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Chapter 5

Annora POV

I just lay there and cry. I have to get out here. I can’t marry this animal and live the rest of my life like this. He’s going to kill me with his temper and rage. My cries soon turn into silent hiccups and I doze minutes later.

When I wake I feel a presence standing over me. I quickly jump up and wince. My body is so sore.

“What do you want now? You’ve had your pound of flesh.”

“You must not be too bright or just plain stupid if you haven’t caught on to how this will go.”

“Oh I catch on fine. Apparently you’re the one that hasn’t caught my drift.”

He grabbed me by my throat and slammed me against the wall. ” You think this is all I can do to you. I can cause you a world of hurt and pain. Just keep up with your insolence and you will find out. Now come and eat.” After he said that he turned around and walked from the room.

I follow him, limping slightly. I wince. Damn I’m in pain. We walk down two hallways before going down the stairs. When we make it to the bottom and start walking through the house toward the kitchen passing the den. What I see shocks me and pisses me off at the same time.

“What the hell is this.”

He stopped and turned and looked at me strangely.

“What does it look like?”

“A harem. Are these women yours.?”

“Of course.”

Women are everywhere. Walking around naked.

“Well where’s my harem. When can I start taking applications.”

“You won’t have one.”

“Well then neither will you.”

“Mmm,” he said and continued walking.

We make it to the dining room and the food is laid out. He sat and nodded for me to sit on his right. Then the rest start to file in. The women, the men and his brother.

One female in particular came up to Marius and sat on his lap. She starts kissing him while grabbing his hair. Seconds later he slaps her on the ass. She gets up and glares at me then takes her set at the end of the table. I roll my eyes. The food is served and I pull my phone out my pocket and shift through it while eating. My head is starting to hurt from all the crying I’ve been doing, and my bruises are hurting also. I see a servant and wave her over.

“Do you have anything for pain,” I ask her.

She looked at me and nodded.

“Can I have 3 please.” Hopefully the pills will knock me out.

When she brought the medicine I said,” Could you please make sure my laptop is in my room. I have a ton of work to do.”

She turns to Marius and switches to a different language.

Afterwards she turns to me and says,” of course.” She’s so pretty. Everyone here is. I hear some snickering and laughing at the end of the table. I look down there and they are pointing to my small breast. I snicker in return. They don’t know who they fucking with. I made peace with my body a long time ago, so they will have to come harder than that.

I turn to Marius.

“I’m going to ask you one last time to get rid of your harem. I am your future wife and will be the mother of your children, they will not be around dumb bitches with their titties out.”

He just stared at me.

I shrug and continue on my phone.

“Will you be giving it up or will I have to take it,” he asked.

Who the hell asks questions like that. “Are you a rapist.”

“Do it look like I have to rape women, but I guess in certain situation I can be one. I have a feeling you will be difficult. ”

“Do you plan on courting me?”

“No,” was the sharp reply.

“Then I plan to be difficult. You could just leave me alone and turn to your harem.”

“My harem can’t provide me with legitimate children.”

“This society no longer cares about bastards.”

He remained silent. I return to my food and emails on my phone. I text Charity to let her know I won’t be in tomorrow and to hold it down and to text me if she needs me. One good thing about a web designer is that you meet a lot of interesting people. People with connections. My connection is not as long as Marius. Apparently he has the police department at his disposal that can stop an entire airplane for him.

“The priest will be here in three days to complete this farce of a marriage,” he said and got up and left the table.

“Wait. I want my contract money to go to me and not my parents.”

He sighs. “Now you want to change the contract”

“Hey I’ve been taking care of them since I graduated college. They have profit from me long enough.”

“I can’t just write their portion from the contract, but I can shrink it.”

“Yes, shrink it. That will work.”

“What will I get in return for my generosity.”

I gasp. “You want something for this. You can’t give my parents all that money. They will blow it within months.”

He shrugged.

Damn, he’s fine. I send a silent message to my coochie and tell it to hush.

I say. “What do you want.”

“A kiss.”

“All right sure, I can do that.”

That won’t be difficult at all. The man’s face and body is a work of fine Romanian art.

“Right now, with tongue. I have a theory I want to test.”

I curse. I hope he doesn’t see or feel my attraction to him. At least I was attracted to him, not anymore, I think. The last thing he needs is another woman pining after him. He has enough of that already.

I stand and walk over to him. “Don’t you have enough women around here to stroke your ego.”

He shrugged. I pull him down to me and lay a big tongue kiss on him.

He don’t know this about me yet but I’m a freak and don’t play when it comes to fucking. I’m horny now. Been horny all week and month long. I stick my tongue in his mouth and swirl it everywhere inside his mouth. I try to touch his tonsils with my tongue.

When I let him up for air I was still holding him by his shoulders to my eye level and when I looked into his eyes I saw lust there. Hot lust. I return the gesture he did to me earlier in the week.

I lick my tongue from his chin to his forehead. I let him go and then walk off.

“Don’t forget to call my parents and give them the news dear husband.”

I walk toward the stairs headed back to my room so I can get some work done. On the stairs I am spun around and shoved against the wall.

“You want to play games with me,” Marius growled in my face.

“It’s what I excel at.”

“That mouth is going to get you into a lot of trouble.”

“What?. Are you going to beat me some more.”

“That was your fault. You keep your hands to yourself and I will do the same. On second thought I will do whatever I want to you, so disregard that statement.”

“You’re a fucking women beater.”

“You hit me first.”

“You stabbed me with a throwing knife.”

“You were trying to fuck your ex.”

He had a point there. That still doesn’t give him the right to stab me. He doesn’t own me.

“Was not,” I lied.

“Don’t lie to me,” he said grabbing my pussy through my pants.

I push my pussy further on his hand. It starts to jump something awful. One more hard shove on his hand and I could probably cum. Then I remember what he did to me and pull back.

“Don’t touch me and stay away from me,” I said running up the stairs. Those pain pills must have worked. I barely feel any pain.

When I reach my room I run in and close the door. I lean against it and breathe. Every time I’m near him I get all twisted up inside. I’m drawn to him and don’t know why.

I always thought I would marry someone who’s devoted and in love with me. My parents crushed that dream with this contract non-sense.

Now I’m stuck with this abuser. I see my bags on the bed. All I had was my carry on luggage, so this all the clothes I have for now. I grab some panties and a nightgown and go take a shower. Afterward I get into bed and work on designs until I fall asleep.

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