A medical miracle that happens often says the doctor. Both sperm entered into two different eggs at the same time.

After I found that out I got my tubes tied, burnt and clipped. Having all these children is for the birds. They both have their son and daughter and I’m done.

It’s no surprise that Coulder ended up on the council of the prime minister. Coulder has always been our council and guide in life and in this relationship.

My men. These incredible men are the light of my life along with our children and I’m glad that I found myself ENTANGLED with them.

The End.

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