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a orphan cheetah shifter named cleo creates a pride/pack of orphaned shifters and they rob banks. in the mean time cleo is trying to figure out what she is. who her mother is? and why she got left alone?

Erotica / Romance
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There is nothing wrong with not knowing who you are

By: Justin Fitzpatrick

There is nothing wrong with not knowing who you are
It is not some unwritten sin
It is not a broken mirror in which to stare
It is nothing to hold your tongue to
Or medicate away

There is nothing wrong with not knowing who you are
Even the weather changes through the day
There is no followed metronome
No faults
No memorized prayer

There is nothing wrong with not knowing who you are
You are not written like a book
Or painted from a single canvas
Nor balanced like some perfect Zen
Or worth just like everyone else

There is nothing wrong with not knowing who you are
There is no rule to follow
No category you must fill in
You have your own two legs to sidestep
You can be different every minute if you wish
And you do not need to be criticized
Or try to fix what others say is wrong
You can cry when you have no reason
You can wish when you have no hope
You can laugh when all is silent
You can breathe when fear is stuck down your throat

There is nothing wrong with not knowing who you are
Not a single little thing

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