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Chapter 7

Annora POV

“Your wife would not, she is just fine.”

He snatched me up and pulled me from the room and toward the stairs. I beat on his arms and back. ” Marius let me go!.” I keep trying to attack him but it gets me nowhere. He’s a whole feet taller than my 5′2 and I have no weight to use. I try to drop down to dead weight, but he only picks me up and carries me up the rest of the stairs. We go past my room and into a room two doors down from mine on the opposite side.

“Let me go you sonofabitch I’m warning you.” He let me go and I landed on a bed. He stands there and starts undressing. “What are you doing.”

“Who will I fuck now that you’ve sent my girls away and plus this is one of your requirements.” “No, you can use your hand and self soothe for a while”

“No,” he said while dropping his pants and his dick spring free and pointing at me. My pussy started jumping and dancing to the beat of a dick drum.

“No, leave me alone, I don’t want this.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me. Yes you do, so that means you’re difficult on purpose. Well I can fuck the insolence right out of you all night,” he said then jump on me. I’m quickly subdued. He cuffed me to some long handcuff that I didn’t notice wrapped around his bed post. He quickly ripped my dress and panties and stuck a finger in my dripping pussy and held it up so I can see.

“That means nothing. I’m like that all the time, now let me go damn it,” I say wiggling my arms in the handcuff. They have slack in them. I can move my arms just not that far. He has the cuff looped through the thick pole.

“Mmm,” he said and started to attack my pussy with his tongue. Oh lord his tongue is so hot and rough. He constantly flicks it.

“Oh suck it please.” Damn he got me worked up fast. He’s also teasing me. He doesn’t suck my click into his mouth. He only flicks it back and forth and in a circle. I scream and pull on the cuff while lifting my hips up and trying to shove my pussy in his face, but he pulls back. I’m about to cry. I feel a low hum on my clit. If he will just suck and pull on it.

Oh his tongue is so warm. He did a big circle and his tongue went into my pussy.

“Aahh,” I screamed and my pussy creamed. He sat up and looked down at me. He removes his shirt and I see his whole body. Gotdamn my pussy jump and hum more at the sight.

“You want this dick or what,” he breathes out huskily.

“Yesss, yasss!!, give it to me.”

“No,” he says and starts climbing up the bed. He threw his leg across my chest. His dick and balls are sitting on my chest, but he doesn’t put all his weight on me. His dick is right at my lips. I look up at him silently and still throbbing. He grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth on his dick. I pull it further in and start caressing it with my tongue. He will soon learn about me. I’m a freak and I love to fuck and suck dick. I swallow his dick down my throat. He grabs for the head board and moans.

He let go of my hair to grab the headboard to hold on and look down at me. But I’m not focusing on him right now. I’m focused on his dick and bringing him to his knees. He starts pumping his hips and his dick slides in and out of my mouth and throat. I enclose my tonsil on his dick and humm. I take in as much as I can. I drop my head back on the bed and lick underneath his dick. I feel a long thick vein under there and I follow it with my tongue for a while.

After a second of licking the vein I quickly engulf his dick in my mouth and suck it back down my throat.. I got him moaning and groaning incoherently with his head thrown back. He suddenly yanks his dick from my mouth and climbs off the bed.

“You’re a sneaky girl aren’t you Annora.”

“Whatever do you mean.” I breathe out. “Now come on with the dick or do you have me in handcuffs for some other reason.”

He doesn’t give me the dick though. He latches on to my clit and this time he sucks my click into his hot mouth and I howl like a banshee. He threw one of my legs over his shoulder and sucked harder. He let it go just to travel further down to my ass and give it a long lick all the way back up to my clit. I’m pulling on the chain attached to the cuffs and bucking my hips so bad that I’m about to catch a Charlie horse.

He pushed my hips back down on the bed and climbed between my legs and shoved his dick in.

“Yess,!” I said as I cum around his dick. The light above me blurs as I cum. I still pump my hips until he’s fucked me through it and boy does he. He grabs my hips and shoves me on his dick over and over until I’m done cuming. But he’s far from done. He flipped me over and shove my head down on the bed and pulled my ass up to him and shove his dick back in.

" Aah.” We both say. Damn I feel his dick in my womb. My pussy is still clenching and spasming from my last orgasm. But he’s working me back up the way he’s fucking me. I thought he was going to pound my pussy, but instead he rolled only half of his dick in me while he squeezed my ass. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back down on his dick.

