Little Red Riding Devil's

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Etta Bishop is privileged and entitled. But the one thing she wants, which is her dad to acknowledge her she can't have. He's never around and will not praise her many accomplishments. When she meets Caspian Zayd he does that and more. He tells her how smart and beautiful she is and that he loves her dedication. He's so charming, but for how long. When Caspian first lay eyes on Etta he knows she's the perfect candidate for what his father entended. He will bend her to his will, by force or by choice. But what happens when Etta finds out about his plans. When Etta finds out that Caspian isn't who he says he is she has to depend on the one family member she didn't know she had, her grandmother, but on the way to her grandmother's house the big bad wolf named Caspian chases her and foil every attempt for her to reach her grandmother's house. Will she make it, or will Caspian silence her forever because she knows too much.

Erotica / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Etta Pov

“Job well done on that account today Etta,” Joel, one of my co-workers says.

I’ve been hearing it all day. That’s why we’re at this bar celebrating me. It was quite an achievement. An achievement that my father will never recognize. Straight from college I started at my father’s company as his secretary. I stayed in that position for years. I begged my father to see my potential, but he never did, never had the time to. He would only kiss me on my forehead in a patronizing way and walk off when I try to talk to him about promoting me. Finally some of the other big hitters got tired of my father and implored my father for me to come work for them. One in particular that I like. Mr. Sheers. He’s older than my father and so nice. I work hard for him and he promoted me through the ranks. Now, years later I’ve settled one of the biggest accounts in my father’s company that he owns with his two best friends.

My coworkers and I are out celebrating. Every time I think of my father I take a shot and get more depressed. What more does he want from me, is it because I’m not a boy. I went to college and studied international studies like him. I know 4 different languages and I’m chief operator at the company. We import and export goods to and from the country. I’ve landed big accounts like Gap and Nike. They trust me in making sure their goods are transported safely to the U.S.

I just give up on my father. For now. He’s gone from the country anyways. He’s in China negotiating a trade agreement.

I suddenly feel eyes on me and look around. I see 3 white guys at the bar and one of them is looking at me, staring intensely is more like it. I stare back because he’s hot. Usually I’m not so forward, but I’m drunk and my inhibitions are lowered tremendously. I don’t have much of a love life thanks to my career.

He then breaks eye contact and turns and listens to his friend. To be honest they look like white supremactist and have no business being in an upscale bar like this. But the one that was staring at me can’t be a racist the way he’s looking at me.

After a few more seconds of listening to his friend he nodded and his friends left. He raises his hand to the bartender for another drink.

Jennifer, my coworker, grabs my hand and says, “let’s go dance superwoman.”

I roll my eyes at that but let her lead me away from our private booth.

My job clothes are very restricting but I dance as best I can. I have on a spaghetti strap white silk camisole top and a long grey pencil skirt that insinuate my hips and grey high heel pumps.

Beyonce drunk in love comes on and I copy all Beyonce moves on the video, including the one where she throws her hips and legs out while circling her hands and arms.

Then the music changes to Chris Stapleton Tennessee Whiskey and I stay on the dance floor and wave my hands.

Then I feel someone come behind me and whisper in my ear. “Dance with me.”

His voice fit him. He’s big with broad shoulders, a bald head and a beard. His voice is deep and baritone like it will put you to sleep.

I drop my head back on him and move my body from side to side. We dance through the whole song seductively. He barely moves. He only holds me with his arms wrapped strongly around my waist.

After the song ends I disentangle myself from his hold and turn to look at him. I was sure it was the guy sitting at the bar and I’m glad I was right.

“Thank you for the dance,” I say and walk off and go back to our private booth. When I make it there everyone is gathering their stuff and leaving.

“Hey party poopers, where’re you going.”

“Home, everyone is lit off their asses except for you.”

I didn’t want to tell that since the abandonment of my father I’ve developed a high tolerance for shots and wine.

“Ok, I’ll help you all to the cab.” I grab Jennifer and wrap her arm around me and grab my blazer and we head out.

Jennifer drunkenly says, “ Etta that guy was hot, you need to let him cool your ache. I know you haven’t been laid in years.”

I gasp and blush,” okay Jennifer, how about a little quiet time now.”

They all make fun of me and my lack of social life. It took damn near an act of congress to get me to come here.

She says, “ oh forget about your dad. You’ll never jump through enough hoops for him, but we love you just the way you are.”

“ Gee thanks Jen.” I’m a little offended because I know how the office talks. Everyone does love me but they think I should give up on my dad. Especially Mr. Sheers.

She stops and stares at me.

“Jen please, give me a break ok.”

“Sure, I’m sorry Etta, I just want what’s best for you. I didn’t mean any of that stuff.”

“I know Jen, but a drunk person tells sober tales.”

“Okay enough of that,” says Byran. He kissed me on the cheek and grabbed Jennifer and put her in the cab and they were all off leaving me on the curb alone.

“Do you need a ride home?” He comes up behind me and puts his dick on my ass. I close my eyes and grind on him for a second then I step away.

“No, I drove.”

“Go out with me.” He demanded this and suddenly I got a bad vibe from him. I can tell he has a dominating presence and I don’t think that would fit into my lifestyle and my future goals.

“Thanks, but I don’t date.” After I said this I walked to my BMW SUV my dad bought me to compensate for his absence in my life.

After making the 15 minute drive to my apartment I walk in and go to the shower.

After getting out I dry off and lay in the bed and turn on porn. I get really horny after I’ve had alcohol. I turn to the one where the girls are forced and screaming. For some reason that gets me hot.

This one is one about a mailman. I haven’t seen this one yet.

The mailman comes to the door and the housewife lets him in so she can grab her ID and sign for a certified package.

After she comes back to the living room he slaps her down to the ground and rips her clothes off. At this point I start playing with myself. The wife starts screaming begging for him to stop, but he doesn’t.

The mailman then shove his dick in her mouth and start fucking her throat while she lays on the floor screaming and crying.

“Oh yes.” I scream out and rub my clit faster.

After he’s done fucking her mouth. He climbed between her legs and shoved his dick in her pussy. The cameraman goes behind them so you can see his dick going in and out of her pussy fast.

She screams no and I scream yes.

Seconds later I come with a loud shout and scream.

I do need to find a guy with benefits because my fingers are starting to get cramps and suffer.

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