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Take Me To Court

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Lie : an assertion that is believed to be false, typically used with the purpose of deceiving someone. The practice of communicating lies is called lying. A person who constantly lies is referred to as a liar Nevada Marina is a liar. Miranda Fate in a moment of desperation turns to Nevada who takes advantage of her mental instability. What he thought was a phase turned into something much more complicated. Something very messy. Something that would destroy him. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS ABANDONMENT, SEXUAL CONTENT, AND MORE. IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THIS, I'M SORRY BUT THIS ISN'T THE BOOK FOR YOU.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

He held a second glass towards the billionaire who looked clearly impatient. She stared down the glass and glared at him. Nevada gave a light chuckle before putting the glass away.

“I haven’t had enough time to think about it Miranda. Its a really tricky offer you gave me.”

“It’s not an offer, it’s a deal” she said with gritted teeth.

He took a sip of his expensive wine and sat back in his chair behind his desk. He clearly felt powerful seated in that chair knowing Miranda’s business would collapse if he didn’t help her. It wasn’t an unfair deal. All he had to do was give her 30 billion dollars right now and she would give him 10 percent of every cent she gets over the next two years.

“I don’t get it? Aren’t you a billionaire? You’re richer than me for Christ’s sake and you can’t make 30 billion.”

Miranda gritted her teeth. She got up and took the glass of wine she was offered and downed it all in one gulp. She put the glass down and took Nevada’s glass. She downed it all down as well. Nevada gave a hearty chuckle which quickly turned into a laugh.

“This is really stressing you out, isn’t it?”

Miranda who had been pacing in front of his desk snapped her head right at his direction. Her stare sharpened until Nevada raised up his hands in surrender.

“Give me two days. I’ll give you your response.”
He poured her another glass which she denied. Knowing Miranda he still kept the glass close. He stood up and slowly and subtly started walking towards the door. Miranda caught on quickly that he was trying to get rid of her so she picked up her purse and began making her way toward the door. Nevada put his hand on her lower back as he escorted her towards the door. Miranda slapped his hand off and walked out silently.

“No. Take me home.”

Her driver immediately changed course and they began to go home. Her blood pressure was high above the roof. Figuratively. ‘Why did Nevada have to be so stubborn. That’s a deal of a lifetime’ she thought. She dropped her bag on the couch and made her was to get a glass of red wine. She took the bottle and glass and sat on her balcony. She looked over the orange pink and purple view as the sun slowly sank into the ground.

One glass turned into two. Two turned into four and four into six until the billionaire was drunk. She stumbled over to her bag and dug into her bag until she found her phone. She connected her phone to the sound system set up in her home and began playing music. The effects of the alcohol had completely to set in by now. She took the glass and sat on the floor and began drinking. Just trying to forget her failing deal.

She would have to try again tomorrow. She really needed the money so she wasn’t taking no for an answer. Yeah. I’ll try again tomorrow. He can’t say no. I won’t let him. A smile drew itself on her lips as she took a few more gulps.

“Are you okay?”

She tried to lift her head up to where the voice had come from but failed pathetically. Completely drunk. Now she had a stranger in her house and she was too drunk to even try and defend herself. Pathetic

She felt a presence close to her. The intruder probably sat down next to her.

“Hey. Are you okay?” A large hand swept her hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. The hand turned her face to look at the mystery man. The moment his hand left her face it fell softly.

“It’s hot in here” Miranda slurred as she began to unbutton her shirt and pulled it off. She held onto anything close to her including the man’s face as she stumbled to get up so she could take her skirt off

When she had taken everything off except her bra and underwear she dropped herself in front of the man.

“Umm.... I just wanted to tell you to come by my office in the morning to get your 30 billion. I thought it over and looked over your accounting cycles for the last 3 years and I’m sure I won’t make a loss.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m sooo happy I could kiss you” and she did.

She lunged right at him and smashed her lips onto his knocking them both over. Nevada tried to politely push her away but Miranda wasn’t having any of it. She pressed herself into his body. Nevada then roughly pushed her away.

“You should head to bed. You are mightily drunk”

“But I’m horny.” She pouted

“Okay. Time to sleep” he picked up her naked body and began walking while carrying her bridal style. When he finally got to her hallway he realized he had no idea which room was hers.

“Where is your room?”

He looked down at the billionaire curled up in his arms. She looked back up at him, her skin glowing under the dim house lights.

“We don’t need a room.”

Mumbling under his breath, he began opening door after door hoping to at least come across any room with a bed.

He opened her office, library, bathroom, sauna, tv room, gaming room - wait a minute.
He stepped inside the gaming room where there was a detailed and properly worked on gaming set up. Interesting.

He stepped out and continued looking for her room. They longer he carried her, the heavier she got. He groaned as he adjusted the way he was carrying her. He looked down at her ready to drop her to the ground and found her passed out. A permanent frown set on her face. Her forehead was creased up and she looked completely exhausted.

He opened another door. The room was completely dark. He stepped into the room and kept walking. He inevitably bumped into numerous furniture. He eventually found a soft bed where he laid her. He walked back towards the door and flipped the switch. The lights were bright. Almost blinding.

His breath hitched as turned and looked around the room. Well shit.

You would think she would make it red but no. It was a deep drowning black. He hesitantly began walking around the room. There was a a table bed?

‘What is this?’

Nevada had no idea what most of the instruments in this room were. There were chains, whips, vibrators. Goosebumps littered his skin. He looked back at Miranda who was softly snoring. Never ever in this world would he have thought that Miranda would be this kinky.

He hugged himself as he kept walking around the room. Chokers, leashes and - dear Lord Jesus - a cage. A metal human sized cage. There was a deep red blanket on the floor of the cage. A collar and a dog plate.

Fortunately, no one was in the cage. Nevada was suddenly so cold. “This is scary” he quickly dug into his blazer wrote a quick note to leave for Miranda and immediately left the house.


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