After that he flips me on my side and holds one leg up while he fucks me. OH! yess, this is so good. I’ve never been fucked like this before. Since I’m so little nobody want to toss me around and fuck me properly. Others look at me crazy when I ask them for this. Oh yes!. I’m a screaming and panting mess. I’m breathing so hard my mouth has gone dry.

As he continue to fuck me while I’m laying on my side with my leg up. I didn’t know I was this flexible. He starts rubbing my clit and I go crazy with spasms and shocks. My vision goes black. When I can see again I wipe the slob from the corner of my mouth and look around for Marius.

I don’t see him and I’m still cuff to the bed and I need to pee. I don’t feel any cum on me so I guess he wiped me down. Did I seriously black out. I feel so stupid. I told him I wasn’t giving him any sex and not only did I give it to him I enjoyed it tremendously. I hear the door open and Marius walks in.

“Hey I have to pee. Can you uncuff me.”

“No,” he said and raised my leg and shoved his dick inside me. His dick went straight to my bladder and hit it..

“No. Marius let me up, I have to pee and my arms hurt in this position.”

He doesn’t listen, he continues to pump his hips with his mouth at my neck licking it. He gripped my ass, raised it up and pounded my pussy so hard. The pee is forgotten as he rolls and pumps his dick into me. He raised up and pulled my hips up off the bed to him and pound my pussy. I scream and he groans. Oh god!!. His big hand cuffs my small breast.

He grab my nipple and twist and the sensation goes straight to my already jumping and throbbing pussy. He still holding my hips with his hand with the other he start slapping my pussy. Oh Yess. My pussy clinch and we both moan. He slap it harder this time and before I know it my pussy squirt. I’m sure it’s cum mixed with a little pee but I can’t help it. My whole body vibrate and tingle as I arch off the bed with a mega load orgasm. I barely hear him roar out his release. I fall back on the bed spent.

He gets up and goes to the door and bark a command. He comes back to the bed and uncuffs me and walks me to the bathroom. I go straight to the toilet and pee. While I do that he’s starting the shower. I step into the shower and sit my head against the wall. I’m so drained. It’s all Marius’ fault, him and his damn anaconda dick. But boy do he know how to use it. I feel him get in the shower behind me and pull me to his chest. I go willing, too tired to be a smart ass. I lean my head on his chest with my eyes closed. My eyes shot open as he quickly bent me over and shove his dick in me. My head is directly under the spray of water. My damn hair is getting wet.

“Marius stop it. I’m tired.” But he doesn’t listen. He fuck me roughly as water continue to land on the back of my head and in my face and nose.

“Marius I can’t breathe, stop this.!” He pulled his dick out and shoved me against the shower wall. He then picked me up on the wall and shoved his dick back in while he bit my nipple hard. I wrap my legs around him and grind on his dick. I didn’t know I was this horny and depraved. His dick has my pussy thumping and beating against his dick. Water continues to wash over us as I roll and bounce on his dick. He groaned and cursed. He rubs my clit and I pump faster and he pumps so hard my back is slapping against the wall. I know I will have a bruise there. He rubs my clit faster and I cum pulsing and clenching around his dick. He seconds behind me with a curse and grunt.

He set me down and we both bathe and get out. I drop on the bed exhausted. I see my suitcase on the floor. I reach inside and pull out a nightgown, not even bothering with panties. I pull it on and lay on my stomach and get ready to close my eyes, but I feel Marius dick probing my ass.

“Marius no more. I’m tired.”

“You sent my girls away so you have to make up for the pussy that I will be missing.” My eyes snap open and I know they blaze with anger.

“I’m not fucking you again so go take a cold shower.”

“No, you owe me 9 more rounds, one for each girl you got deported.”

“No, now get off me,” I said and tried to roll him off me. I turn over on my back and look up at him and slap the shit out of him.

“I said get the fuck off me.” I try to climb off the bed and run to the door but he catches me and throws me down on the floor.

“What I tell you about hitting me,” he said and slapped me. I start to cry, “Marius I can’t take anymore, stop it.” But of course he doesn’t listen.

Marius is deadly and dangerous and I can tell he’s very calculated, but I still fight to get him off me. He slam my back hard on the floor and stare at me with murder in his eyes.

“Don’t,” I say getting really scared. How will I get out of this? He’s a maniac. I’m doomed.

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