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||||Naomi Monroe ||||

“We miss you, honey,” my mom says from the other side of the phone. I just finished my second week here in San Francisco and it’s the farthest I’ve ever been away from my family for this long. Even if there were times that I didn’t see them often while I was just a couple hours away in Atlanta, knowing that they were much closer made it easier to cope.

“I miss you too. How is everyone?”

“Well, work is busy for me as usual and things are busy for your dad too. You know they don’t give the public schools shit and he’s often paying out of pocket for vital supplies for the students. And Malcolm is fine, he’s just trying to decide which school he’ll go to next fall. He’s actually looking at an engineering program at a school out there in California.”

My mom is a public defender and my dad is a math teacher at the same high school I went to growing up. So it’s easy to say where my interest in community service came from. In fact, I’m multitasking right now, working out some bugs in my app and trying to pull in data for the San Francisco area given the houseless crisis here. My little brother isn’t much different either. He has been obsessed with the idea of becoming an environmental engineer since learning about the climate crisis. I never pass up a chance to tell him that humanity is depending on him — no pressure or anything.

“What about you?” she asks. “How was your second week in San Francisco? We’re still so proud of you! Out there expanding offices and things! It sounds like you’re still busy with all that typing going on in the background. And on a Friday night at that?”

“Yeah, I’m actually working on some updates for my app and then I’m heading to bed.”

“Always working! What about the weekend? Are you going to take some time to explore the area? You should try to at least take your weekends to do something fun.”

“I will! I’m hoping to get out and do some exploring this weekend…”

“That’s good honey, well, I know it’s late there, so I’ll let you go. But be sure to keep checking in on us, will you?”

“Of course, mom. I love you and tell everyone else I love them too.”

“Love you too honey.”

After hanging up the phone, I take a deep breath and continue trying to keep myself busy. The other reason I’m up so late is that I can’t seem to sleep because tomorrow is my movie marathon with Sebastien and I am excited. He’s picking me up at noon and he already has a long list of films for us to watch until late into the night. Even with his whole ‘no sex’ rule, I genuinely enjoy spending time with the man.

But also… He is not getting away with those games he played on Monday. I’ve got something for him.


|||| Sebastien Laurent ||||

I spent all morning setting up and rearranging the living room for Naomi and I’s movie night. And now I am finally nearing her hotel to pick her up. Honestly, having her alone with me for almost a full day may not have been the best choice given the whole ‘no sex’ rule that I set, but I’ll just need to practice extra self-control. No problem. And while Naomi’s presence alone is already tempting, I doubt she’d be bold enough to try me.

When she exits her building in sweatpants and a long jacket, I’m relieved that she didn’t opt to wear leggings and instead chose looser clothes. Keeping to this rule will be a piece of cake. I get out of the car to greet her, take her bag to put in the back, and open the door.

“So, are you ready for our movie marathon?” I ask as I get into the car.

“Heck yeah,” she chimes. “I think I’ve only ever seen like one or two movies on the list that you sent me, so I’m looking forward to seeing some new stuff.”

“I look forward to showing you many new things, Naomi.” I’m not sure if she catches on to my double entendre considering its subtleness, but should Naomi allow things to progress between the two of us — I’ve already decided that I want more — then that is exactly what I plan to do.

I live about an hour outside the city in a suburban area, though the ride doesn’t feel that long with the way conversation flows naturally between Naomi and I. We never seem to run out of things to talk about.

Pulling up to my home, Naomi looks at it awestruck with her eyes wide. I don’t think it’s anything special, honestly, especially compared to the rest of my family.

“It’s so modest,” she beams, walking through the front door. “I like how it feels like an actual home. To be honest, I was afraid it’d be mad extra.”

“‘Mad extra’?” I question.

“Oh sorry,” she giggles. “I just mean that I thought it’d be extravagant or something. I mean, it’s large, but not too large. And it doesn’t feel empty… I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but what I’m trying to say is that I like it… At least from what I’m seeing right now.”

