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Sebastien Laurent

It has been a month and a half since that movie marathon at my house and Naomi and I’s games have continued, though they’ve toned down recently and it seems like our self-control has significantly improved as we’ve gotten used to sex being out of the picture.

Also, we’ve stuck to dates in mostly public places, though whenever I’m recognized, Naomi has continued to put on an act as if she’s just a journalist interviewing me. At least she no longer calls me ‘Mr. Laurent’ when she does it. The points she’s made about her career and all are valid, but it frustrates me that I can’t simply say she and I are on a date and whomever is approaching me about a pitch or for a photo can fuck right off.

Anyway, to avoid more of that, I decided to invite Naomi to my house this weekend. We’ve stuck to this ‘no sex’ rule for six weeks at this point and I trust our ability to stay the course. Besides, I’ve made the decision that we will not have sex until we’ve agreed to date each other exclusively. I want a relationship with that woman and it is the first time in a long time that I’ve wanted that from anyone.

I’ve also put up a few guards to keep things from getting out of hand. Today, we’re going on a hike that will take up most of the day, so we’ll be too tired when we get home to engage in any strenuous activity. Tonight for dinner, I plan to cook, which will keep me plenty occupied. She’ll be staying in the guest room farthest from my room with her own bathroom. On Sunday, I’m taking her out for breakfast and then I have a day trip planned for us to Santa Cruz. Again, we’ll be occupied and out most of the day and then too tired by the time we get home.

“Oh wow, this trail is going to give us a beautiful view of the water,” Naomi beams, breaking me out of my thoughts.

“That’s why I chose it,” I respond with a smile as we pull into the parking lot.


Naomi Monroe

That hike was hard as fuck, but the view was worth it and Sebastien and I took like a million pictures. God, I love spending time with this man.

As soon as we got back to his house, we went to our separate rooms and took showers. He seriously put me in the guest room that is way down the hall from his room, but whatever. By the time I finish lotioning myself down, I can hear the noises of pots and pans in the kitchen as it sounds like Sebastien is getting dinner started.

We’ve been more merciful in our games lately, so I wear a loose pair of sweatpants and a large white teeshirt as pajamas with no plans for any funny business like I did during our movie night over a month ago. When I walk into the kitchen, I’m thankful of Sebastien’s attempt to show me the same mercy with his black teeshirt that isn’t hugging his body too much.


The man is wearing gray sweatpants. I tell myself it’s an innocent mistake on his part because he doesn’t seem too caught up on that particular part of modern day discourse. And besides, my eyes have no business going in that direction anyway considering that this ‘no sex’ rule is still standing strong.

“Are you sure you don’t want any help with cooking?” I ask and he simply points me in the direction of the living room where he’s already turned on my favorite show — Grey’s Anatomy — which he relentlessly teases me about.

“Fine,” I groan as I walk over and plop myself in the couch.

While I continue to rewatch old episodes of the show, the enticing smells of garlic and roasted tomatoes tickle at my nose. I turn and stretch my head, trying to get a peek at what he’s preparing for us. Without even looking up from what he’s doing, Sebastien says my name with a warning in his tone and I turn around to face the TV again and wait.

More time passes and my stomach begins grumbling. We ate sandwiches after our hike to hold us over until dinner, but between the time that has elapsed and the scents filling up my nose, my body is ready for some food. Almost as if he heard my stomach grumbling from the kitchen — which may not be farfetched considering how loud it was — I feel Sebastien’s large hands massaging my shoulders.

“Dinner is ready,” he says in my ear before pecking me on the cheek and in no time I am up and walking toward the kitchen counter where he’s already plated our food.

“It smells delicious,” I chime as I look at the chicken dish with pasta and roasted vegetables.

“I hope you enjoy it! It’s a pretty simple creamy chicken and herb recipe I found online about a year ago and it’s one of my favorites.”

“I’m sure I’ll love it.”

Sebastien Laurent

I watch closely as Naomi takes the first bite of her food and her eyes go wide with a smile pulling at her lips. “Mmmm,” she hums. “It’s good!”

My heart flutters at her reaction and how accustomed we’ve grown to each other — doing things like going out on dates and now spending a weekend together. And the fact that we never seem to get tired of each other’s company. I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect.

“So, are you going to share this recipe with me?” she questions.

“Nope,” I respond with a shrug and she is visibly taken aback.

“Why not?”

“Because… I’d much rather be the one who cooks this for you whenever you want it, dear.”

I notice her head slightly jerk forward and her face soften as if she’s holding back a wince before a large grin stretches across her face.

“I have no qualms with that, Sebastien.”

As dinner goes on, we talk about our plans for Santa Cruz tomorrow and Naomi’s enthusiasm is so contagious that I can’t wipe the smile off my face. She brings her computer to the counter and shows me pictures of all the places she wants to go while we’re there and she and I are in perfect sync because many of those spots were already on the itinerary I made for us.

