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Chapter 9

Annora POV

I nod and walk out toward the city. I’m so tired and sleepy and my body hurts. I’m a mile from the city when I hear cars, more than one rushing pass.

Thankfully I stay hidden behind the trees, but the trees will soon run out.

I come upon a plaza with different buildings. I’ve never been this far out of the city before, but I know the place. By now it’s daylight and shops and schools are opening up. I’m squatting behind a car when I see Marius goons.

I see a big high truck and duck behind it. I hear the door unlock on it, somebody must have hit the key remote which means this big ass truck is going to move soon and show my location. Then I hear talking.

“Hey Coulder can you bring me back a pumpkin spice instead of vanilla.”

Then I hear a grunt, “do I look like I have time for your prattling Mike.”

“But you’re going there anyway, I just want to change my order.”

Another grunt. Then I hear footsteps walking towards the truck. I peep over the truck and see Marius goon are getting closer.

Fuck this. I open the extended cab door to the humongous truck and climb in the back seat and stay down.

Seconds later I hear the front door open and he gets in and cranks up. I hear a tap on his window. He grunted and rolled the window down.

“Sorry to disturb you sir, but have you seen this woman. She’s on the run and dangerous.”

I roll my eyes at that dumb shit.

“No,” was the man’s clip reply. He then rolled the window up and pulled off.

Minutes later we stop at a red light in the city and I breathe a sigh of relief.

“Mind telling me why you picked my vehicle to stowaway in.”

I curse. “You knew I was back here the whole time.”

“A person would have to be blind and deaf not to with all that moving and breathing you doing.”

“But you didn’t tell on me.”

He grunt. “I know a person on the run when I see one. Now that we’re in the city there’s plenty of other trucks you can hide in so I’ll drop you off.”

“Ok, and thank you.”

After that he takes a call for work I guess. He seems to be in security. I’m still on the floor behind the driver seat so I can’t see his face.

If he’s in security maybe he can help me. I climb from the back seat to the front passenger seat and look at him. Damn he’s fine. He has dark hair that he has in a ball at the nape of his neck. He has bronze skin which tells me he’s in the sun a lot. He has pink plush lips that bring kissing to mind. He sees me and focuses on me. Second later he tells the caller he will call them back.

He says, “are those your eyes.”

“Of course.”

“They are very distinctive, you might want to consider getting contacts.”

“Uh sure, but later, listen, I need your help. You work in a security firm. I’ll pay you to protect me.”

“You’re caught up in a dangerous situation and my firm doesn’t do that kind of case. You need a bodyguard and they cost about 5 grand a week.”

“5 grand!!, I don’t have that kind of money.” I start to cry and sit back against the seat.

“What am I going to do? I’m a dead woman,” I yelled. ” Sir please help me. I’ll do anything, I’ll pay you, please.”

“My name is Coulder.”

“Annora,” I say while wiping my eyes. When did I become this person? I guess when your life is hanging in the balance things change.

“Will you help me, just until I figure out what to do or how to leave the state without the calvary coming down on me.”

He grunt. He does that a lot I see.

“How do you know I won’t kidnap you. You don’t know me. I could be married.”

“I’m desperate and I guess it’s a feeling. Sometimes I feel things. A strong six sense.”

“Things like what,” he asks.

" I don’t know. I can feel danger, a bad vibe. I just jumped from a 20 feet cliff. I had a feeling the water was deep enough that I wouldn’t plunge to my death.”

He grunt again and I stayed silent. I’m getting nervous as the minutes pass by. He hasn’t said whether he would help me or not. We’ve reached the city and before we are deep into the city he turns off. Minutes later he’s pulling up to a two story small house. It’s simple with a gate around it and a big porch. He hit a button and the garage door opened. He drives in and lets the garage back down.

I turn to him. ” Are you helping me?”

“For now,” he said.

“Oh thank you sir.”

He grunted and got out and so did I. He unlocked the door to his house and we walked in. A smell hit me so hard in the nose that I almost walked out.

“What the hell is that smell.”

“Um I kind of need your help to. My girlfriend moved out about 6 months ago and I don’t have time to clean with all the work I do.”

“So you want me to be your maid.”

“What else are you going to do.”

I remain silent, he had a point. ” Okay, sure I will clean your house and cook for you and you let me stay here and hide out.”

“For now, yes, but you need to be making plans and fast. I have to go back to work. I won’t be back until later.”

I nod and he walked out.

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