“Well then let me give you a proper tour.” I set her backpack down and start showing her around. Beginning on the first floor, I show her the living room where we’ll be through this evening, then go on to the kitchen and then patio. Taking her upstairs, I show her the two guest rooms, an additional living room that leads outside with its own patio, and finally… My bedroom.

I stand in the doorway watching her as she walks around analyzing my room before giving an impressed nod with pursed lips. It is not lost on me that her eyes linger on my platform bed longer than any other part of the room.

“This is nice,” she says. “I never thought a black and gray room could look anything other than depressing, but with the shades used and the natural light with these floor to ceiling windows, it’s pretty trendy.” Her eyes still wandering, Naomi double takes when she sees the extra door in my room and approaches it. “I understand having two closets, but damn… Is this a third?”

Before she reaches it, I grab her hand and redirect her to leave the room. “Another time, dear.”

Her head tilts with confusion. “For a closet— oh…” she catches herself. “That is not a closet, is it?”

“It is not,” I confess, leading her back downstairs.

“I knew it,” she whispers. It’s barely audible, but I’m just close enough to hear it and I turn around to give her a knowing smirk. It brings back a memory from my final night in Atlanta.



Laying in bed with my arm around Naomi, we’re both completely exhausted. She’s spent the entire weekend in my hotel room with me when we haven’t gone out to eat or deliver meals for that volunteer work yesterday. I don’t want to scare her away by saying this, but it has been one of the best weekends of my life — definitely in the top five. I’m happy that we got over that initial awkward phase rather quickly.

“You are a freak,” Naomi says with a smirk on her face and it takes me a few seconds to process before I realize that she doesn’t mean ‘freak’ as in the insult, but as in… “What I mean to say is that I suspect you’re kinky,” she states.

“And what makes you think that?” I begin peppering kisses on her neck causing her to giggle.

“Let’s see… Your hand around my neck, the very dirty talk in my ear, and telling me I’m a ‘good girl’ for taking your dick. I could also tell that you seemed to be holding something back. There were times when you’d get particularly authoritative before you retreated.”

“Interesting assessment,” I breathe as my hand trails down to caress the inside of her thighs. Her breathing hitches in response and I enjoy the way her body so easily responds to me. “And if I told you there might be some truth there?”

Naomi hesitates for several moments and hums pensively before answering. “Hm… I’ve been curious about that stuff, but I’m not sure where I would land on the spectrum. The idea of submitting turns me on, but so does the idea of dominating.”

“That would just make you a switch, dear,” I reply before lightly stroking her slit and return to kissing along her neck.

“I see…” She then gasps when I push two fingers inside of her and make my way down. It’s a conversation I definitely want to have with her, but I’ll wait for when she visits me in California so we can talk in more detail.


Little did I know at the time that our plans would drastically change because while this movie marathon was on the list of dates I had planned for us. There were other activities I had planned surrounding this that involved that room I led her away from, but we’ll have to abstain for now.

Once we reach the couch, I sit down, pull the blanket over myself, and turn on the TV to begin with our first movie. My brows tense when I look at Naomi and she’s decided to sit on the complete opposite side of the couch with her legs curled under her.

“What are you doing, Naomi?” I ask.

“It’s probably better for your ‘rule’,” she says the word mockingly. “… If I stay over here.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not truly a movie marathon if we’re not cuddling.” I lift the blanket to invite her over. “We can control ourselves,” I add with a wink.

She sharpens her gaze and then begins setting rules of her own. “Fine. But no touching me.”

“If we’re cuddling, we’ll be touching—“

“You know what I mean… Here,” she touches her chest. “… and here,” she touches the space between her legs. “… are off limits, Sebastien.”

“You seem to enjoy when I touch you those places,” I remark.

“Rules…” she warns.

“Fine,” I nod, lifting the blanket again. “Can you join me now?”

“Of course.” A mischievous smirk comes to her face as she rises from her seat and approaches me.

I immediately choke before an involuntary groan escapes me as my gaze latches on to her enticing thighs on full display when she removes her oversized sweatpants to reveal extremely short shorts under them.

“Is this okay?” she asks innocently knowing damn well exactly what she is doing. “I just don’t want to get too hot between the blanket and the sweatpants.”