We also discuss her work on the NotionX expansion into San Francisco. I’m excited for her with all the progress she’s made for the magazine and I’m still amazed that someone her age has been able to accomplish such a feat. At only 23, Naomi has interviewed and narrowed down three potential candidates to head the San Francisco office for when she leaves and even promoted both of the employees working under her, giving them the option to stay here if they’d like or return to Atlanta when she goes back.

I’m not looking forward to her being so far away again, but it’s not something I want to think about right now and either way, I plan to visit often. Hell, I’m already looking at apartments in the city if I’ll be traveling there frequently.

When we finish dinner, I begin my project for tonight, which is cleaning the kitchen. I’m not sure how I manage to do it, but no matter what I cook, it’s always a mess after I finish.

I kiss Naomi on the forehead before picking up her plate. “Goodnight, dear. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Oh no,” she protests. “You are not cleaning this kitchen alone, especially considering you’re the one who did all the cooking.”

“It’s really no problem,” I reply. “And besides, you’re my guest, it would be rude of me to—“

“Is that it?” she asks with a raised brow. “I’m just your guest?”

With a smile I surrender and we start the project together. We make pretty quick work of the kitchen before tackling the dishes.

“Sebastien,” she giggles, standing next to me at the sink. “I thought you said it was a simple recipe? How did you manage to make this many dishes?”

“Your guess is as good as mine… It also doesn’t help that the dishwasher is broken.”

She sucks her teeth and shakes her head as she begins washing the dishes while I’m on duty to rinse and dry.

Using the sprayer to rinse a few dishes, I accidentally get some water on her shirt.

“Whoops!” I exclaim. “Sorry about— Hey!” She playfully splashes some water on me in return and before I know it we’re going back and forth with the water until I come to an abrupt halt and my erection is almost instant.

“What?” she asks, tilting her head to the side and giving me a curious look.

I gulp, unable to answer or meet her eyes. Thanks to our back and forth, the entire front of her white shirt is soaked and I can see rather clearly exactly what’s under it as the now transparent, wet fabric clings to her body.

“Oh shit,” she mutters. “Sorry, this wasn’t on pur—“

I interrupt her when my lips crash against hers and I wrap my arms around her waist in a tight grip. My hands reach down to grab two handfuls of her ass before I reach one hand up to hold the back of her head as my mouth continues to dominate hers. The whimpers that begin to escape her only embolden me more and I pull her plump bottom lip between my teeth before my kisses focus on her neck.

“Sebastien,” she moans as she tangles her fingers in my hair, only pushing things further because in response, I lift her leg up to my waist and grind my erection against her core and I just know she has to be as wet for me as I am hard for her.

“I want you, Naomi,” I say between kisses along her neck before breaking away to remove her shirt and in turn, she removes mine. When my lips are back on hers, our bare chests are against each other for the first time since that weekend in Atlanta.

It’s not long until I separate our mouths and push Naomi’s shoulders back. She understands my signal perfectly, leaning back with her hands on the counter behind her and poking out her chest so I can more easily take one of her nipples in my mouth and the other between my fingers.

“Damnit, Sebastien,” she breathes just when I flick my tongue on one while rubbing my thumb against the other. “What happened… to our… rules?” she says between moans.

I break my mouth away from her bud to answer her. “Fuck the rules,” I growl before going back to playing with her nipples. Her breathing grows heavier and with the way she is squeezing her thighs together, I know she’s about to come from this alone and I have no intention to deny Naomi her release.

I switch to take her other one in my mouth while pinching the the one I just released and Naomi’s moans are growing more persistent. I nearly burst through my pants when a strangled moan escapes her lips and her body shakes.

Trying to catch her breath, she looks at me with wide eyes. “I’ve never come like that before… I didn’t know it was possible.”

“From nipple stimulation alone? You’ve never come from that?”

She shakes her head to confirm.

I have so much to show this woman.

Before I can pull her in for another kiss, Naomi presses her hand against my chest, still catching her breath as she looks into my eyes with a vulnerable gaze.

“Sebastien…” she begins. “I really, really like you.”

I swear my heart stops when she says it and it’s the first time that she has unequivocally admitted her feelings for me. I’m often the more vocal one.

I cup her face in my hands and gently rub her cheek with my thumb. “I really, really like you too, Naomi,” I respond with a smile. Her statement pulled me out of my lust-filled frenzy and I remind myself that I had very specific plans for how I would make her mine and then finally have sex with her. And I want to stick to that plan.

“And it’s because of the strong feelings I have for you,” I continue reluctantly. “… That I should stop this.”


