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Chapter 8

Annora POV

I wrestle free from him and run for the door. Before I can make it he tackles me to the floor. He holds me down by the back of my neck and probes my ass with his dick.

“Nooo, Marius stop this please!!.”

He leaned down and whispered in my ear. ” I can go in the easy way or just ram it in. How do you want it.”

“Not there please,” I said crying.

He doesn’t listen. He probed my sphincter with his dick and plow through it. I scream. Suddenly, I feel him rubbing my clit.


He pumped slowly into me, breathing and grunting in my ear. He’s fucking my ass and trying to make me like it. I’ve never been fucked in my ass. He continued to play with my clit while still pumping slowly. He licks the back of my ear then bite it. I shiver. Damn he’s good. I don’t even feel pain anymore.

Then I become pissed. He’s trying to replace all the fucking he will miss out on with his bitches. At last count he had 12 hoes in here. I’m not fucking him that many times in one night. We’re already on round 4 or 5 I think and I’m worn out.

Hell no.

I suddenly flip him off and his dick slips out. He’s caught by surprise. I grab his shoe that he discarded from the floor. It’s his wedding loafer so it has a hard sole heel on the bottom of it. I swung it and hit him in the temple. As he topples over I get up and pull my nightgown down and run out the door thanking God that it’s not locked. I haul ass down the stairs and out the front door. I run towards the gate until I see guards. I turn and run towards the back of the house. I see woods and head towards them.

I suddenly hear a chainsaw and look back. Marius psycho ass is running with the chainsaw in his hand. He’s still naked with his dick jumping and bouncing. It’s still wet from the lube he squirted on it.

I scream, ” you fucking psycho, stay away from me.”

The good thing about the chainsaw is it’s holding him back with the weight. I make it to the tree line and breath a relieved sigh. I know I can get lost in the trees.

I run for miles it seems. I can no longer hear the chainsaw. I hope it means I’m far from that crazy bastard. My whole body is in pain. He has flogged me, whipped me, stabbed me and now my ass is on fire from the ass pounding.

I hear voices and see flashlights in the distance. I want to cry. I’m so tired. I can’t run anymore, but I can’t give up. He would surely kill me. I suddenly feel wind and hear water. I run towards the sound. I halt quickly. It’s a damn cliff. A fucking cliff with water raging below.

“Annora, I’m going to kill you.” I hear Marius declare from somewhere close.

“No you won’t,” I mumble and jump.

I fall and fall. I fall forever it seems before plunging into the raging waters below. I sank deep and when I came up I took a deep breath right before I got hit in the face with water. My nose burns. The river is moving me at a rapid pace. It’s dark and I can’t see what’s in front of me. I can’t even see the river bank.

I did not think this through. I might die because of my impulse behavior. I can’t feel the bottom either. It does no good to fight the current so I just let it wash me away. I take a deep breath and go under where it’s calm. I feel the bottom of the river and almost weep. The river is on an incline. It’s getting shallow the further I go. I come back up and look right and left. I see lights to my left. I fight as best I could so the water would take me left. I reach the river bank and fall on the grass. I take many breaths. My arms are so tired. I can barely pull myself up because the water is still trying to pull my lower half down the river.

It must be early morning because I see daybreak looming. My eyes light up at what I see. This is the river that runs under Fargo bridge in the city, which means I’m only a couple of miles from the city. I climb up from the river and pull my nightgown down. I don’t see much around me, just a couple of boutiques that are not open yet. As I walk I stay close to the trees so I can duck behind them in case Marius goons are out looking for me.

I finally see an older lady opening up her shop. She opens the shop door and I come up behind her.

“Excuse me ma’am, can I borrow some clothes and shoes, I promise I will pay you,” I said shivering.

“Oh dear, are you all right,” she asks with concern in her voice and I start crying.

“Yes ma’am. My name is Annora Okatiba and I own Okatiba web design. Can you call there and tell my assistant to pay you for the clothes. If she doesn’t believe you say, my fish is drowning and she will believe you, that’s our code word.”

“Of course, come in and let me call someone for you.”

“No ma’am, please, my husband is trying to kill me. He knows everyone, even the police. I just need some dry clothes please.!”

“Ok, take whatever you need,” she said with tears in her eyes.

I grab some jeans, a t-shirt and shoes. I change right in front of her. I have no time for modesty. I grab a rubber band and put my hair up in a ponytail.

“Thank you so much. Here call this number and you will be repaid,” I said while writing the number down on a piece of paper.

“I’m getting ready to leave. I stop and turn to her, “can you please not tell anyone I was here.”

“Of course not, be safe.”

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