“Of course,” I gulp. I see I’m not the only one who’s playing games here.

Finally, she joins me on the couch under the blanket and snuggles up to me as I put my arm across her shoulders. At least she’s covered now and thank god she’s still wearing that oversized sweatshirt.

We somehow get two and a half movies in without incident until I have to pull myself away to answer the door for the dinner that I ordered. When I return to the couch, I set out our food on the coffee table and Naomi comes from under the covers to retrieve her Pad Thai.

But first, the woman chooses to test me further and removes her sweatshirt and now in addition to the very short shorts she’s wearing, she is also in a low-cut black teeshirt.

“What are you doing?” The question comes out more agitated than I intended.

“What do you mean?” she asks, feigning confusion.

“Was it necessary to remove your sweatshirt?” I ask through clenched teeth.

“Oh! I just don’t want to mess up my favorite sweatshirt, you know?” She bites her lip as if that will hide the smirk on her face.

Pad Thai is not that messy and the woman has so much grace that she’s probably one of the cleanest eaters I know.

“Whatever,” I grumble, taking my container and chopsticks and leaning back in the couch.

I can’t help but peek over at Naomi when the smart thing to do would be to keep my focus on the movie as we eat. The way her lips wrap around her chopsticks, the movement of her throat every time she sips her drink, and the way she periodically licks her delectable lips.

It only gets worse when after eating, she gets up to throw our food away — something I offered to do and she refused because it is clear she has a plan in mind. As Naomi walks away to the kitchen to dispose our trash, her hips sway more than usual and my eyes are glued to her ample backside as my mind floods with memories of when I had it in my hands while I fucked her from behind.

Feeling an erection growing, I cover my crotch with a pillow and then the blanket before she returns and joins be under it.

“What’s with the pillow?” she sneers, knowing exactly what it’s for.

“Oh, nothing…” I reply as I wrap my arm around her waist and begin caressing the outside of her thigh. I wonder if this woman has forgotten that there are plenty of other places I can touch to get a rise out of her.

My fingers toy with the hemline of the shorts that may as well be her underwear and when I reach them a bit further up, I come to the conclusion that she isn’t wearing any.

“Naomi…” I groan.

“Sebastien,” she replies indifferently.

Against my better judgement, I ask her the question. “Are you wearing any panties?”

“Hm…” she taps her finger to her chin. “I guess I’m not. Why do you ask?”

“Jesus-fucking-christ,” I mutter. And before I can stop myself, I’ve pulled her face into mine and my tongue is already in her mouth. She runs her fingers through my hair as she kisses me back and her body is turned to face mine. My lips begin to trail down her neck and I roughly grab her ass, causing her to jump.

“Rules,” she reminds and it’s clear the woman is turned on considering it comes out as more of a whimper.

“You said nothing about your ass, dear,” I counter before returning to her neck.

As I’m practically devouring the parts of Naomi that I can get my mouth on, I feel her hands start to wander my body and part of me regrets not setting the same rules as her while the other part is happy that I didn’t because I crave this woman’s touch.

One hand slips up my shirt as her fingers graze against my bare skin and for a moment, I reach a small gap in my self-control and release her cheek before slamming my hand back down on it. The move causes her to jump and release a light moan in the form of my name. Before I realize it, my teeth are grazing along her neck before they reach her earlobe and I start nibbling at it.”

“So…” she purrs. “If I call you ‘Mr. Laurent,’ will you do it again?”

Damnit, Naomi. My dick twitches at her words and I did not expect to see this side of her. Although I find her tempting, I never expected her to be a temptress and now she’s only turned me on further.

As if things couldn’t get anymore intense, her other hand trails down, under the pillow and right against my erection through my sweatpants. Naomi’s tongue traces along the edge of my ear and she whispers, “Are you hard for me, Sebastien?”

And that was when she broke me.

I’ve now pushed her on her back and I’m laid on top of her between her legs dry humping her. Just when my lips reach the neckline of her low-cut top, Naomi presses her hands flat against my chest and pushes me away.

“Rules, Sebastien,” she says with a snide look on her face. “Remember?”


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