“Please, Naomi…” I interrupt. “I promise that this isn’t a game I’m playing or anything. It’s just that I want this to be perfect and I have plan that I am hoping to follow.”

A small pout comes to her face and she takes a deep breath as she averts her gaze. “Okay, Sebastien.” She follows her words with a gulp and crosses her arms across her bare chest.

“Sorry, I would offer you my shirt, but it is just as wet as yours… Here, I can go get another—“

“No, it’s okay. I think I should go to my room now. You can handle the rest of the dishes, right?”

My heart drops because I know that I’ve probably thrown her off, but I’ve already booked everything for next weekend when I plan to ask her to be my woman and I don’t want to ruin the structure by having sex with her right now.

After watching her walk away, I slam my fist on the counter and curse myself.

Naomi Monroe

Sebastien made me come from playing with my nipples alone and proceeded to remind me that we’re still not having sex. And that was after I was finally forward with him about my feelings. I guess right after coming wasn’t the best time to make such a confession, but I was kind of in a daze.

Despite the playful teasing that went on before, I’m not going to pressure the man into have sex with me if he doesn’t want to yet. But that doesn’t change the fact that my body is still aching for him like crazy… Even after coming, I am still pulsing in my panties.

I also can’t sleep, so I’m tossing and turning and squirming in this bed. My body is on fire and I’ve abandoned the covers along with my sweatpants, opting for an oversized teeshirt. At this point, I’m not even sure if masturbating will give me some relief or only frustrate me more because he isn’t the one touching me.

I like this man way too much and it’s too late for me to stop now. I don’t want to stop. Despite the unsettled state my body is currently in thanks to him, I like that I like this man. Sebastien is a good man. A damn good man.

My mind flashes back to what just occurred between us and I finally break down and slip my hand into my panties while the other eases under my shirt and I take my nipple between my fingers. All I can think about is Sebastien as I touch myself and I close my eyes to visualize everything he has done to me so far — from that weekend in Atlanta, to the the games of teasing we’ve played, to tonight when he made me come in a way I never have before.

As I continue, I know my moans are approaching and with the way the blood is rushing to my ears, I won’t be able to discern their actual volume, so I release my hardened mound to cover my mouth in hopes that Sebastien won’t hear me.

Sebastien Laurent

I try to remain focused on the dishes, but my mind is currently a mix of guilt and pent up lust. I can’t ignore how bad I feel about losing control with Naomi and then stopping us right after she admitted her feelings to me.

When I put the finishing touches on the kitchen and go to wipe down the counter, I realize that Naomi left her laptop in here from when we were discussing our trip to Santa Cruz. Without even thinking about it, I grab the laptop and head toward her room.

“Naomi,” I call when I knock on her door, but there’s no answer. I knock again and wait several moments until I decide that her lack of response means she’s probably asleep, which isn’t surprising considering how tiring our hike was today.

I crack open the door to place her laptop on the dresser and when I see her, I realize why she likely didn’t hear my knocking — she is very obviously distracted. Her eyes are squeezed shut, one hand is covering her mouth to muffle her moans, and the other is in her panties while she touches herself.

Fuck the rules… Plans can be changed.

After leaving her laptop on the dresser, I sit beside her in bed.

“Oh shit!” She jumps, startled when she feels the bed dip and pulls her hand from her panties. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t stop on my account, dear,” I rasp and turn on the lamp on the nightstand so I can get a better look at her visibly damp panties. “Keep going,” I add as I caress the inside of her thigh.

“Sebastien, if this is one of your games…”

“I told you…” I pull one of her legs over and place it in my lap so she’s opened wider. “Keep going.” Through the way her panties wet with her arousal are sticking to her, I can see her twitch at my command and her hand eases its way back down to her core.

I’m practically salivating as I watch closely Naomi touching herself — the way her finger moves up and down her soaking slit before she slips it inside of her and then pulls out to repeat the motion. When she rubs her clit, she alternates circular movements between clockwise and counter-clockwise. Finally, my eyes slide further up her body and I see that her hand is under her shirt while she pinches one of her nipples. When my gaze ultimately reaches her face, her eyes are intent on me and it gives me further confirmation that I am the one on her mind while she does this to herself.

She bites her lip, clearly trying to hold back her moans and considering that we are in my home, I want her noises to go completely uninterrupted. In fact, I want her screams to reverberate through every corner of this house.

“Dear, I recognize it’s been a while, but I know you must recall me telling you not to hide those sounds from me.”

Like the good girl that she is, she releases her bottom lip and she allows me to hear her sweet moans, but they are way too soft for me.

“That’s not loud enough for me, Naomi…” I slip one hand up her shirt to toy with her unattended nipple and the other pulls her panties to the side so I can push two fingers inside of her while she rubs her clit.

“Let me help you.”


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