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Chapter 6

Annora POV

Hours later I’m woken up by noise, music and loud giggling. I look at the time on my phone. What the hell is all this, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning .

I get up and make my way down to the living room. I see women dancing while half naked. Some are fucking guards in the corner of the room. I look to my left and see Marius and that bitch from earlier coming from a door.

“Aye cut the fucking music off, people and trying to sleep and you were the hell were you.” I ask Marius.

“Sacoya had to show me something,” he said and smiled.

I ignored him and said, “once again, can you cut the music off and keep the noise down.”

No one moved to do anything. I turn and go to the kitchen and grab a knife. I walk back to the living room and slice the cord to the massive speaker and radio.

“Hey,” Sacoya said. “Who the fuck do you think you are.”

“I’m the wife.”

“Pff,” she scoffed, “not yet.”

“We signed a contract bitch, for all intent and purposes we’re married.”

She screeched and came to attack me. I held up the knife to her throat, ” you try it Amazonian bitch and it’ll be your last. Don’t let this height and small body fool you. Back the fuck up.”

She then turns to Marius and starts spitting out another language.

“Marius,” I yelled. “I want some peace. Take the noise and fucking elsewhere.”

I hear shouts of outrage from the women and men. I stare at Marius intensely.

He says, ” you all heard my wife. Move it elsewhere.”

I said, “like the garage out back or whatever. Don’t be fucking in my living room. This is my house now and you will not turn it into a club.”

Marius says, “Annora you can leave now unless you want to keep giving everybody a show with your see through nightgown,” he growled.

I look down and can actually see my nipples through it and I can see my black lace panties.

“Of course my husband.” I turn to leave. I made it back to my room and fell asleep.

4 Days Later

I wake up and see a cream and peach color dress laying at the bottom of the bed. Then the door opens and in walk Marius. “The priest will be here today to officiate the wedding. I would like for you to wear this dress. Everyone else is out shopping for dresses and tux.”

“You mean your harem went out dress shopping for my wedding.”

“It’s not a wedding, just a small ceremony then dinner.”

“Well why do they have to be there.”

He shrugged.

Bastard. I grabbed my phone and sent out a text to one of my connect.

“Who are you texting.”

“My parents,” I lied.


“Are they not allowed to come.”

“Yes, but they are upset with us so they might not come. I told them about their portion of the contract money.”

I snicker,” great and I don’t really care if they come.”

He nods and walks out. ” Oh and your bags will be moved to my room down the hall.”

I scoff then get out of bed and start my morning ritual. Brush my teeth and hair, then oil my skin.

I spend extra time on my hair. Like I said it’s one of my best features. After that I go downstairs and walk toward the kitchen because I’m hungry. I start pulling vegetables from the fridge so I can make an omelet. I start chopping and throwing vegetables in the pan. They sizzle and make a nice aroma. I start on the eggs next. I sure hate that I cut the cord to the stereo. I love listening to music while I cook.

I finish up my omelet and plate it. I turn to the sink to put the dirty pan in it. When I turn back around Gideon is eating my omelet.

“What the hell Gideon. If you wanted one just say so instead of sitting there eating my shit.”

He said,” I don’t need one, I have this one.”

I mumble and grumble while starting the process over to make me another omelet. When I’m done I plate my omelet and turn around to put the dishes in the sink. I turn back around and Marius is cutting my second Omelet with a fork.

“Seriously, what the hell.!!”

Marius said, ” you’re supposed to make sure your husband eats first anyway.”

“I thought you had maids for that.”

“I do, but they are busy with decorations.”

I turn back around to the stove grumbling as I start on a third omelet. I hear a moan and turn around. Gideon is really enjoying my omelet.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying my omelet Gideon.” He nods and remains eating. After I’m done with my third omelet I just sit down and eat. I’m not leaving any more food unattended.

“This is good wife. I’ll have to make sure you cook for me 2 or 3 times a week.”

“Oh ma’am, I would have cooked for you,” the maid said walking in.

“No need. I’m fine with cooking my own food. I’ve been doing good without a maid all this time,” I said and smiled at her. “What’s your name by the way.”

“Ida ma’am.”

“Well Ida just go ahead and call me Annora or Ann for short.”

She cut her eyes to Marius and he nodded. I roll my eyes.

“Of course ma’am.”

Marius said, ” the priest will be here in about two hours. Lets go get ready.”

Everyone disburse and start getting ready. I go and put on some make-up and wand curl my hair. My hair takes all the time I have. I only have time to return a couple emails before I’m beckon to come downstairs. I can’t believe this is really happening. A small part of me thought everyone was lying. Damnit, this isn’t fair. Once again I’m taking the fall for my parents, who is not even here by the way.

I hear music playing and start walking toward the back patio doors. When I walk through them I’m a little surprised at what I see. Peach and Grey decorations everywhere. Sheers are hanging and blowing in the wind. I see Marius and Gideon standing next to a man that I assume is the priest.

The maids are here and some of Marius men and that’s it. When I make it to him he takes my hand in his and we face the priest who starts speaking in a language that I didn’t understand.

After several minutes of speaking he turns to me and says, “repeat after me. These are your vows but you have to say them in Romanian.” He started speaking and I repeated it as best I could. Then it was Marius’s turn to speak. He spoke clear and loud with a deep rumble in his chest that had me wetting my panties. Damn I’m horny. I’m lost in thought when Marius puts a ring on my finger and leans in and sucks my lips into a pussy creaming kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. I realize what I’m doing then let him go and step back. Gideon smirk and the guards laugh. Marius only stared at me lustfully.

I hope he didn’t take that the wrong way. He’s not getting any from me. Then everyone claps and congratulates Marius. We make it back into the huge dining room and cute the cake and eat a late lunch. While we’re eating one of Marius’ men comes in and whispers into his ear.

He then stared at me furiously. ” You had them deported.”

“Who.” I asked, shocked.

“Sacoya and the rest of them.”

“No, who me. I wouldn’t do such a thing, but if they were breaking the law and in this wonderful country illegally then that’s just how the cookie crumbles. By the way, how is your diplomatic status.”

“I don’t need one. My mother is from here and plus I just married a legal citizen. Now tell me what you did.”

I remain silent. Just staring at him. After a couple seconds into the stare down I say, ” you should’ve gotten rid of those bitches when I asked you nicely. If you send for more I will plant drugs on them and call the police and throw your whole operation into question.”

He smiled a cruel smile and I think I went too far but he will not parade his bitches in front of me and I can’t parade anybody without the threat of death.

“Excuse us everybody, my wife and I would like to retire.”

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